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  1. Algebra

    How do you make a matrix out of these numbers: -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2. I don't know what a matrix is.
  2. Algebra

  3. Algebra

    Pick a number. Multiply by 2. Subtract 8. Divide by 2. Add 4. What is the result? Use algebra to show why the tricks work.
  4. Math

    Amy wants to travel from elm town to lakeside at an average speed of 50 miles per hour. She travels half the distance and finds out her average speed has been on 25 miles per hour. How fast must she drive for the rest of the trip to average 50 miles per H our for the whole ...
  5. Math

    I am reposting a problem, I wrote it wrong A rectangular prism has a volume of 6.84m 3 cubed and a height of 1.2m . What is the area of the base of the prism? Do I divide 6.84 by 1.2? If so 5.7 the correct answer Or am I doing wrong????
  6. Math

    Let me rewrite . A rectangular prism has a volume of 6.84m 3 cubed and a height of 1.2m. What is the area of the base of the prism. I got 5.7 for the area. This is the only info for the problem
  7. Math

    A rectangular prism has a volume of 6.84m cubed and a height of 1.2 m. What is the area of the base of the prism? Is my answer 5.7 or am I wrong
  8. Math

    2.25 my answer???
  9. Math

    A rectangular prism has a volume of 9 inches 3 cubed. The area of the base is 4 inches to 2 cubed. What is the height of the prism? Please show the steps to get the answer
  10. Math

    2.25 is my answer ????
  11. Math

    A rectangular prism has a volume of 7.875 m to 3 cube and a height of 3.5m . What is the area of the base of the prism? Please show me each step to get this. Please
  12. Math

    A lunch box has a volume of 221 inches 3. The height is 4 in. And the width is 6 1/2 in. What is the length
  13. Math

  14. Math

    A rectangle prism has a volume of 6.84m^3 and a hight of 1.2m. What is the area of the base of the prism. Please show all steps in doing v this. Please
  15. Algebra

    Write a number puzzle that is associated with these equations. Then solve the puzzle X+y=10 ×+2y=8 Help me
  16. Algebra

    I'm not sure I understand
  17. Algebra

    Where do the graphs of the following equations intersect?? X+y=5 2×+2y=10 Is it 0,5
  18. Algebra

    Consider these equation and inequalities 2/3x=1/3x+1/4 2/3x <1\3x+1/4 2/3×>1\3x+1/4 Evaluate 2/3 x for x= 1/2 Evaluate 1/3x+1/4 for x= 1/2 Evaluate 2/3 x for x= 2 Evaluate 1/3x+1/4 for x=2
  19. Algebra

    H>5x8 H=45 H=50 H=66
  20. Algebra

    How many small triangles are in a triangular grid that has 20 units on a side. Please show me a formula to figure it out . Thanks
  21. math

    two busses both leave from the same station the blue line leaves every 15 minutes and the red line leaves every 20 minutes if both busses leave the station at 9:15 AM what time will it be when both busses leave at the same time again
  22. Math

    A nurse has two solutions that contain different concentrations of a certain medication. One is a 20% concentration and the other is a 5% concentration. How many cubic centimeters of each should he mix to obtain 10 cc of a 18.5% solution?
  23. science

    Which of the following is created when the ice of a comet starts to melt into gases?
  24. Chemistry

    A substance has a molecular formula of C8H10N4O2. The empirical formula is -
  25. Math help! Hurry Please~

    Does anyone know what 7 is?
  26. American Government

    correct on pearson connexus
  27. Science

    What is equation between ethanethiol and methoxide ion?
  28. American Government

    A C C 100% correct on pearson connexus
  29. history

    this is the pearson connexus answers B A D A,C D C A,B A B D
  30. Calculus

    Imagine making a tent in the shape of a pyramid. Assume we want the volume to be 2.2m3 to sleep two or three people. Draw a picture identifying all appropriate variables. The floor of the tent is cheaper material than the rest: assume that the material making up the dome of ...

    deadass just got a 30%
  32. Math

    And which situation what do you need a percent less someone to solve a problem? 7th Grade Pre Algebra
  33. History

    Which statement best explains why in the early days of colonization, Native American tribes did not band together to fight European conquerors and settlers? A: Native American tribes competed for resources and were independent of each other. B: European missionaries had ...
  34. Science

    What eletromagnet wave not used for coumintcation plz help
  35. Social studies.

    Thank you so much..
  36. Social studies.

    John C. Calhoun proposed that neither Congress nor local governments had the authority to ban slavery from a territory but why i need to know plz help...
  37. science

    when solid aluminum is heated with chromium(II) oxide, solid chromium and aluminum oxide are produced. If you are using 125 g of aluminum and 225 g of chromium (II) oxide, how many grams of chromium are produced. If you actually collect 110g of chromium wht is the percent yield?
  38. Science

    A jar contains 100 mL or a 4.0 M silver nitrate solution. What mass of solid copper would you add to bring all the silver out of the solutions as a solid?
  39. math

    If you draw one card at random from a deck of 18 cards numbered 1 through 18, inclusive, what is the probability that the number you draw is divisible by 6?
  40. Math

    One ball is drawn at random from a bag containing 2 red balls and 8 white balls. (a) What is the probability that the ball is red? Correct: Your answer is correct. (b) What is the probability that the ball is green? Correct: Your answer is correct. (c) What is the probability ...
  41. Physics

    Please solve and answer. Need done ASAP. A speeder passes a parked police car at 35.0 m/s. The police car starts from rest with a uniform acceleration of 2.39 m/s2. (a) How much time passes before the speeder is overtaken by the police car? __ s (b) How far does the speeder ...

    Determine the normal force for a laundry basket with a mass of 4.5 kg in each of the following situations (a) at rest on a horizontal surface? __ n (b) at rest on a ramp inclined at 12° above the horizontal? __N (c) at rest on a ramp inclined at 25° above the ...
  43. Physics

    A 2.92 kg block starts from rest at the top of a 30° incline and accelerates uniformly down the incline, moving 1.93 m in 1.60 s. (a) Find the magnitude of the acceleration of the block. __ m/s2 (b) Find the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the incline...
  44. Physics

    Determine the normal force for a laundry basket with a mass of 4.5 kg in each of the following situations... (a) at rest on a horizontal surface? ___ N (b) at rest on a ramp inclined at 12° above the horizontal? ___ N (c) at rest on a ramp inclined at 25° above the ...
  45. History

    And giving all "answers" out like that is 100% cheating and can get you into huge trouble.
  46. History

    Just saying but I am taking a test right now which is probably what Bilbo is talking about but I would not and do not trust his answers because I have proof that #2 on his answers is wrong.
  47. Math

    Please help Ms. Sue!
  48. Math

    The table below shows the number of marbles of different colors in a box. A fair coin is shown below the table. Color of Marble Number Red 10 Blue 1 Green 5 Pink 4 A coin Dan selects a marble from the box randomly without looking and then tosses the fair coin. What is the ...
  49. Physics

    A rocket moves upward, starting from rest with an acceleration of 34.4 m/s2 for 4.40 s. It runs out of fuel at the end of the 4.40 s but does not stop. How high does it rise above the ground?
  50. Math

    That's what I got
  51. Ms. Sue...

    Are you a teacher?
  52. Language

    Ms. Sue, can't you explain what it means?
  53. math

    i actually think 100 is the answer i marked the wrong one, sorry
  54. math

    which number is a perfect cube? 1. 5 2. 100 3. 125*** 4. 150
  55. math

  56. General Chemistry

    Sodium Hydroxide reacts with hydrobromic acid to yield two products. Write out a balanced molecular reaction, overall ionic reaction and a net ion reaction. I have the molecular reaction, which I got: NaOH + HBr -> NaBr + H20 Correct? Any help with the next two?
  57. Math

    Sara is making cookies and the recipe calls for 2 1/2 (2.5) cups of sugar to make two dozen cookies. How many cups of sugar will she need to make five dozen cookies? Express the answer as a mixed fraction and as a decimal
  58. civics

    Its D. I am doing the same test and D seems like the most logical answer for what my teachers are looking for, I'm in 8th Grade taking a segment test so I know this kind of stuff.
  59. civics

    Ms. Sue, you could at least give Nani a hint, I am having problems with this question too and you being rude saying, "Nope. I've checked two of your wrong guesses. Now you're on your own." does not help anyone. Get rid of your attitude and help Nani and ...
  60. math

  61. math

    well if one inch is five feet, then 8 inches would obviously be 40 feet right? and half of five is 2.5, so add 40 plus 2.5, your answer is 42.5.
  62. Math

    a 150-day loan for $2,500 has interest of $57. Find the rate to the nearest tenth of a percent. a. 3.2% b. 24.4% c. 10.4% d. 5.5% Please walk me through on how you got the answer. I have tried, and can not figure it out.
  63. health

    what is atmospheric pressure? Is it d?
  64. L.A

    HAHA that's not cheating at all. how about you do your own work.
  65. sci

    Damon is correct, the answer is D. This must be for people in Connections Academy. I just did the quick check.
  66. MATH 100

    10 times 9 = 90ft apart
  67. Chemistry

    What is the molar mass of 0.500 g of unknown monoprotic acid used in titration, if 22.5 mL of 0.15 M NaOH solution was required to neutralize it? I do not need the answer, but instead an example of how to do a question just like it.
  68. algebra

    solve this word problem. a bank offers two accounts. Their local plan charges $7 monthly service fee plus $3 for each transaction. There Anywhere plan charges $23 monthly service fee plus $1.75 per transaction. For what number of transactions per month will the Anywhere plan ...

    What are the possible gametes produced by the individual SsYy?
  70. Social Studies

    B is correct, I'm in 8th grade, I learned this in 6th grade... B is right.
  71. physics

    A ball is thrown straight up with an initial speed of 60 m/s. How high does it go? Assume the accelera- tion of gravity is 10 m/s22
  72. ss

    Thanks Ash
  73. Civics

    THANKS! I also needed help on this one Ms. Sue! Thanks so much!
  74. civics

    So the answer would be B?
  75. civics

    Which of the following describes how features of countries in north america influence change in these countries ? A.Most have flat terrain, making railroads the least expensive method of transporting goods. B.with oceans on both sides, most countries have access to many sea ...
  76. math

    Ms. Lynn is cutting a piece of bulletin board paper into strips. What size pieces should she cut so that she has the fewest number of strips?
  77. math

    What magic trick dies mr.utterbunk perform every evening
  78. biology

    The agricultural research facility during a research accidentally changed the DNA sequence of a wheat plant from GCCATGTT to GCGTACTT and this mutation resulted in a stronger plant variety. What kind of mutation did the plant undergo?
  79. English 9 - HELP!

    I have the answers to this particular test :) I can help you solve them or just give them if that's possible here!
  80. Chemistry

    A student walks at a brisk 3.50 mi/hr. Calculate the student's speed in yards/minute. I have 4 questions just like this one. Could you tell me step by step on how to do the double conversions? Thanks!
  81. Chemistry

    A student walks at a brisk 3.50 mi/hr. Calculate the student's speed in yards/minute. I have 4 questions just like this one. Could you tell me step by step on how to do the double conversions? Thanks!
  82. Math

  83. Math

    A diet is to include at least 140 mg of vitamin A and at least 145 mg of vitamin B. these requirements can be obtained from two types of food type X contains 10 mg of vitamin A and 20 mg of vitamin B per pound. type Y contains 30 mg of vitamin A and 15 mg of vitamin B per ...
  84. Math

    The cruiser bicycle company makes two styles of bicycles the traveler which sells for $200 and the Tourister was sells for $600 each bicycle has the same frame and tires but the assembly and painting time required for the traveler is only one hour while it is three hours for ...
  85. math

  86. history

    Don't include fire. The Catal Huyuk village was built near 3 volcanoes. Pretty sure there would be fires.
  87. Physics

    How is it that ships made largely of steel can float when the density of steel is much higher than the density of water? Why is it possible to make oil tankers much larger than other ships (and what happens when an oil tanker is unloaded?)
  88. Algebra

    Okay this is the problem: 4x+2y=32 x+2y=20 I got this: 5x+4y=52. Is that my answer???
  89. Algebra

    Thank you Steve!
  90. Algebra

    -2x-3y=-34 -3x+3y=24 May someone please help me?
  91. History

    Is American invasion in Iraq justified?
  92. Math

  93. Math

    Thanks you Kuai! (:
  94. Math

    Please help me I am tired and I have sooo much homework! ):
  95. Math

    -7(3+5x)=399? I'm confused please help me!
  96. Math

    -7(3+5x)=399? I'm confused please help me!
  97. Math

    Thank you so much, my hw is all mixed equations so yeah.
  98. Math

    Help please!!! 4x-9=-5x-99???
  99. Math

    Thank you so much!
  100. Math

    okay i got stuck on "5-x-x=-17"?
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