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determine whether the polygons in each pair are similar

The relationship between genes, cells, and behavior is critical to the interactions between genes and cells, which have an impact on behavior. Directly genes do not specify behavior, rather, genes encode proteins, which are unique to certain types of cells. Such as neurons, ...

How much energy is needed to increase the temperature of 500g of lead from 20 degrees celcius to 45. The specific heat heat capacityof lead is 128J/kg/degrees celcius

even if they were born deaf and did not hear any speech can they talk?

Will s person that is born deaf(deaf since birth) be able to speak? please provide a proof for your answer(i.e. website)

1) Michelle reads 1,200 words in 7 minutes, and Tricia reads 700 words in 3minutes. Who is the faster reader 2)Write 566 2/3% as a fraction or a mixed number 3)Solve for the base in the following statement 11% of what number is 77 4)Simplify 8 qt 7 pt

The standard normal distribution is the normal distribution with a mean of zero and a variance of one. So I would say C

Determine if the given rates are equivalent? 12 gallons of paint/8,329ft^2 =? 9 gallons of paint/1,240 ft^2

Which is the better buy: 5 lb of sugar for $4.75 or 20 lb of sugar for $19.92

I think the anwser would be 78

1. Find the area of a circle whose diameter is 5.1 centimeters (cm). Use 3.14 for ƒàƒnand round your answer to the nearest tenth of a square centimeter. 2.A triangle has base 13 feet (ft) and an altitude of 6 ft. Find its area

Write in decimal form 33/100

thank you..MS. Sue

Write in words 32.037

math please help
The following table gives the free throws attempted (FTA) and the free throws made (FTM) for the top five players in the NBA for a recent season. Calculate the free throw percentage for each player by writing the FTM over the FTA and converting this fraction to a decimal ...

Why does warm coke go flat? The amount of carbon dioxide depends on the external pressure, and temperature.

Gravity hooks the moons in place so they stay in orbit round Jupiter.