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i mean how owuld i say ( so , i went to)

so that makes no sense lol how would i ( so i went to )

ok the question is y tu? adonde fuiste por la noche? and i have to use (ir/oficina de correos/cerrada/cafe)

what does fui a la oficina de correos cerrada cafe mean?? and does it make sense>?

eating binges/emotional psychology
i agree

eating binges/emotional psychology
well over wieght teens are often not in the(in) crowd and that caould cause them to start bingeing. I really think its a hard question that can be answered in many different stand points because not everyone thinks the same.

eating binges/emotional psychology
i would think b because skinny poeple most likely don't get deprssed by their weight

Spanish (Foreign Language)
ok if someone asks what i did yesterday would i say -fui a la.. (is it the past of ir?)

Spanish (Foreign Language)
estime pecho

the brain for a moment dosent get oxygen sometimes.. there are many ways though

if someone says -QUE mas hiciste? would i say (tango que)....fui alayintamiento?

is there anywhere that i can get a translation of some problem words? <3

okay thank you soo much

is there anywhere that i can read the crucible on the internet because i left my book??

We are learning how to put it in todays terms and i used the war on terrorism...would that be the right idea??

thanks this is all very confusing to me

Why were people accused of being witches i mean i understand that some were accused because of people not likeing them but how did this all get started?

and your not bugging me at all

umm im not sure but i don't think they are you might want to look it up on (ask) or something

You need to add a phone number of the people you worked for so that the employers can talk bout ya


i need help with these questions because i need to write a report on it helpp please What are the implications of stem cell reasearch for today and future generations What are stem cells? What are they capable of? How are they used in science/ medicine presently? What ...

(2n+1)(2n-1)(n+5) I'm a little confused on how to do this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks. see the other post. see the other post. Hi Chelsea: You are given three binomials which are to be multiplied. Were you asked to multiply three numbers, e.g., (3...

Simple Algebra
(2n+1)(2n-1)(n+5) I'm a little confused on how to do this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks. Thank you!!! What are you trying to do? Multiply? The first terms will make a difference of squares (a-b)(a+b)=a^2 - b^2 (4n^2-1)(n+5) Now multiply out these two...

On rainy and humid days, you should add less waer then the recipe calls for. On dry days, you should add more. Speculate what might happen to pastry dough that doesn't include enough water. It would break apart because of not enough hydroscopic force. Plese see: http://en....

other than speed of production, what are two advantages of CAG (computer aided graphics) over manual methods? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Because it is faster, it is more energy conscious and leads to more profitability. In addition, computer graphics ...

Math Probabilities
there were 6 red beans and there was 12 greens beans and 5 yellow beans then 10 blues so what is the probabilty that sandra will pick red?

climate graphs
omgg, this website is horrible.!


what is an example of an apostrophe in great expectations-quote plus page number? also for bildungroman,interior monologue, juxtapostion First you need to find the definitions of those words. That will give you a great place to start. Next, if you need to refresh your memory ...


5 1 - - - = 16 8 use a calculator

how do you write out proofs? To be more specific with my question, how do you find the alternate exterior angles theorem? Be sure the result is not a postulate. If it is then there's nothing to prove, it's given. If it is a theorem -a provable statement- then review ...

math (unit rate)
$180 in 12 hours

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