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A lighthouse flashes its light every 12 minutes.Another lighthouse flashes every 18 mins. If the two lighhouses flash together at 12:00 noon,at what time will they next flash together?

A block of mass m1 = 3.5 kg sits on a rough, horizontal surface and is connected to a second mass m2 by a light string over a frictionless, massless pulley. The coefficient of kinetic friction between m1 and the surface is 0.41. If the acceleration of the system is 0.25m/s^2 ...

because in Ia Ib, the alleles code for proteins that synthesize a and b antigens, whereas io means no protein is produced so there are no antigens. hence in Iaio, the protein synthesizing a antigens are still translated and the red blood cell will have a antigens, thus the ...

a peak is sighted at an angle of 27 degree 45 min. 1000ft nearer its angle of elevation is 31 degree 30 min.find the height of the peak

Physics gravity
A thin spherical shell has a radius of 2.4 m and a mass of 410 kg, and its center is located at the origin of a coordinate system. Another spherical shell with a radius of 1 m and mass 135 kg is inside the larger shell with its center at 0.6 m on the x axis. What is the ...

A gold prospector finds a solid rock that is composed solely of quartz and gold. The mass and volume of the rock are, respectively, 13.3 kg and 3.56 × 10-3 m3. The density of gold is 19 300 kg/m3, and the density of quartz is 2660 kg/m3. Find the mass of the gold in the ...

The concepts that play roles in this problem are similar to those in Multiple-Concept Example 15, except the fluid here moves upward rather than remaining horizontal. A liquid is flowing through a horizontal pipe whose radius is 0.0215 m. The pipe bends straight upward through...

A lost shipping container is found resting on the ocean floor and completely submerged. The container is 5.7 m long, 2.7 m wide, and 2.3 m high. Salvage experts attach a spherical balloon to the top of the container and inflate it with air pumped down from the surface. When ...

Two circular holes, one larger than the other, are cut in the side of a large water tank whose top is open to the atmosphere. Hole 1 is the larger hole, and hole 2 is the smaller hole. The center of one of these holes is located 6 times as far beneath the surface of the water ...


What is the specific heat for calorimeter using styrofoam cup?

management structures
Give an example of how each of the following management structures affects the day-today work of an organization. 1. Departmentalization- 2. Matrix Organizations 3. The Project Team 4. The Collegial Model

please help
When is noble-case corruption, such as the Dirty Harry problem, justifiable? Do you agree that law enforcement should use extreme means to catch criminals?

Legal and Ethical
The Major Ethical Systems Can someone please give me an example of each one of the following??? Ethical formalism: Utilitarianism: Religion: Natural law: Ethics of virtue: Egoism: