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What problems may exist in the western cordillera (Canada) when it comes to farming and transportation.

Which is more correct: Everyone of us has or Everyone of us have ??

To 50 mL of this buffer, 10.0 mL 0.76 M soium hydroxide was added, what is the pH of the resulting solution after equilibrium has been re-established

3. A mail order magazine service has the exclusive subscription rights to a certain magazine. Subscriptions can be reserved for one, three, four or five years. A study of the subscriber list for other similar magazines reveals that the following information regarding the ...

math-word problem
from a board 38 1/2 inches long pete cut a piece 17 5/8 inches long how long was the remaining piece

12 16 20

This is a question about acid rain, in Canada in particular. Acid rain is an issue in eastern Canada, but not as prevalent in western Canada, due to the fact that the east is more heavily populated and industrialized, so... If acid rain fell evenly across Canada, why would ...

after 129, add 3.. then after that, add 6.. then add 3... there's a pattern :P

AP Calculus
Show that the equation x^3 - 15x + c = o has exactly one real root. All I know is that it has something to do with the Mean Value Theorem/Rolle's Theorem.

11th grade physics
a = change in velocity / change in time so.. a = 8 - 32 / 4 a = -6m/s^2

A 9.0 x 10^-3 kg ball is attached to a 3.6 x 10^-2 mass (M) by string that passes through a hole in a horizontal frictionless surface. The ball travels in a circular path of radius 0.35 m. What is the speed of the ball? I know the answer is 3.7 m/s, but I'm not sure how to...

AP Calculus
Use differentials (or a linear approximation) to estimate (2.001)^5

chemistry 12 lab
We did a lab on equilibrium and this is one of the following questions: When Ag ions are added to FeSCN ions (which are red in colour), the colour disappears, and a white precipitate of AgSCN forms. The question is.. Explain why Fe can be used as an indicator in a reaction to ...

AP Calculus
Find (dy/dx) for the following implicitly defined function: cos(x-2y) = 3y for the answer, i got.. dy/dx = (-sin(x-2y)) / (3-2sin(x-2y)) but i'm not sure if it's right..

AP calculus
nevermind - i figured it out! :)

AP calculus
Find (dy/dx) for the following implicitly defined function: 2x = 3siny - 2y

AP calculus
Find the equation of the normal to the curve f(x) = 3cos(2x) at the point x = 0. In class, we learnt to find the derivate of the function, which would represent the slope. After I did that, I found the slope to be 0.. but that is not what my graphing calculator tells me.. So, ...

math 12
Using f(x) = x(4-x) write the equations of a) f(-2x) b+ -f([1/2]x)

5th math
21 - 13 is 8, and not seven. 13 + 8 = 21!

eighteen hundred = 1800 (or 18 x 100) one thousand eight hundred = 1800 also

chemistry 12
In a complete sentence, give an example of a reaction rate that concerns many Canadians - one that involves cars, cold mornings, and cold batteries.