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My brother uses the same computer

Which wars did John Steinbeck's "Symptoms" and Tim O'Brien's "Ambush" discuss? Does anyone know where I can find these essays so I can answer this question?

the only other answer I see is C, is that what you think?

What element should readers consider when exploring how different literary genres approach the same subject? a. the ease of difficulty with which the subject can be analyzed b. the authors’ personal feelings about the genres they select c. the use of a structure that may ...

an year

What ABO antigens are present on the red blood cells of Mr. Green's blood? Mr. Green Anti A serum - no clump Anti B serum - clump Anti Rh serum - no clump

How long will it take a cat to run 8.2m [N] at an average velocity of 3.7m/s [N]

Response Evaluation (Urgent! Please, help me!)
I think it sounds pretty good, though I have never watched the movie and although your article is not necessarily convincing I'm not about to start nitpicking. If you are in tenth grade or under I'd say it sounds pretty good.

social science
formulate a 3 stage hypothesis from "How have Asia's achievments broadened our understanding of the influence of our neighbours ?" 1. The great wall od china is a famous tourist destination toAustralians as it helps us understand the Chinese culture and History

A popular retail store knows that the purchase amounts by its customers is a random variable that follows a normal distribution with a mean of $30 and a standard deviation of $9. What is the probability that a randomly selected customer will spend $20 or more at this store?

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a very visible group whose main focus is to educate the public about the harm caused by drunk drivers. A study was recently done that emphasized the problem we all face with drinking and driving. Five hundred accidents that occurred on a...

An ice cream vendor sells three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Forty five percent of the sales are chocolate, while 30% are strawberry, with the rest vanilla flavored. Sales are by the cone or the cup. The percentages of cones sales for chocolate, strawberry, and...

The following data were obtained from a survey of college students. The variable X represents the number of non-assigned books read during the past six months. x 0 1 2 3 4 5 P (X=x) 0.20 0.25 0.20 0.15 0.10 0.10 Find P( X > 1)

Suppose that 50 identical batteries are being tested. After 8 hours of continuous use, assume that a given battery is still operating with a probability of 0.70 and has failed with a probability of 0.30. What is the probability that fewer than 40 batteries will last at least 8...

What is the pH at the equivalence point in the titration of 10.0 mL of 0.6 M HZ with 0.200 M NaOH? Ka = 7.0 × 10−6 for HZ.

Dang it. I was (kinda) close. But thanks!!!

Solve for the variable: 17d-16=-43d-4 I got d= 1/3 but I'm not sure.... probably wrong

A $125,000 John Deere combine depreciates at 11% per year. How much will it be worth in 18 years?

it cost $350 to carpet an 8ft. by 10 ft room. at this rate, how many dollars would it cost to put the same carpeting in a 24 ft. by 30 ft. room?

What is the missing dimension in this volume statement? 24cm3(3 squared)=3cm x____ cm x 4cm

I'm thinking 84%, because 20% of 25 is 5, 80% being 20 out of 25, and 4% being 1, 20 plus 1 equals 21, and 80 plus 4 equals 84%

so close... I must have messed up somewhere. Thanks!

I did that, and got 368.0, and then made that 3680 and divided that by 66 and got 57.57575757...

thank you! i just couldn't figure it out, like, i was just sitting there and i kept trying to find a common denominator for both of them... don't know why... i think i had a brain fart moment.

Cassie successfully harvested 7/12 of her crop, and Robert successfully harvested 58% of his crop. Who successfully harvested the larger portion of his or her crop?

What can photosynthesis be affected by? I think like, how much water a plant receives, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, and the weather (how much sunlight). Is this right?


You and a friend are playing a game of squirt-gun tag in a maze. Suddenly you see your friend's image in a small planar mirror. You take a shot over the barrier in front of you and find that your friend is just at the end of the 7.0 m range of your squirt gun. If you are 4...

Please graph the following function: y = tan (2(theta) + (pi)) + 1

12th grade
what are the rhtorical devices used in Bernice Bobs Her Hair and what effects did they create?

7th grade
How do I find the muscial notes for doe, rae, me, fa, sol...on a staff?

In explanatory writing what are spatial words. (vs. time order words)?

how do kenetic and potential energy effect a basic pendulum? How does gravity effect it? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "pendulum kinetic potential energy gravity" to get these possible sources: http://galileo.phys....

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