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  1. physics

    A rigid rod holds a restaurant sign horizontally from the side of a building. The force due to gravity acting on the sign is 165N with the angle between the sign and the rod being 50 degrees. Ignoring the weight of the rod what is the magnitude of the tension in the rod?
  2. physics

    While sitting in a lounge chair with the back inclined at an angle of 10 degrees from the vertical, you tuck a pillow between your head and the chair. Then you lower the chair back to 40 degrees and doze with the pillow in place. How has the net force on the pillow changed?
  3. Physics

    A force of 5N and a force of 15N acting on an object can produce the following net forces except a. 20N b. 15N c. 10N d. 5N
  4. physics

    An objectis at rest on an incline. The component of gravity acting downward and along the incline on the object is described as Fg,x = +8.0N. Which axis is pointing up the incline? a. + x axis b. + y axis c. - x axis d - y axis
  5. physics

    Which of the following situations describes inertia? a. A stationary object tends to resist being moved. b. A moving object tends to resist a change in speed. c. A moing object tends to resist a change in direction d. all of the above
  6. physics

    Two forces act on an object. The magnitude of the net force acting on the object a. equals the sum of the magnitude of the two forces b. equals the difference in the magnitudes of the two forces c. equals the average of the two forces d. cannot be determined from the given ...
  7. physics

    Which of the following is true of inertia? a. It is described in Newton's first law of motion b. It is a property of motion c. It is measured by weight d. all of the above
  8. astronomy

    Assume that the mass of a sun-like star is 2.50 x 10^5 Earth masses and that its radius is about 101.0 times that of Earth. The density of Earth is about 5,500 kg/m^3. What is the density of this star?
  9. Statistics

    A quality control inspector wants to estimate the mean inside diameter of the washers produced by a certain machine. A preliminary sample indicates that the inside diameters have a standard deviation of 0.30 millimeters. What sample size does he need to estimate the mean to ...
  10. statistics

    The number of grams of carbohydrates in a 12-ounce serving of a regular soft drink is listed here for a random sample of sodas. Find the 99% confidence interval for the mean number of carbohydrates in all brands of soda. 48 37 52 40 43 46 41 38 41 45 45 33 35 52 45 41
  11. statistics

    The following data set gives FICO credit scores of a sample of 40 mortgage applicants to a local bank. (Note that the scores are in increasing order for your convenience.) 444, 497, 502, 517, 532, 559, 568, 598, 611, 636, 637, 657, 681, 681, 693, 698, 701, 708, 711, 713, 714, ...
  12. statistics

    I need help with p for a hypothesis test for normal distribution.
  13. Math

    two times the sume of 3 and y amounts to 24
  14. Algebra

    A.Driving from El Paso to San Antonia on a bus ...560 miles traveling at avg speed of 60 miles per hr how do I make a graph with the time & distance. B. have to estimate distance bus tvls in 2 hrs...2 3/4 hrs...3.5 hrs...7.25 hrs.. C.need to describe in words a rule you can ...
  15. Science

    The site you referred me to is useless when you don't know how to do this kind of math. Thnaks for your help though,
  16. Science

    This is all the information I have that is in the question given to me. The speeds are all most probable particle speed ms & Average particle speed ms.
  17. Science

    If oxygen, Carbon dioxide, and xenon gases are heated at 500k with a probable particle speed of 1094 and an average particle speed of 1234, what id the mass of an atom or molcule for each?
  18. precal

    De Moivre’s theorem states, “If z = r(cos u + i sin u), then zn = rn(cos nu + i sin nu).” • Verify de Moivre’s theorem for n = 2. a. Provide a correct proof that includes written justification for each step.
  19. trig

    sin t /1-cos t - 1+ cos t/sin t= 0
  20. trig

    Prove sin 1 cos  1 cos sin  0 1. Show each step of your proof. 2. Provide written justification for each step of your proof. C. If you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in
  21. Principles of Management - Strategic Management

  22. statistics

    For the major airlines, 21% of all flights depart at least 15 minutes late with a standard deviation of 5%. Currently, 24% of all American Airlines flights depart at least 15 minutes late. If American wants to be in the top 10% of all major airlines with the FEWEST late ...
  23. algebra 2

    A clock loses 10 minutes each day. How many days will it take to reach a point where the clock will indicate the right time?
  24. Algebra 2

    A retail lumberyard plans to store lumber in a rectangular region adjoining the sales office. The region will be fenced on three sides and the fourth side will be bounded by the wall of the office. Find the dimensions of the region if 350 feet of fencing is available and the ...
  25. algebra 2

    Minnie and Steve have arectangular swimming pool that is 12 ft. wide and 20 feet long. They are going to build a tile border of uniform width around the pool. They have 160 sq. ft. of tile. How wide should the border be?
  26. maths

    Andrew has 7 20c coins and 5 50c coins in his piggy bank. What is the smallest number of coins he might have to shake out to be certain of having 2 50c coins?
  27. Algebra 2

    Farmer Jones wants to build a recangular pen with three equalparts. He has 200 feet of fencing. What dimensions willproduce the largest pen?
  28. Algebra 2

    Ann wants to plant a rectangular garden next to a straight river. She has 120 feet of fencing and will not fence the side of the garden next to the river. What dimensions will produce the largest garden?
  29. Algebra 2

    The Pumpkin Patch Doll Company has detrmined that the profit the company makes on Pumpkin Patch Dolls if given by the equation y=3x2 + 720 x - 17800, where y is the profit measured in dollars and x is the number of Pumpkin Patch dolls. Find the number of dolls that will ...
  30. math

    Solve the equation for the value of , where . a) Pass b) c) d) e) 7:

  32. biology

    If short hair (L) is dominant to long hair (l), then to determine the genotype of a short-haired animal it should be crossed with Answer a. Ll b. ll c. LL d. All of the above. e. None of the above.
  33. algebra

    A certain toilet tank can be emptied in 6 sec through its drain when it is flushed. This happens at the same time that the water is flowing in through the inlet pipe. Withthe drain closed, the inlet pipe canfill the tank in 30 sec. How long would it take to drain the tank if ...
  34. chemistry

    Discussion Question 1 State three examples each of acids, bases, and salts commonly used in therapeutic processes. From the examples you state, select one acid, one base, and one salt and describe how and where they are used in therapeutic processes. Please note that your ...
  35. math

    the additional month of interest (note that the problem specifies 2% simple interest per month)? As a professional photographer, Marion has seen the trend away from film cameras as customers purchase low-end digital cameras and printers in order to avoid processing fees ...
  36. physical science

    a player uses a hockey stick to increase the speed of a 0.200kg hockey puck by 6 m/s in 2 seconds how much did the hockey puck accelerate
  37. Physical science

    Which of the following star colors has the highest temperature?
  38. Chemistry

    Determine the energy in K calories needed to convert a one pound block of ice to steam
  39. Art 101

    Briefly describe the works of art and the artists to discuss, Where is/are the works located? What time period is the art from? Writing about Apollo and sculptor Vulca.
  40. Math

    The length of time (T) in seconds it takes the pendulum of a clock to swing through one complete cycle is givenby the formula T=2pi square root of L divided by 32 where L is the length in feet, of the pendulum, and pi is approximately 22 divided by 7. How long must the ...
  41. algebra

    The Length of time (T) in seconds it takes the pendulum of a clock to swint through one complete cycle is given by the formula T=2pie square root of 7 divided by 32 where L is the length in feet, of the pendulum, and pie is approximately 22 divided by 7. How long must the ...
  42. Chemistry

    a mixture of methane CH4 and ethane C2H6 is stored in a container at 294 mmHg. The gases are burned in air to form CO2 and H2O. If the pressure of CO2 is 346mmHg at the same temp and volume as the original mixture, calculate the ratio of moles of CO2 produced to moles of the ...
  43. Chemistry

    a mixture of methane CH4 and ethane C2H6 is stored in a container at 294 mmHg. The gases are burned in air to form CO2 and H2O. If the pressure of CO2 is 346mmHg at the same temp and volume as the original mixture, calculate the ratio of moles of CO2 produced to moles of the ...
  44. algebra/trig

    solve: ln12x = 6
  45. socioloty 1010

    the notion of social evolution served the interests of European powers as they expanded their colonial empires?
  46. sociology 1010

    folkways,cores, and taboos are all norms, yet they vary in importance?
  47. geometry

    A ladder is propped against a wall. If the top of the ladder reaches 18 feet up the wall and the base of the ladder is 6 feet from the base of the wall, how long is the ladder?
  48. math

    2.48>2.4 1>2.463
  49. algebra

    Solve the equation x2 + 8x – 2 = 0 using both a. The quadratic formula b. Completing the square Write a paragraph or two comparing and contrasting the two methods. Explain which method you prefer and why. c) Use the accompanying graph to estimate the time at which the ...
  50. Political science college

    what is a source for statistics for muslim american businesses in the US Do you know of a source for statistics for muslim american businesses in the US economy
  51. Political science

    Where can I get a short summary or statistics showing the success of Muslim Ameican businesses in the US?
  52. math

    Luis put $800 in his saving account whichs pays 6% annual interest How much will he have in his account in a year if the interest is compounded quarterly? what is the first quarter principle?
  53. math

    What is the cost of a bicycle in USD if the cost in Euro is 700?
  54. math

    If you exchange 300 usd for euro's how many euros would you have?
  55. math

    If you buy a pamphlet for $20.00 or copy the pamphlet for $.10 per page, and the prices are the same, how many pages does the pamphlet have?
  56. math

    Jane uses a 60 minute tape to record songs on, if each tape is 40 seconds long. How many songs can she tape on the 60 minute tape
  57. math

    If you borrow $500.00 at 4.5% for a nine month period, what is the interest amount and how much must you pay back
  58. math

    If you borrow $1000.00 at 6% for one year, how much interest will you owe. how much will you have to pay back
  59. English grammar

    thank you....that makes sense now
  60. English grammar

    I am confused on how to identify a sentence as a complex sentence or a simple sentence. The sentence is "The first recorded trip to the Yellowstone geysers was made in 1807 by John Colter." I think it is simple...but am not sure if there is a subordinate clause in ...
  61. math

    Which of the following is the complete solution for the equation (x-8) (x+6)=0 1. 8 only 2. 6 only 3. 8 and -6
  62. math

    At 9:00 pm the outside temperature was 20 celcius, by midnight the temperature had dropped x degrees. Which of the following represents the midnight temperature? 20 + x 20-x 20 20x
  63. math

    Sam wants to make concrete blocks that are 24 inches by 24 inches by 4 inches thick. How man blocks can he make from 1 cubic yard of concrete
  64. math

    If Sam wants to make concrete blocks that are 24 inches by 24 inches by 4 inches thick. How man blocks can he make from 1 cubic yard of concrete
  65. math

    If you exchange 300 USD for Euro's how many Euro's would you have?
  66. Science

    An astronuat who was outside repairing his spaceship with a wrench lost his tie rope. Now he is stranded in space. Unfortunately, you can't swim in space. How can the law of conservation of momentum help the astronaut return to his ship.
  67. math

    How many amps of current does a 1,000 watt hair dryer draw on a 110 volt line?
  68. math

    9-3 1/2 nine minus 3 and one half
  69. math

    if 1 1/4 hours = 1.25 hours, convert 30 minutes as to a decimal number
  70. math

    how many square 2''x2'' will cover an area that is 10ft x 20ft
  71. math

    If the temperature drops from 25 degrees at 10:00 pm to a low of -5 at 2:00 am. How many degrees did the temp drop? How long did it take for the temp to drop from 25 degree to -5?
  72. math

    a raffle plans to sell 100 tickets for 2.00 each. I f 5 people buy 4 tickets each what is the chance that one of he people will win?
  73. math

    using fifo method what is the dollar value on ending inventory if ther was 380 videos games on hand. may 14, 100 units @ 8.00 1,600.00 aug 27, 250 units @ 9.00 850.00 nov 18, 300 units @ 8.75 2,625.00
  74. health

    describe two approaches or indicators to measurepatients outcomes.
  75. math

    how do I graph a radical equation? With the numbers t=0 (2010) 3000, t=1(2011)4500,
  76. algebra

  77. algebra

    how do you solve by substitution method: 2x+2y+2=-18+6y-8?
  78. Finance

    Dont' know how to approach this problem. J. F. & Sons must choose between two pieces of equipment. Equipment A has an NPV of $30,000 and a useful life of 3 years. Equipment B has an NPV of $50,000 and a useful life of 7 years. If the firm typically uses a discount rate of ...
  79. Phlosophy

    I have a 3 page paper due...well, yesterday, for my philosophy class. I don't understand any of it though. The question for my essay is: What is the Principle of Alternate Possibilities (PAP)? Explain the crucial role the Principle has played in traditional thinking about ...
  80. u.s. civics

    A court of justice.
  81. math

    If the counting numbers are arranged as shown, under which letter will the number 88 appears? THANK YOU. A B C D E 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  82. algebra

    how to solve 9+5r=-17-8r
  83. 2nd grade

    how does aother properties affect physical property

    When is noble-case corruption, such as the Dirty Harry problem, justifiable? Must law enforcement use extreme means to catch criminals? Explain your answer in a 200-300 word reply.
  85. college

    When is noble-case corruption, such as the Dirty Harry problem, justifiable? Must law enforcement use extreme means to catch criminals? Explain your answer in a 200-300 word reply.
  86. college

    CheckPoint: Court System Structure I * Resource: The Courts in Our Criminal Justice System * Due Date: Day 2, 10/20/2009 [Individual forum] * Review Ch. 4 in The Courts in Our Criminal Justice System. * Write a 200- to 300-word response comparing the state court system in ...
  87. cjs250

    Each target environment has unique security needs and offers security professionals distinct challenges and opportunities. In a 200- to 300-word response, answer the following questions: Why is it important for a security professional to know specifics about the particular ...
  88. microeconomics

    macroeconomics deal with
  89. electronics

    what will happen when Switches S1 AND s3 are both closed
  90. fin 200 question

    I am in this class also. In the forum with the course materials and syllabus there are Appendixes. You will need to look under the Appendix for current value to give you the correct rate to multiply $8500 by. It didn't make sense to me either? I also looked in the Library ...
  91. Chemistry

    I've been given the formula NH4Br, and I want to make sure I properly separated it into cations and anions. I got NH+1 and Br-1. The only thing is I don't get why NH in the formula is NH4. Where does the four come from?
  92. Math/3rd grade

    When Joe calls Hank on the phone the call usually last 4 minutes. Last night they talked on the phone for 10 minutes more than twice the time they usually spend on the phone. Last nights phone call lasted _______ minutes. Pls. explain. thanks.
  93. environmental science

    What are methods to conserve and help the environment?
  94. 5th grade

    In Cultural Studies how to identify how a person becomes a member of a group.
  95. math

    I'm working on Linear Programming Models. How do I find the corner points when they fall between two numbers? Is there some formula to use?
  96. Environmental Science

    what do you think will happen to nutira food resource and explain the factor of produce change in population size and there effective population size.
  97. English

    I am in need of some paraphrasing worksheets to help firm up that concept. Not a question, but need help.
  98. design

    Consistency in your piece can also be thought of as
  99. college

    Microeconomics...Which of the following is an example of nonpecuniary wages? stock options retirement benefits health insurance flexible work schedules hourly wages
  100. ETH-125 Cultural Diversity

    Hi,I am taking the same class. I'm White. lived here all my life, and I i'm having the same problem. I should have put this in with my comments with the survey they do at the end of classes. They seem to have these classes for certain ethnic groups. It's easy for ...
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