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  1. Science

    Thanks ms. Sue !!
  2. Science

    What do you mean ?
  3. Science

    1. What stretches over most of the Arabian Peninsula ? a. Fertile farmland b.forest c. Desert d. Lakes 2. Camels were used by Bedouin’s because they require very little a. Food b. Water c. Sunlight d. Sleep 3. A search of waterfront in the desert is called a. A water fall...
  4. Statistics

    Y'all take forever to answer
  5. Statistics

    The normality of NaOH obtained was 0.0172, 0.0187, 0.0185, 0.189, and 0.0183 N. The theoretical normality of NaOH was 0.02 N. Please calculate: 1) Standard deviation based on the true mean: 2) Standard deviation based on the experimental mean: SD 3) Coefficient of variation (...
  6. Chemistry

  7. Chemistry

    What volume of concentrated sulfuric acid (20% weight/weight, density = 1.14) is needed to prepare 1 L of a 0.5 N solution of sulfuric acid?
  8. Chemistry

    Describe the preparation of 500 ml of 0.25 M solution of NaOH from NaOH pellets (88% purity).
  9. Math

    How do you check the answer to a decimal multiplication problem plz explain your reasoning
  10. Math

    How can you check the answer to a decimal multiplication problem
  11. Finance

    I answered primary email because if someone got into it they could access important emails from your bank or other financial institutions. Thats the correct answer.
  12. Language

    come on i really need help on this today!!!!!!!
  13. Math

    The amount of active ingredient of medicine ingested by the body, A in milligrams, is a function of time, t, in hours, given by A(t)=5/8(12t-t^2). a)Determine the average rate of change of the amount of medicine ingested during each of the intervals below and compare the two ...
  14. Math

    what would be the intervals i would use to make the chart?
  15. Math

    Thank you so much!!!!
  16. Math

    Two software companies are developing new android apps. The average profit per x hundred downloads earned by each company can be modelled by the rational functions below, where x > or equal to 0. Trance Media: G(x)=80x+150/x Ellen's incorporated: B(x)=35x+600/x How many...
  17. MATHS

  18. language arts

    i would be david?
  19. language arts

    What is the appositive in this sentence? My father, David, goes to the golf course on Sundays. David father golf course Sundays
  20. language arts

    so it would be after??
  21. language arts

  22. language arts

    What is the preposition in this sentence? After the movie, we will grab a pizza to take home. after will grab to I think C
  23. language arts

    Jane's artwork is displayed alongside other contemporary art pieces at the modern art museum. which word that can be used to describe Jane's artwork has the most positive connotation? weird eccentric original odd
  24. 5th grade math

    Darren finished 5/6 of his homework. Olivia finished 1/6 less than Darren. How much of Olivia's homework did she finish? Make sure to simplify your answer.
  25. Physics

    A non-homogeneous trunk, 5 meters long and 100 kilograms mass is in equilibrium and is hung at the ends by two strings; One form an angle of 37 degrees and the other an angle of 53 degrees, both with the horizontal. Determine the location of the center of mass of the trunk and...
  26. math algebra

    A tax free municipal bond pays 4.75% compounded continuously. What is the value of a $2,000 bond after 30 years? Round your answer to the nearest cent. [Hint- A=P e^rt where P= present(initial) value, A= future value, r= annual rate, and t= number of years] P.S.The rt is an ...
  27. Math

    Leah spent 5/6 of an hour doing homework on Monday on Tuesday she spent 3/4 of an hour and on Wednesday she did it in 5/8 of an hour How much time did she spend doing her honework on Minday Tuesday and wednesday I know how to concert 5/6 and 3/4 hour but not 5/8
  28. Probablility

    There are 4 cardio stations and six weight lifting stations at the gym. You decide to chose 4 stations randomly for today's workout. Whats the probability that you choose all weight lifting or all cardio?
  29. Calculus

    A lighthouse is built on an exposed reef, 5 miles off-shore. The shoreline is perfectly straight, and a town is located 9 miles downshore from the point on the shoreline nearest the lighthouse. The lighthouse keeper needs to go from the lighthouse to the town to get fresh ...
  30. Physics

    a 50 kg ice skater is skating on a frozen lake where the ice has a coefficient of friction of .08. How much force is required to push her across the ice at a constant velocity?
  31. Physics

    You throw a water balloon hoping to hit your sibling. You throw it at an angle of 21.0° at 5.50 m/s. It ends up leaving your hand at a height of 1.70 m above the ground. It completely misses your sibling and breaks on the ground. How far did the water balloon travel?
  32. Physics

    You push a skateboard so that it rolls down the road at a speed of 0.700 m/s. You run after the skateboard at a speed of 3.90 m/s and while still behind the skateboard you jump off the ground at an angle of 28.0° above the horizontal hoping to land on the skateboard. How ...
  33. Math

    i got the answer now thanks for nothing
  34. Math

    so its A
  35. Math

    what is the vale of 4²-2(3÷5 + 1)? A 8 B 1 C -16* D -21
  36. Math

    1. what is the solution o 204 - (-36)? A 240** B - 240 C 168 D -168 2. what is the solution of 87 + (-396)? A 183 B -183 ** C 9 D -9 3. Evaluate: -12 x 3 =? A 36 B -36** C 4 D -4 4. Evaluate: -20 ÷ -10 =? A 200 B -200 C 2 **8 D -2 5. Select all the problems that have a ...
  37. Math

    which symbol is used to make -6 |-8| a true statement? A > B < C =
  38. Economics

    What factors do you need in order to calculate a country's level of development?
  39. math

    An account earns annual simple interest. Find the balance of the account. $2000 at 9% for 6 months = $
  40. math

    An account earns annual simple interest. Find the balance of the account. $250 at 4% for 1 year = $260 $2000 at 9% for 6 months = $?
  41. algebra 1

    Thank you!
  42. algebra 1

    Evaluate: 30 - m/6 for m = 30. a. 25 b. 0 c. 6 d. 1 i chose a. 25? please verify. thanks
  43. Life orientation

    Evaluate the physical,social and economic consequences of this crime to the offender
  44. Math ratio

    Melanie mixes water with plant fertilizer in a proportional relationship that can be represented by the equation w=3p, where w is the number of quarts of water and p is the number of tablespoons of plant fertilizer. To keep this suggested ratio,should Melanie mix 1 quart of ...
  45. Science

    I got 100% the correct answers are 1. A 2. B 3. C 4. B :-)
  46. Math

    1.Male and female high school students reported how many hours they worked each week in summer jobs. The data is represented in the following box plots: two box plots shown. The top one is labeled Males. Minimum at 1, Q1 at 3, median at 10.5, Q3 at 14, maximum at 21. The ...

  48. Art

    When creating a collection based on a message, an artist should consider all of the following except A. the audience the collection will the presented to B. the subject matter they most prefer using as a reference C. the dollar amount they wish to sell it for** D. the style ...
  49. Physics

    You have two tuning forks. One is a known frequency of 200 Hz. The second for his plate, there is a big frequency of five beats per second. What a piece of gum is placed on the second fork, the frequency increases three beats per second. What is the frequency of the second ...
  50. chemistry

    Approximately how many joules of heat are needed to raise the temperature of a 4.0-gram sample of water to 8.0C? that is all of the information that was provided
  51. Social Studies

    B. the conquest and disease brought by Europeans changed the native American way of life forever.
  52. Chemistry

    it doesn't give the initial temp
  53. Chemistry

    Approximately how many joules of heat are needed to raise the temperature of a 4.0-gram sample of water to 8.0C?
  54. biology

    cytoskeleton-- Prokaryotes don't have a nucleolus as they do not have a nucleus (nucleolus only occur in nucleus) which leaves cytoskeleton
  55. English

    I thought so. Thank you again.
  56. English

    When the subject of the sentence is plural, should the nouns that follow agree with the subject's plurality? For example: In this stage, writers review and amend their paper to better articulate their intended message. Should the terms "paper" and "message&...
  57. physics

    I figured it out Solid Cylinder: v = sqrt 4gh/3 Hollow Cylinder: v = sqrt gh Hollow Sphere: v = sqrt (6/5)(g)(h) Solid Sphere: v = sqrt (10/7)(g)(h)
  58. physics

    A hollow cylinder, a solid cylinder, a hollow sphere, and a solid sphere roll down a ramp without slipping, starting from rest. The ramp is 0.25 m high. All the objects have radius 0.035. What are their final speeds? Please show what equation you used and what you plugged in...
  59. math

    698 is the answer man
  60. civics

    what are the 4 parts to the coercive acts?
  61. Physics

    two students working on physics assignment to find out how far window is from the roof of a building drop a ball over the edge of the roof the ball takes .1 seconds to travel from the top of the window to its bottom of a distance of 1 m assume the acceleration of gravity to be...
  62. Physics

    A child climbs up a set of stairs and reaches a height of 2.5m what is the child's gain I potential energy ?
  63. Math

    gena,freddie,and hank went running.gena ran 1/3 mile,freddie ran 4/7 mile,and hank ran 2/5 mile.who ran the farthest?
  64. physics

    A box of mass 50 kg starts from rest to slide down a ramp that makes an angle of 10.7 degrees with respect to the horizontal. 6.3 seconds later, it has covered a distance of 3.39 meters. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction?
  65. Math / Finance

    You are planning to save for retirement over the next 15 years. To do this, you will invest $1,100 a month in a stock account and $500 a month in a bond account. The return on the stock account is expected to be 7%, and the bond account will pay 4%. When you retire, you will ...
  66. Finance

    You are planning to save for retirement over the next 15 years. To do this, you will invest $1,100 a month in a stock account and $500 a month in a bond account. The return on the stock account is expected to be 7%, and the bond account will pay 4%. When you retire, you will ...
  67. life orientation

    extent to which bad road use has a direct impact on the physical
  68. algebra 2 and trig

    The scores on a chemistry test are normally distributed. Approximately 95 percent of the scores fell between 78 and 92. What is the standard deviation for this distribution?
  69. Chemistry

    That is part of what I am confused about. This is all I have, plus the half eqs, [Sn]2+ + 2e- <-> Sn (s) V -0.13 and [Pb]2+ + 2e- <-> Pb (s) V -0.126
  70. Chemistry

    What is the value of the equilibrium constant at 25°C for the reaction between each of the following? (a) Sn(s) and Pb2+(aq) (b) Cr(s) and Cu2+(aq) I have been unable to get either and have spent the last two hours attempting it. I have been using the equation K = 10^(...
  71. Literature

    Thank you for your help.
  72. Literature

    Okay... Odysseus needs to reconnect to his family for the sake of his own identity and for the sake of his family and the people of Ithaca. Is this still too vague? Could this be considered an argument?
  73. Literature

    I have an 8-10 page final essay due concerning the Odyssey. I know my topic I want to use for my essay is FAMILY. The problem I having is forming an argumentative thesis. My question is... How would I begin to form an argumentative thesis? I continue to argue the importance of...
  74. Literature

    I am currently writing a compare/contrast paper discussing Flannery O'Connor's literary works and Dennis Covington's novel Salvation on Sand Mountain. My question is... Would I use present perfect or past perfect when discussing Dennis Covington's novel ...
  75. Biology

    Could you potentially use up all of your memory B and T cells for a specific antigen and become susceptible to that antigen again?
  76. Chemistry

    A professor wanted to set up a similar experiment as the one you performed in lab. The professor wanted to use Al(OH)3 in place of Ca(OH)2. Calculate how many mL of saturated Al(OH)3 solution it would take to titrate against 12.00mL of 0.0542M HCl solution? The Ksp of Al(OH)3 ...
  77. Chemistry

    Thank you!! I got 15.6%!
  78. Chemistry

    Instead of using ratios for back titrations we can also use molarities if our solutions are standardized. A 0.188g sample of antacid containing an unknown amount of triprotic base Al(OH)3 was reacted with 25.0mL of 0.101M HCl. The resulting solution was then titrated with 10....
  79. Chemistry

    Instead of using ratios for back titrations we can also use molarities if our solutions are standardized. A 0.188g sample of antacid containing an unknown amount of triprotic base Al(OH)3 was reacted with 25.0mL of 0.101M HCl. The resulting solution was then titrated with 10....
  80. Science

    I got 100% *credit to haylee* 1. B 2. C 3. B 4. D
  81. Chemistry

    1. Imagine you have a saturated solution of Ca(OH)2, at equilibrium, that has some undissolved Ca(OH)2 precipitated on the bottom of the test tube. If you add an additional scoop of Ca(OH)2 to the solution will concentration of [OH-] in the solution (increase, decrease, or be ...
  82. Chemistry

    .0955molacid*.030L weak acid= .002865 mol acid/.1233 mol base= .02325 L base/2=11.62mL I got confused once I found my moles of acid, did I finish it correctly?
  83. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume at which pH = pKa if 30.00mL of weak acid with a concentration of 0.0955M is titrated against a strong base with a concentration of 0.1233M.
  84. Chemistry

    Hydrogen sulfide decomposes according to the following reaction, for which Kc = 9.30 10-8 at 700°C. 2 H2S(g) 2 H2(g) + S2(g) If 0.46 mol H2S is placed in a 4.6 L container, what is the equilibrium concentration of H2(g) at 700°C? So I thought that by using ice H2 would...
  85. Chemistry

    f=e^(-Ea/RT) f=e^(-151.0/(8.314e-3 x 292)
  86. Chemistry

    Never mind! I didn't change my R to kJ
  87. Chemistry

    At 19.0°C, what is the fraction of collisions with energy equal to or greater than an activation energy of 151.0 kJ/mol? I got 1.06 which wasn't right
  88. Art

    thanyou so much i got a 100
  89. Chemistry

  90. Chemistry

    If all the H2O2 in 25mL of a 3% solution of H2O2 decomposed, calculate the diameter of a sphere that would contain the resulting O2 at 1 atm and 296K. I understand how to do the problem if I have moles but I am not sure how to get moles. I thought n=0.075moles because 3% ...
  91. Chemistry

    The coinage metals -- copper, silver, and gold -- crystallize in a cubic closest packed structure. Use the density of gold (19.3 g/cm3) and its molar mass (197 g/mol) to calculate an approximate atomic radius for gold. Work So Far: {[1/(19.3x197)]x.74}/6.022e23 =3.2319e18 [(3....
  92. ela

    is there another way of saying better understand? the snetence im trying to write is "imagery can also help the reader to better understand the poem thus the reader is able to ...(is it appropriate to write better understand again here?)"
  93. equation and inequalities

  94. Honors Physics

    A canoeist is trying to paddle upstream in a river that has a velocity of 6.1 m/s. If he can paddle his canoe at a velocity of 6.2 m/s, will he make any headway? What will his velocity relative to the shore be?
  95. Chemistry

    So I got 251.5 Is that right? And thank you so much!
  96. Chemistry

    A gas is allowed to expand at constant temperature from 4.274L to 6.877L against an external pressure of 1.977 atm. If at the same time the gas absorbs 773 J of heat from the surroundings, what is Delta E for this process? (Note: Pay attention to units; 1 L atm = 101.325 J) I ...
  97. Chemistry

    A 500 mL flask has a measured volume of 586.0 mL. A 0.608g sample of an unknown vapor occupies the flask at 373K at a pressure of 0.981atm. Assume the vapor behaves ideally. What is the molecular weight of the unknown vapor?
  98. Chemistry

    A student analyzing 2.000g of Epsom Salt found that it contained 39.0% by mass water. What is the hydration number for this sample?
  99. Chemistry

    A student was isolating copper metal from a copper salt. If the student started with 1.255g of copper (II) sulfate how many grams of copper solid would you expect them to recover?
  100. chem/science

    A piece of an aluminum can was cut into small pieces. Then 0.422 g of the chips from the can was used to prepare potassium alum according to the procedure we used. Calculate the theoretical yield (in g) of potassium alum that could be obtained in the reaction. (Alum MW=474.41 ...
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