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  1. math

    I am a four digi even number.The tens digit grater than ones and hundreds digts.The digit have a sum of 15.
  2. History

    Well i cant get on that kind of thing right now. I need an answer
  3. History

    How did Dorothea Dix's study of prison conditions in Massachusetts and Europe change American beliefs? She argued that poverty causes lawbreaking. She argued that innocent people are imprisoned. She showed that mental illness is treatable. She showed that sanitation ...
  4. math

    If you buy something for 5 cents and sell it for 2.50 what percentage is the mark up?
  5. calculus

    For f(x) = e^cos(x) use your graphing calculator to find the number of zeros for f '(x) on the closed interval [0, 2?]. A 1 B 2 C 3 D 4
  6. Civics

    Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plow, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals. He sets them to work, he gives back to them the bare minimum ...
  7. Civics

    Great, thanks.
  8. Civics

    Which statement about officials found in various forms of government is least accurate? A. A confederation would likely have several states with powerful state senators. B. A parliamentary government would likely have a prime minister elected by the legislature. C. A unitary ...
  9. Civics

  10. Civics

    Lord Acton, a British historian, was famous for saying, "All power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely." He believed that any individual or group having too much power was a bad thing. With which statement regarding systems of government would Lord Acton ...
  11. Civics

    Thank you.
  12. Civics

    Why would you expect most people in Canada to settle near the United States border? A. Because northern Canada is much colder and less habitable. B. Many Canadians work at jobs on American farms. C. Cost of living is lower closer to the United States border. D. Canada taxes ...
  13. Civics

    Thank you so much.
  14. Civics

    What term refers to the total amount of a good or service that is available for purchase? A. Demand B. Supply C. Scarcity D. Opportunity cost My answer is B.
  15. Civics

    For what reason might the United States government raise taxes instead of borrowing money to pay for a new government service? A. To avoid increasing the flow of money in the economy B. To avoid having to change the federal interest rate C. To demonstrate that people support ...
  16. Civics

    Thank you. I couldn't make up my mind.
  17. Civics

    Which would you most likely find a smaller amount of in a government budget than in a personal or household budget? A. The percent of total income that goes towards national defense and health care B. The percentage of people affected by the budget who are responsible for ...
  18. Civics

    Thank you both.
  19. Civics

    Which of the following is a bank required to do in the United States? A. Avoid lending money to people who want to start a business B. Invest money in the stock market C. Keep a portion of the money deposited available to account holders D. Lend money to people regardless of ...
  20. Civics

    Thank you so much Ms. Sue.
  21. Civics

    The Federal Reserve has a number of ways to influence the supply of money. The Federal Reserve can influence the interest rate that people pay on their loans, regardless of what bank they are using. How might the Fed adjust the interest rate if it wanted to increase the amount...
  22. Civics

    Thank you.
  23. Civics

    "Washington lobbyists are working in Congress to block the rural reforms you (small farms) need," Obama said. "Rather than investing in rural opportunity, our government is handing out subsidies (money) to corporate mega-farms. Over the past decade, our ...
  24. Civics

    Thank you Ms. Sue.
  25. Civics

    Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were Washington Post journalists whose reports during the Watergate affair led to the resignation of Richard Nixon as president. What did their role demonstrate? A. Media's role as watchdog B. Judicial review C. Media bias D. Executive ...
  26. Civics

    So then the answer would be C.
  27. Civics

    A company decided to pass a policy banning cell phones on their property. A group of employees collected signatures to protest. Many of the co-workers who signed the petition were later fired because the petition was deemed disruptive. A. The employees sued the company, ...
  28. Civics

    Thank you again, Ms. Sue.
  29. Civics

    A political communication that shows preference towards a particular belief or attitude contains _________. A. bias B. media C. propaganda D. symbolism My answer is: C. propaganda
  30. Civics

  31. Civics

    Elena wishes to join a major political party. She strongly supports new government programs and restrictions on businesses to protect the environment. Which political party would Elena most likely join? A. The Republican Party of the United States B. The Democratic Party of ...
  32. Civics

    Thank you Ms. Sue
  33. Civics

  34. Civics

    Which of the following best describes the differences between propaganda and bias? A. Propaganda is used by organizations that are speaking truthfully, whereas biased articles may be true or false. B. Propaganda is intended to be persuasive, while bias expresses preference but...
  35. Pre calculus

  36. Survey of Accounting

    Calculate basic EPS Net income was $659,250 for the year. Throughout the year the company had outstanding 18,000 shares of $2.50, $50 par value preferred stock in 105,000 shares of common stock. Required: Calculate basic earnings per share of common stock for the year.
  37. Accounting help

    Bank Reconciliation Prepare a bank reconciliation as of October 31 send the following information: a. October 31 cash balance in the general ledger is $1688. b. The October 31 balance Sean thinks statement is $746. c. Checks issued but not returned with the bank statement ...
  38. Accounting help

    Assume that on September 1, 2013, a 6-month rent payment for $3,000 per month (for a total of $18,000) was made with respect to a commercial lease that the company entered into on that date as a tenant. The company took occupancy of the rented space immediately. The lease term...
  39. Accounting help

    Cost flow assumptions-FIFO and LIFO using a periodic system. Beginning inventory was 600 units at a cost of $20 per unit. Goods available for sale during the year 2600 units at a total cost of $57,600. In May 1200 units were purchased at a total cost $26,400. The only other ...
  40. Probabilities and Statistics

    How does the number of study hours change during a semester? How do you determine what graph to use? I am so confused
  41. 4th grade math

    Aidan mixes 630 milliliters of blue paint w/2 liters of red paint to make purple paint. How many milliliters of purple paint does Aidan have?
  42. Accounting

    Jim Hurley is an accountant for a local manufacturing company. Jim’s good friend, Mike Kotowski, has been operating a retail sporting goods store for about a year. Mike has proposed that the fee he will pay for Jim’s accounting work should be contingent upon his ...
  43. Algebra

    A rectangle's length is 6 less than twice its width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 36 units. Set up and solve a system of equations to determine the length and width?
  44. Algebra

    You walk at a pace of 3 miles per hour, and jog at a pace of 6 miles per hour. You want to cover a distance of more than 18 miles in less than 5 hours. Write a system of inequalities to represent the situation. What is one possible combination of the number of hours you can ...
  45. Algebra

    You walk at a pace of 3 miles per hour, and jog at a pace of 6 miles per hour. You want to cover a distance of more than 18 miles in less than hours. Write a system of inequalities to represent the situation. What is one possible combination of the number of hours you walk/ ...
  46. Algebra

    You want to purchase at least 10 tickets to a baseball game, but can spend at most $200. Lower level tickets &8 each, while upper level tickets cost $5. Write and graph a system of inequalities to represent the situation. Give two possible combinations of the number of lower ...
  47. Business Help

    How might U.S. businesses best prepare themselves for a possible elimination of the embargo on Cuba? What kinds of decisions do they need to be making?
  48. Basic Calculus

    a rectangular field is to be enclosed with 240 m of fence. find a mathematical model expressing the area of the field as a function of its length.
  49. Social Studies

    Thank you
  50. Social Studies

    I chose D and B
  51. Social Studies

    Which of the following were precedents that George Washington set during his presidency? A. he established a judicial system of 9 justices that is still in place today. B. he chose well-known leaders to run his executive departments and serve his advisors. C. he established a ...
  52. Science

    Which of the following is a good study habit? A - maintaining a positive attitude B - waiting until the last minute to start on an assignment C - listening to the television while studying D - studying when you are tired A. ?
  53. math

    Hayden had 2 1/2 gallons of water in his watering can. The seed packet said to use 1/4 of a gallon for peppers and 5/8 of a gallon for tomatoes. Hayden then used some of the water for lettuce. If Hayden had 3/4 gallons of water left over, about how much water did he use for ...
  54. math

    7/8 of a pizza that have 12 slices how many left
  55. MATH

  56. MATH

    NUMBER LINE 0 - - - - - - - 1 ?
  57. Math

    68 SQFT
  58. BIO 101

    Summarize the inheritance of sex-linked traits through meiosis and how it relates to genetics.
  59. Math

    Tory has 4 blue jelly beans, 6 red jelly beans, 5 yellow jelly beans, and 1 green jelly bean in his bag. What fraction of the jelly beans are A)Blue B)Yellow C)Red D)Green
  60. English

    There is no one right answer for this question. Which one best speaks TO YOU? Choose one and write a paragraph explaining why you chose it. In your paragraph, use quotations from the poem of your choice to explain. (It doesn't matter which poem you choose.)
  61. Language

    There's more than one way to do this, and one could make a case for B or C. Please check the notes that your teacher gave you to be sure.
  62. English & Composition

    Jamie, consider this: what is the power of THAT allusion, the seductive, destructive song of the sirens, to illustrate the danger Henry points to? What is the power of stating that we prefers to obey God rather than an earthly king? IT is not wrong to say that those allusions ...
  63. English assignment

    Several opening hooks will work here. You might start with a famous quotation, an anecdote, or a rhetorical question. Ms. Sue has given you valuable advice when she recommends writing the rest of the paper first and the introduction last -- many professional writers do it that...
  64. Physics

    A bird wants to rech its nest that is located 53 meters (35 degrees south of west) from where it is perched. If the maximum speed that the bird can fly with respect to the air is 12m/s and there is a wind blowing from a direction of east 35 degrees south at a speed of 8.1 ...
  65. math

    Hannah needs 78 inches to make a picture frame. She knows that there are 60 inches in 5 feet. How many feet of ribbon are in 78 inches?
  66. Economic

    i dont know
  67. geometry

    the length of a rectangular portrait is 2.5 times the width. the perimeter is 28 feet. what is the length of the portrait
  68. geometry

    The area of a tabletop is 48 square feet. The length is 3 times the width. If the dimensions are whole numbers, what is the width of the tabletop
  69. Science, please check my answer Ms Sue!

    I am pretty sure it's ether A or B, but I am not 100% sure! Please help Ms Sue! I really need you!!
  70. Science, please check my answer Ms Sue!

    How does a hurricane form? a.)It forms over a warm ocean water as a low-pressure area*** b.) it forms over a warm ocean as a high-pressure area. c.) it forms over cool ocean water as a low-pressure area d.) it forms over a cool ocean water as a high-pressure area. My answer is...
  71. English

    Nobody has any clue?? Jerks, I bet you don't even know it and are too scared to chicken to admit!
  72. hinkley

    Sam Sounds received a $290 discount loan to purchase a stereo. The loan was offered at 16% for 90 days. Find the interest in dollars and the proceeds for the following problem.
  73. math

    Write an inequality of the form x > c or x < c to represent the amount of trash cleaned up per mile of coast worldwide compared to the amount of trash cleaned up per mile of coast in England during the 2013 Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup based on ...
  74. Art

    1.C 2.B 3.B for connexus unit 5 lesson 1. Your welcome.
  75. Science

  76. math

    It's 4/3 for connexus
  77. study unit main ideas

    witch one of the folowing clue words indicates choronological order?
  78. human relations

    in human relations imagined risks are
  79. Math

    Laverne starts counting out loud by 5's. She starts with 7. As Laverne counts, Shirley sums the numbers Laverne says. When the sum finally exceeds 5000, Shirley runs screaming from the room. What number did Laverne last say before Shirley flees?
  80. Math

    Laverne starts counting out loud by 5's. She starts with 7. As Laverne counts, Shirley sums the numbers Laverne says. When the sum finally exceeds 5000, Shirley runs screaming from the room. What number did Laverne last say before Shirley flees?
  81. Math

    Challenge 1: Compute log1/4 (32^-18). The 1/4 is the small number under the log.
  82. Math

    Find x, such that log (64)1/3) 4^x=1 The 64 and 1/3 are the small numbers under log.
  83. Math

    Find all real solutions x to (4^x)-(2^x)=56. Please explain in steps! Thank you.
  84. spanish

    Te banas o te duchas regularmente?
  85. math

    Mikhail used 220 inches of wire to make this figure. this figure is made up two identical triangles,a 15 inch by 12 inch rectangle and a square of side 19 inches.Whatis the length of one side of each triangle if allthe sides of the triangles are equal in length.
  86. math

    How did you get the 1260?
  87. math

    jasmine mixes 1250 milliliters of syrup with twice as much water to make lemonade. she then pours the lemonade equally into 15 glasses.How much lemonade does each glass contain.
  88. math

    At a school fair, a fifth-grade class sold 25 liters of orange juice. The orange juice was sold in cups containing 200 milliliters and 300 milliliters. An equal number of cups containing 200 milliliters and 300 milliliters were sold. How many cups of orange juice did the class...
  89. math

    Beth and Lewis buy the same amount of fish pellets. If Beth feeds her goldfish 14 fish pellets each day, a container of pellets will last 20 days. If Lewis feeds his goldfish 8 fish pellets each day, how many more days will the container of pellets last Lewis' goldfish?
  90. Math

    Thanks Brady! You're the best! :)
  91. Math

    Joan picked 9 pounds of strawberries in one hour. How long does she take to pick 72 pounds of strawberries?
  92. Math

    equation is J=0.15h J=total cost, h=hats How much would it cost to buy 10 hats? calculate the total cost and show how you got the answer. would it be J=0.15*10 ? thank you
  93. Chemistry

    If 6.0 g of Oxygen (O2) reacts with 12.0 g of hydrogen (H2) to give 5.0 g of dihydrogen monoxide. What's the % yield?
  94. chemistry

  95. Algebra

    multiply the answer to your math problem by your divisor then if you get a close answer then add the number of your remainders on and if you get the same answer as your quotient then its right
  96. Business math

  97. Math

    Min = 2 Max = 40 What about the rest? :(
  98. Math

    What are the minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile, and maximum of the data set? 40, 7, 2, 35, 12, 23, 18, 28 Please help me.
  99. Science Help PLEASE!! FAST

  100. Mat/116

    Which set of points are one the line y = 2x - 3
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