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More than a Label-American Citizenship 1) What does the phrase jus sanguinis refer to? Answer>>> Citizenship because ones parents are U.S citizens. 2) Which best describes why government is a required course in most high schools? Answer>>> Citizens must learn...

OKAY WTF? I didn't know which answer to go with so I went with Reed's, and I got a 7/10 so i'm pissed so here are the REAL answers people.. 1) C 2) D 3) D 4) B 5) C 6) C 7) B 8) C 9) D 10) B Thank me later

American government
yesman is 100% right

I have a 67 as a final grade for the year in my physics class my final exam counts as 10% if I get a 0 and just don't show up to my final will I fail the class for the year?

Can someone please send me a picture explination of Newton's third law and about a paragraph explaining how it works and stuff thank you .

Can someone help me with these questions please. Bret Harte "Plain Language from Truthful James" 1. What was the major theme in this poem? 2. What can we learn from the characters in the poem about the people of this time period. 3. What lesson can be learned from ...

1. Explain the expression "Sabbath lull" in paragraph one of the story. 2. Why does Oakhurst feel "they" might be after him? Who protected him from the fate of those other citizens hanging from the Sycamore tree? 3. How do both the Duchess and Uncle Billy ...

Math rem
2.Find the length of the arc in a circle if the radius of the circle is 24cm and the degree of the arc is 90o 3.Find the length of the arc if a circle if the degree if the arc is 120o and the length of the radius is 8cm. 4. A circle has a radius of 7. Find the diameter (D) and...

The silicon wafer is coated with a layer of metallic aluminum which acts as an electrical contact. The x-ray diffraction pattern of aluminum is measured in a diffractometer with Fe Kα radiation. At what angle, θ, do you expect to observe the first reflection of ...

The solubility of bismuth iodide (BiI3) in water is 11.091 x 10-3 M. Calculate the value of the solubility product. The dissolution products are Bi3+(aq) and I−(aq)