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If a racehorse starts from rest and accelerates at a rate of 4.7 m/s2, how long does it take the horse to go 20 m?

What distance was used to define the astronomical unit (AU) A. the average distance across the sun, its diameter B. the average distance from the sun to mercury, the closest planet C. the average distance from the sun to earth, our home planet D. the average distance from the ...

5.078 to the nearest hundreths place

Math 20-3 Financial services
If you invest $3800.00 at an interest rate of 2.90% per annum compounded bi-monthly, what will the total value of your investment be after 5 years?

Algebra 2
How can you write the expression with a rationalized denominator? 3 sqrt 3 / 3 sqrt 4

are the terms like or not. Explain why.4a,-122a

Find the present value, using the present value formula and a calculator. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) Achieve $225,500 at 8.65% compounded continuously for 8 years, 125 days.

A Mini Cooper can accelerate from 0.0 mph to 90 mph in 8.82 seconds. How far does the car travel during the acceleration period?

A Mini Cooper can accelerate from 0.0 mph to 90 mph in 8.82 seconds. How far does the car travel during the acceleration period?

Freud's techniques and assumptions are most evident in today's A) cognitive therapies. B) behavior therapies. C) biomedical therapies. D) psychodynamic therapies. 3. Just as Chinh began telling his therapist about a painful childhood experience, he complained of a ...

what is the quotient of 100 and the sum of b and 24

10 hours. Don't forget that the water is not still.

Pearson homework does anybody have an acount I Ned your help

algebra ll
Erica please elaborate on what you are explaining here with the zero factor formula you have laid out? It isn't exactly self explanatory.

algebra ll
ok so it is quite simple. The answer is A. y=x-6. Let me show you how it is simple. You need to know a couple of formulas. y = mx + b is the formula for a line. Where m = slope (rise over run, or simply y over x since y is rise 'veritcal rise up and down' and x is run...

algebra ll
just to give you a head's up... i'm refreshing my memory on slope and graphing and I plan on getting back to you as soon as I figure this problem out. Give me a hour or so. So far it looks like you will need to do an inverse of slope intercept or something to that ...

This is easy, now you need to do the opposite of what you did when you multiplied the whole number by the denominator to get the fraction 45/8... therefore divide 91 (numerator) by 8 (denominator) to get 11 (8 x 11 = 88) how ever many you have left over is left as a fraction n...

Tube # 1: 1 ml of water, 3 ml of glucose-1-phosphate and 3 ml of Enzyme. Tube # 2: 1 ml of Ph 7 buffer, 3 ml of glucose-1-phosphate and 3 ml of Enzyme. Both of these reactions tested positive, and the same enzyme was used for both tubes. Why Did you get get a positive reaction...

American History / Social Studies
The age of discovery to the american experiment? A.Practical Scientific Experimentation B.philosophies of religion C.moral values life

Personal Income Tax
Here is my homework problem that I need some help with: "A taxpayer is considering selling 100 shares of stock. The current market price is $7,500. Which shares should the taxpayer instruct the broker to sell, and what are the tax consequences of this selection if the ...

Does the fallowing sentence make sence? There are many traditions or habits that a person or society may have that are complacent to other values.

12th grade English
Hostess: Restaurant Doorperson: Entrance Janitor: Basement Bartenter: Bar Porter: Terminal

The Z score should be -2.33 making the score 56.36

Glycerol is a syrup liquid often used in cosmetics and soaps. A 2.50L sample of pure glycerol has a mass of 3.15 x 10 to the 3rd power grams. What is the density in grams per cubic cm

5th grade
I need help! I am supposed to complete the table and write an equation to show the relationship. The table has input of x, 0,1,2,3,4,5 and output of y,4,10,16,22,and the last two outputs are blank. I think they are 28 and 34--but what is the relationship?

write a balance equation for the following. when octane is burned in an excess of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor produced

456.0 pa

research project
What would be a good website for researching anxiety disorder....?

F= {9.8m/s^2 (10.6-5.30)}/ 2 F= {9.8 (5.3)}/2 F= 51.94/2 F= 25.97 {Significant figures} F = 26N

Explain how McCarthyism affected the lives and political thinking of people in the U.S. Defend McCarthyism as appropriate or criticize it as inappropriate for the time in which it occurred.


what are some ideas for preventing prejudice where it already exists?

How does an increased level of estrogen in the bolld affect the pituitary gland?

What is a pediatrician?

whats the four countries competing for claims of the oregon territory?

Its a Small World After All.

Where can I find information on how to conduct an experiemnt on the affect of humidity on the hair of mammals? Please Help ..I know someone knows the answer. PLEASE!!! please someone answer me!!!!! possably search hair coloring brand names, and call or e-mail the customer ...

Pigskin Geography
i need the answers to pigskin geography week number 7 all the answers...i don't feel like doing it my self...=( can sumone help me out?!?

social studies
What is the period in the 1500's when europeans started searching they did not know is called? The Age of Exploration?