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How does the volume of a rectangular prism change if the width is reduced to 2004-06-01-04-00_files/i0280000.jpg of its original size, the height is reduced to 2004-06-01-04-00_files/i0280001.jpg of its original size, and the length is reduced to 2004-06-01-04-00_files/...

College Math
d. net income $2,250,000 total profit margin 18.5% cash flow $ 3,000,000

which statement describes a type of plagiarism.

If $700 is borrowed at 8% interest, find the amounts due at the end of 2 years if the interest is compounded as follows. i know how to solve this problem but i don't know what to plug in for n in the formula for finding the amount quarterly and hourly. plz help

math plz help
please can someone help me do this problem. atleast help me find an equation to start with thank you. each page in a children's picture book has area 58 squared inches and a left side margin of 1.5 inches and top,bottom and right side margins of 0.5 inches. Find the ...

Plz Explain how to use a graphing calculator to solve the equation: x(x^2+2)=15. Then state the solution rounded to 2 decimal places.

algebra2 plzz help
how do you solve these problems (5x)to the power of a+4(5x)to the power of a-2 3 to the power of 5 times xto the power of y+4 divided by 9 times x to the power of y factor 5aa-2 , which is the greatest common factor, out. 5aa-2(25x2 + 4) check my thinking. In the second, ...

problem solving
in 1979, the death rate,D, from acute myocardial infarction for people between the ages of 65 and 74 years was 577 per 100,000 people. In 1996, the rate was 262 deaths per 100,000 people. Round to one decimal place in part a. write sentences for your answer in part b and c. a....

determine if the following lines are parallel, perpendicular or neither. Explain your reasoning. -2x+3y=3 2x+3y=3 Rewrite them in y = mx + b form to get the slopes, m. The lines are parallel of the slopes are the same. They are perpendicular if the product of the slopes is -1 ...

How do mirrors affect the way a plant grows? Mirror, Mirror on the wall See how I grow green and tall. Answer me this question puzzling Nepal Who is the most beautiful plant of all? I guess it will depend on what you use the mirrors for. If it is collecting light, then it will...