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8th grade science
How did the broad river get its name?

1st. grade

i need to know the ten different line types i only knowoblique,straight,zig zag,loopde loop and i don't know anymore can sum 1 plz help me

wow that's a whole lot of questions is that all u r h/w?

Just as My Àntonia’s setting is initially raw and featureless, its narrative at first seems haphazard: “I didn’t arrange or rearrange. I simply wrote down what of herself and myself and other people’s, Antonia’s name recalls to me. I suppose it ...

6th grade
in my workbook it says why do you think earth looks like a blue and white marble from space ? the reason why is because there coler blind PLEASE HELP !!!!

Website.need it please!
what web site

nutrition and wellness
all you need to do is think out loud and stop asking for help as soon as you get your assignment you're neve gonna learn anything by that. the question you just asked is VERY common sence

Math (for Reiny)
No i don't know the function and i still don't get how you went from 13 to 25 squares, can you explain how do i come up with that answer for future questions?

Each diagram in a sequence of 3 diagrams is obtained by drawing a 1 unit square on each side that forms the perimeter of the previous diagram, for example Diagram 2 is obtained by drawing a 1 unit square of the four sides of Diagram 1(on graph paper).Diagram 1 contains one ...

In a saturated solution of silver phosphate, the concentration of silver is 4.5 x 10^-4 mol/L. What is the Ksp of silver phosphate?

Each diagram in the sequence is obtained by drawing of a 1 unit square on each side that forms the perimeter of the previous diagram, the 1st digram contains (1) square, the 2nd diagram (4) squares and the 3rd diagram (13) squares, I would like to know how to find how many ...

Connect each pair of sentences in two of the following ways: (a)join thm with semicolon or colon, (b)join them with a coordinating conjuction, (c)reduce one to a phrase or dependent clase, or(d)integrate one clause into the other. Sentences: 1. ur national parks offer a ...

grade 7 math:algebra

what does tout droit.prenez la troisieme a droite mean

this is a brain challenging one:30x+2-15x-6+4=

what does tournez a gauche mean

8th grade
you have to type in the school subject for a expert to answer your question

what are the vas deferens?

what are the vas deferens?

grade 7 math:algebra
what is -2x-x+3x

grade 7 math:algebra
what is 2-3+9-1

social stidies
what are two checks the judicial branch has over the other two branches

5th grade
input/ output find a rule x 15, 27, 36, 45, 60 y 1, 7, 11, 13, 18


Establish the identity. sinx + cosx/sinx - cosx = 1+2sinxcosx/2sin^2x-1

7th Grade Math
How do you do linear function tables?

spanish 2
how do i answer the queastion, En el canal de univision,el programa de cristina y el de montel en espanol son programas de

algebra 2
thanks soo much!!!that helps!

algebra 2
i need help with my algebra 2 homework, the section is called using matrices to represent data. here is one of the problems: -1/2A+(B-A) A=[7 3 -1 5] [-2 8 0 -4] and B= [6 0 11 -3] [-5 2 -8 9] i don't know how to do this problem and the book doesn't have a problem like...

you use the elimination method for this one, well its the easiest way since your y's already cancel out. you would add your x's and your 5's together, then divide. that's when you get x=something then you sub your x answer in either one of the equation and you ...

Literature / Short story I
I think that this is for questions that can't be completed nobody asked for your rude comments

Literature / Short story I
1. During what part of “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” does Bernice cut Marjorie’s braids? A. Climax C. Falling action B. Rising action D. Epiphany 2. The label detective novel is an example of A. a character study. C. a genre. B. informational reading. D. a universal ...

HSM 270
How might you resolve the gap between the United States' measurement system and that of the rest of the world

medical terminology

7th grade Science
What kind of tissue is a chloroplast?

7th grade Science
What kind of a tissue does photosynthesis take place in?

6th grade_Science/Math
More then a quarter of the moon is visible, and the visible portion is becoming smaller as the moon is not visible.


Solve by using substitution method. 1. y=3x-2, x=4

social studies
what role did organized religion play in the Soviet Union under Communist domination of the Russian people?

Can someone let me know which is the correct answer and why? Thanks! Subject-verb agreement A 1a. Did you know a famous animal-rights activist has criticized horseracing because of the dangers involved? 1b. Did you know a famous animal-rights activist have criticized ...

I have no I need help.. this project is due monday


College - Microeconomics - help
Need some help on these questions. Thanks for your help. 9. The models used in economics: a)are usually limited to variables that are directly related. b)are essentially not reliable because they are not testable in the real world. c)are of necessity unrealistic and not ...

Microecomonics (am i right..URGENT PLEASE)
11. Agree 12. Agree 13. Agree 14. Agree 15. Agree 16. Agree 17. Agree 18. Agree 19. Agree 20. Agree 21. Not sure 22. I would say is above equilibrium, since below would have no bearing on the market. 23. I picked an increase; an increase. An increase in demand with no change ...

Find the derivative of: g(x)=ln(ln(x+1))+e^(x^(3/2)+(x/3))

7th grade pre algebra
66 2/3 of 120?

what types of stimuli can cause the gates on ion channels to open or close?

A boxcar of mass 200 tons at rest becomes uncoupled on a 2.5 degree grade. If the track is considered to be frictionless, what speed does the boxcar have after 10 seconds?

A kennel owner has 164 ft of fencing to enclose a rectangular region. He wants to subdivide it into 3 sections of equal length. If the total area of the enclosed region is 576 square ft what are the dimensions. I know that the answer is 18 ft by 32 ft or 64 ft by 9ft but not ...

experiment times: .15, .13, .16, .14, .15, .14, .15, .14 what is the the best estimate and estimate the uncertainty?

Well I need help cause I don't understand any of it.

The specific heat of copper metal was determined by putting a piece of the metal weighing 33.6 g in hot water. The quantity of heat absorbed by the metal was calculated to be 47 J from the temperature drop of the water. What was the specific heat of the metal if the ...

how could thinking about 90 tens help you find 1,901 - 297 ?

phsyical science
i need help

BIO 281 at CSUN I beleive it is 20% Good luck tonight

Consumer math
The selling price is $137,900.00. The mortgage company requires a 20 percent down payment and I want to pay the money back in 30 years at 8 percent. What is the total amount of interest charged, rounded to the nearest whole dollar?

What is extensive physical, and intensive chemical? What's the difference between them?

You wish to prepare 0.18 M HNO3 from a stock solution of nitric acid that is 18.9 M. How many milliliters of the stock solution do you require to make up 1.00 L of 0.18 M HNO3? Answer and..... HOW DO I DO IT?

What is the net ionic equation for.... 1 Ca(NO3)2 + 1 K2CO3 ==> 1 CaCO3 + 2 KNO3

I don't understand what to do.

You wish to prepare 0.18 M HNO3 from a stock solution of nitric acid that is 18.9 M. How many milliliters of the stock solution do you require to make up 1.00 L of 0.18 M HNO3?

would the moles be .014?

Write the molecular equation and the net ionic equation for each of the following aqueous reactions. Ca(NO3)2 + K2CO3 FeSO4 + NaCl NiCl2 + NaBr

Sheila practiced 1 ½ hours Monday, 3 ¾ hours Tuesday, and 2 ¼ hours Wednesday. What is the total number of hours that she practiced?

HOW TO CHANGE 34,000 mL to L!?

physical science
.765grams convert it into kilograms

the answer is C. i previously had help on that question

Finance (board of directors)
B is the correct answers its in the finance book look up stakeholders and read that section

What is your monthly mortgage payment on a loan for $150,000, at 6% for 20 years? $899.33 $1,265.79 $1,074.65 $1,089.91

well this is confusing to me i do not kno what they mean by spread, i do not think the answer is nothing. i think they will get the par value

3 points Save When Patricia sells her General Motors common stock at the same time that Brian purchases the same amount of General Motor's stock, General Motors receives: the "spread" between the Bid and Ask of the transaction. the dollar amount of the ...

I can't see where to start? the reading from last week doesn't talk about this at all... ugg!

hey i was hoping if you have this done? if so that would be of a big helpppp pleaseeeeee reply to this i can help you with some things if you need help

Physical Science
What is the value of science to society? How much should an ordinary citizen understand it and why?

Find the equation of the parabola with it's focus at (-4,7) and directrix y=1 Is y+4=-1/12(x-4)^2 Right or is it y-7=1/24(x=a)^2 y-4=1/12(x+4)^2 y-3=1/24(x+4)^2

Math pre Cal
Which of the following is a simpler form of sin^2 theta/ 1-cos theta -1 I think the answer is tan theta

4mi=how many ft

i am currently in government and it says the status quo can change

For the reaction 2Zn + O2 yields 2ZnO, how many grams of zinc oxide can be produced from 196 g of zinc?

I need help solving this non-linear inequality:6x^2>6+5x

There is one problem on my homework that I cannot really get. "There is a well off businessperson in England in 1553. The Anglican Church has been the dominant religion since it's beginning during the reign of Henry VIII. Mary I has become the new monarch and she is ...

I have always wanted to go to college from the first moment I understood what it meant to go to college. I look around my small town and I see so many talented people who never had the chance to go to college. Then I look at my family and no one in my immediate family has ever...

I posted this earlier, but I switched around the subject and name! Sorry! Here is the original post: Bonjour! For our French class, we are making a French dish and my partner and I have decided to make "Tarte Chocolat Coco" We think that we have a pretty good idea ...

Literature (short story)
ok, im not sure of all of the anwsers yet but i think that these are right but im not sure, 1d 2a 3b 4d 5c 6c 7a 8c 9b 10? 11c 12b 13c 14d 15a 16b 17c maybe d but im putting c 18d 19c 20? i hope this helps!

Literature (short story)
Hey i have this same exam, did you do it yet?

social studies
ok thanks and do you have any other more exact sites?

social studies
I need some websites that tell about what cooks did in the medieval times and other stuff about the cooks back then. So please help me!!

A linesman in the NFL is nost likely to weigh between 250 and 300 pounds. Of the four player below, which would most likely be a linesman?

A carpet measures 7 meters 3 decimeters in length 4 meters 2 decimeters in width. What is its area in square meters?


pre cal
The 1st year and 3rd year periods for these accounts are the lengths of time that you must keep the money in the account. (You pay a penalty if you take the money out before the term is up.) Why might an investor choose a Certificate deposit with a shorter term rather than a ...

Pre Cal long problem( Can I see the work on this)
A stuffed animal dealer tells you that a fish he bought for $8 four years ago is now worth $200 follow the steps below to find the effective yield for this investment. Begin with the equation 8(1+r) ^4=200.Solve for (1+r) ^4 Take the common logarithm of each side of the ...

Pre Cal(please show me the work)
wait I forgot to add that she bought the card origionally for $1

Pre Cal(please show me the work)
At the show a basketball card dealer tells you that a vintage card increases in value by a factor of 10 every 9 years.If the card is now worth $32, how long ago did she buy it?(Hint: Remember that the value is multiplied by 10 every 9 years, not every year.) 2nd Question ...

The 1st year and 3rd year periods for these accounts are the lengths of time that you must keep the money in the account.(you pay a penalty if you take themoney out before the term is up.) Why might an investor choose a CD with a shorter term rather than a longer one, even ...

Saint Patrick's day
What is this word Saint gibsensls

american government
what is a member of congress immune from when the House and Senate is in session and whe he is going to or returning form House or Senate meetings?

what is 248*63

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