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I mean i looked in my glossery but i seem to cant find them. Thank you for the help.


But It would still be acceptable, just because many don't use does not mean that its not Acceptable. Its still correct.


grd1 math
10 2 ____ 1st you need to take the 2 and add it with the 0, So Its 2+0=2 the you put a 2 under the line. Then you need to move over to the 1 and since there isnt anything under it you just bring the 1 down. 10 2 ___ =12 Hope It helps.

Social Studies
Though the Fourth of July is almost iconic to Americans, some claim the date itself is somewhat arbitrary. New Englanders had been fighting Britain since April 1775.

Social Studies
14 year old Andrew Jackson and his older brother Robert were captured by British soldiers in the Battle of Hanging Rock.

I understand that, But all there was, was a ^ that means to the power of three, So you cant just have 5 times a exponet of a 3 unless the number is 0.

Is the 3 postive or negitive?

how many kilojoules of heat are absorbed when 1.00L of water is heated from 18 degrees celsius to 85 degrees celsius?

any1 up who can help?

9th grade
During what phase does crossing-over occur? A. prophase I B. metaphase I C. anaphase I D. telophase I

fibers and fabrics
those are the wrong answers

ok give me examples of a ploymer that follows these conditions it must have at least 100 atoms it must have at least 3 monomers it must be organic, from a living thing thanks so much!

MATH Introduction to Math Skills and Strategies
just plug in the x and y (add them)then divide the total by 3:)

MATH Introduction to Math Skills and Strategies
this equals 7

after you multiple the top by 3 and the bottom by 3 you have to either multiple the top by a negative or the bottom so that when adding the x's they cancel out to equal 0. then add the y's and the other numbers. then divide to find y. heres the first step for starters ...

pre algebra
ok so for this you do x/3=x/5-2 you multiple both sides by 3 so you have x=x/15 -6 then go on from there

um i don't think so if you add 4 to the right side you get 2x=4x+1 then minus the 4x so that gets -2x=1 then divide by -2 which would be x=-1/2 i think that's it:)

Does anyone know of a website that has all of the 20 amino acids not just the name but the actual thing like c-oh thing? thanks so much!!!

also is Musee de Quebec and Musee national des beaux-arts du Quebec the same thing? thanks:)

does anyone know of any pictures of musée du québec in quebec thanks

Social Studies
Also was Achilles heel talked about in Homer's books? Thanks so much!!!

Social Studies
Was Hector in the Trojan War mentioned in the Iliad or Odessey by homer? thanks:)

Social Studies
Thanks so much!!

well, if two lines are parallel then their slopes are the same I think it would be whatever m*m is.

caluculate the fixed cost, variable costs, and break-even point for the program suggested in appendix d

Bioanalytical Chemistry
to many questions no one will answer you lol..

nevermind i got it thanks

(I left out some information... i would like to know how to approach this thanks!)

what does it mean to have a constant acceleration does that mean that a= 0 or a=x? I particularly need help with::::>> Suppose the pilot, starting again from rest, opens the throttle only partway. At a constant acceleration, the airboat then covers a distance of 64.2 ...

an adaption in science is like 2 things being combined but 2 make sure im write please check the dictionary.

Essay Writing
thank u

eng- need it fast plz
yes the answer is bendable ..just as sara said on ur previous question.

is bendable even a word?

you might have a flu or a cold

the answer is 4 of corse

Math (need help with working)
Show that gh(-2)= 14 g(x) 2x+1/x-1 and h(x) 4x+3/x-2 Is it 2(4x+3/x-2)/x-1 and i work from there?

What is the balanced equation for the combustion of 1.00 mol of camphor, C10H16O(s). I searched the web, but cant find anything, can someone pleas help?

history 5
What was the predominant view concerning the relation between humans and the divine?

8th grade
ok ihave three problems for homework in algebra 1 honors Y+3=3+Y 6*1/2-Y=3*2 3/4+Y=0.75+Y

(3b-2)/b+1=4-(b+2/b-1) please help


3b-2 b+2 ____=4-_____ b+1 b-1

3b-2/b+1=4-b+2/b-1 please help me I'm stuck

What is the finger like bodies of fat atttached to the testis. Stores enough food energy to alow the frog to hibernate during winter.

when are the follwing lines spoken?

I have a few questions that I need help with. Solve the radical equation, and check all proposed solutions. 5. x- square root 3x-2=4 I don't understand this problem. Solve and check the equation. 10. (x^2+14x+49)^3/4-20=7 would I have to multiply each number by 4/3? Solve ...

orientalism of muslim and arab american
UOPX.. i think i'm going to pull all my hair out. this is really hard and sucks a lot. i cant seem to find the answers i am searching for. thank god i'm on the east coast and have until like 3am to get this in. goodluck ppl

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