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Math (Business)
Find the value of the ordinary annuity at the end of the indicated time period. The payment? R, frequency of deposits m? (which is the same as the frequency of? compounding), annual interest rate? r, and time period t are given. amount ?1,000?; quarterly?; 6.2%, five years How...

What is the complete subject for a cubit measured about twenty inches

The median number of medals won by these 12 countries is 14.5. If the United States of America's medal count is deleted from this data set, what is the median number of medals for the remaining countries?

can you please look over my answers? clauses
S-subject, DO-direct object, SC-subject complement, OP-object of preposition What I wanted to do was to finish my work.

Criminal Justice
A police officer takes an official report of a crime that is later shown to not have occurred. Accorrding to UCR regulations, this crime is ont considered to B) have been cleared by exceptional means

3rd grade

3rd grade math
Was my answers right? Thank you for helping me!!!!

3rd grade math
How would I show a kid in third grade on how to remember to do this. Is there an easy formula?

3rd grade math
so 80 would be 1/4 and then 1/2 right?

3rd grade math
Thank you what about 40 rods? 80 rods? and 160 rods? I think 160 rods of a mile is 1/2 right?

3rd grade math
what part of a yard is 1 1/2 ft? what part of a mile is 1 rod? If 1 rod is 5 1/2 yards. 320 rods = 1 mile.

Well I wanted to say sorry

I mean 320 rods = 1 mile

what part of a yard is 1 1/2ft? What part of a mile is 1 rod? 1 rod is 320 rods. What part of a mile is 40 rods? 80 rods? 160 rods?

13.3 with a line over the 3 (bar of notation)

7th grade math
first of all i would do same change change to make the problem look like 4.6 + -2.5 then u subtract the two and u should end up with 2.1

I have the same problem ayiayiayiayi

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