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Biology Answer Check !!!!
In pea plants, the allele for tall (T) is dominant to the allele for short (t). Which of the following is the percent of offspring that will be tall if a heter In pea plants, the allele for tall (T) is dominant to the allele for short (t). Which of the following is the percent...

Part B: Give a logical argument on why that format was chosen over the other three.

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The highest barrier that a projectile can clear is 13.4 m, when the projectile is launched at an angle of 11.0o above the horizontal. What is the projectile’s launch speed?

A track star sprints 50.0 m in 8.00 s, stops, turns directly around, and walks slowly back to the starting line in 40.0 s. What are the average speed and velocity for his round trip?

Math Please help ASAP
how do you find the LCM (90, 120) by taking the quotient of the product of the numbers and divide by the greatest common factor of the numbers

psychology statistics
Submit your answers to the following questions using the ANOVA source table below. The table depicts a two-way ANOVA in which gender has two groups (male and female), marital status has three groups (married, single never married, divorced), and the means refer to happiness ...

input 3 , 5 , 10 , 50 , 100 output 9 ,15 , 30 ,150 , 300

1.A merry-go-round makes one complete revo- lution in 12.2 s. A 49.4 kg child sits on the horizontal floor of the merry-go-round 2.3 m from the center. Find the child’s acceleration. The accelera- tion of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Answer in units of m/s2 2.Find the horizontal...

A boat moves through the water with two forces acting on it. One is a 2000 N forward push by the motor on the propeller, and the other is an 1741 N resistive force due to the water around the bow. What is the acceleration of the 1020 kg boat? Answer in units of m/s2

A 8.2 kg object undergoes an acceleration of 2.5 m/s2. What is the magnitude of the resultant force acting on it? Answer in units of N

A 4.5 kg object is accelerated from rest to a speed of 39.2 m/s in 76 s. What average force was exerted on the ob- ject during this period of acceleration? Answer in units of N

may i have two exmple in changinging in your writing

math 5th grade
One morning, 8/9 of the customers at the diner ordered coffee. Regular coffee was ordered three times as much as flavored coffee. What fractional part of the customers orderd flavored coffee? I did it this way 8/9x3/1= 24/9=8/3 I got 2 2/3 It is wrong so please show me how to ...

using l'hopsital's rule: find the limit as t approaches 1 of sin(pi t) / 1 - ln t

x^2+2x+5 complete the square