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Fuente ovejuna play
Hello, I need to do a short essay on Esteban and his social standings in Fuente Ovejuna. I know I need to put how he protects his daughter, but what else, thanks

spanish play Fuente Ovejuna
Hello, for act one I can't find the answer to how does the battle at Ciudad Real end? Would it be how Fernan Gomez destroyed it. thanks

Hello, I have the characters for the play that I need, I know you all were helpful with giving me some websites, but how would I do a search as to for the characters I have and to what they did to inspire the story in the play. thanks

Hello, For the play fuente Ovejuna I have to answer this question Which Characters in the play are based on real historic figures? For my answers I put Fernan Gomez, Queen Isabella, King Ferndinand, and Rodrigo Tellez Giroza. Is this correct? thanks

spanish my answers
Sorry for the play Fuente Ovejuna, I had problems with this play

spanish my answers
Hello, could you please check this to see if I am on the right track for the question, Which characters in the playare based on real historic persons? I answered Fernan Gomez de guzman, King ferdinand of Aragan, Princess isabbella, Prince Ferdidnand II of Aragon, and Rogridue ...

In fuente ovejuna which characters are based on real historic people? I am having problems with this play, thanks

Hello, I need to know if I have the right answers to these questions. 2x-y=3 question is which of the following points lie on the line. is the answer 0,3 (-1,1) (2, 1) (-3, 1) (-3, ) or (1, 2) I chose the answer (-3, 1) is that right, second question: If x+7andY+2 then x-3y= ...

I need ideas on how to design an experiment whether having sex education classes makes it more likely that a person will use contraception.

How different is spanish golden theater from classical theater>