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draw the triangle. the missing side (opposite Theta) is sqrt(9-1)=sqrt8 Is there any reason you cannot write out the missing functions?

Physical Science
It would be nice to know the direction of Car Z. And it would be nice to know if it were an elastic collision, in reality, it is not.

y=mx+b or ax+by=c

Lord help me. You got this in a class labeled "Physics"? Water flows downhill to the sea. without that, there would be no oceans. People and dirt and rocks and trees stick to the Earth, they don't float into space. Our houses roofs stay on the house. I would say ...

to sink it, if 1/20th of its volume supports 3kg, then all of its volume would support 20*3kg total, or a net load added of 19*3kg

repost this, with your thinking/work. I will check it for you

Chemistry -Flame colors (check+help)
Your answer sounds like lawyer talk. The colors represent specific energy transitions, which are characteristic of specific electron energy levels in each element. Each element has a characteristic outer electron orbital pattern (see the periodic table). So, the outer ...

You know the initial KEnergy, and the initial PEnergy. You know the PEnergy at the highest point, and also the PEnergy nine meters below that. Conservation of energy: InitialPE+InitialKE=finalPE+finalKE Use that to find the answers.

Physics Lab
So what is the problem? You have equations to let you compute v, d, and a vs time.