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  1. General Mathematics

    No exponent needed: the value will be today's value + 10*100,000. Now if the rise in value is tied to the present value, then you need a exponent increase= 100,000/1,500,000= 0.0666 future value=1.5M(1+.06666)^10=2.85M
  2. english

    Comma (,) Use a comma after the first independent clause when you link two independent clauses with one of the following coordinating conjunctions: and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet. For example: I am going home, and I intend to stay there. D is ok on the second, but it is ...
  3. physics

    what is 700+100J ?
  4. Physics

    I of each: 1/3 ml^2 total Inertia: 4*1/3*(.040)*.25^2
  5. Physics

    x cm: (3*0+7.5*3+7*-3)/17.5 7 cm:(3*5+7.5*8+7*(-6))/17.5 distance to cm; sqrt( (xcm)^2+(ycm)^2 )
  6. Physics

    this makes no sense
  7. Physics

    do you not have a calculator? put each of these in your Google search window: 180/?= 180*7/22= 180/3.14=
  8. Electronic

  9. chemistry

    oxidation reduction ? single replacement?
  10. Advanced Placement Calculus

    I am wondering what the quesrion acrually is. Connect the points. determine the area under the connected points.
  11. Astronomy
  12. Astronomy

    wave equation: freqency*wavelength=speedodlight freq=3e8/1160e3 energy=Planck'sConstant*frequency
  13. science

    so what was your results?
  14. Physics
  15. Math

    each term is 2/3 of the precious term 27+18+12+8+16/3 + 32/9+ ...
  16. Chemistry

    twice as fast? 2x. so what is the molmass of CH4 x (2)^2 ?
  17. Chemistry

    1. number of calories in 10 grams of sugar. Intensive, same for any 10 gram sample 2. Percentage of alcohol in a beer. Intensive 3. Electrical resistance of 1km length of 22 gauge copper wire > same as 1. 4. Electrical resistance of 22 gauge copper wire. extensice, depends...
  18. MATH - circles, circles, circles Is a similar question, and most interesting graphics
  19. physics

    H(finalTime)=0=39.2t -4.9t2 + 58.8 solve that quadratic.
  20. Can someone help with this Econ problem?

    B is correct. The Fed constantly buys and sells U.S. government securities in the financial markets, which in turn influences the level of reserves in the banking system. These decisions also affect the volume and the price of credit (interest rates). The term open market ...
  21. chemistry

    so one liter has a mass of 1380 grams, and of that .56*1380 is the mass of the sulfuric acid. Moles of acid in one liter then is .56*1389/98 moles Molarity= molesacid/1
  22. chemistry

    So I think you are asking for mass concentration. concentration=10*.95/(250+10) as I read your statement.
  23. Physics

    freq= k/length freq*length=k 256*80cm=f*15dm f=256*80/15 hz
  24. Mathematical Literacy,Business,Economics,Life Orientation

    It depends on you. No one is given a job for taking a course of study. Jobs may have needs for particular experience or knowledge, but just having that is not enough. My guess is that you need to look at finding jobs available to you that interest you.
  25. 7 math

    Your question makes no sense. Please go back and type it exactly as it was given to you.
  26. physics

    power= m g h/time can you compare them?
  27. physics

    What is 1/2 k *.03^2 Joules?
  28. Kevin, Ni, Niles

    so used Dalton's Law. I will be happy to critique your thinking. It does no good to post a series of test questions using different names, none of which indicate any work on your part.
  29. chemistry

    So the product must be of the form PtCln, and the question is what is n, the ratio of the chloride to platinum. Moles of Pt: .509/atomicmassPt =.509/198=.00257 moles of Cl: (.889-.509)/atomicmassCl=.38/35.45=.0107 dividing each by the lowest, to get the ratio Cl: .107/.00257=4...
  30. World history

    Goodness no.
  31. world history

    The consequences for the Ottoman leaders responsible: No trials were ever had.
  32. Chemistry

    Br2 +2KI= 2KBr+ I2
  33. Algebra

    take a look at this, letting a=5, b=3*5%5Ex so when x= large negative number, then slope goes to ....
  34. Philosophy

    Read this: Heraclitus thinks you are stupid if you don't agree....
  35. algebra

    IT hurts it is so wrong. Memorize this formula amount=Initialamount(1+i)^t where i is DECIMAL (.O3 here), t is the years elapsed.
  36. science

    Multiply by change in Temp. * means times. I get near 100 Joules
  37. science

    heat=mass*specific heat capacity*changeintem changeintemp=90C specificheatcapacitygold=0.129 J/gC but one Joule=0.239 calorie , so specificheat capacity gold= = 0.0308 cal/gC mass=36g do the math.
  38. Substitution

    x^2 - y +2 = 0 4x = 14 -y y=14-4x x^2-(14-4x) +2=0 x^2+4x-12=0 (x+6)(x-2)=0 x=6; x=2, y=-10;6
  39. Physics

    horizontal path? acceleration=v^2/r=20^2/.05 force= mass*acceleration
  40. Physics

    force, area, and strain (changelength/length)
  41. Physics

    force=kx energy=1/2 k x^2=1/2 * k (force/k)^2==1/2 * 75^2/1500 joules one answer is good to two sig digits.
  42. Chemistry

    The concentration is .010g/ml=10g/l=10/267.24 M=.0374M so you want to dilute it .0374M/10e-6M... = 3750 times that means one part original, and 3749 parts water. so in 10 ml, one part=.01/3740=2.67e-6 liters or 2.67e-3 ml of stock, add solvent (water?) to 10 ml
  43. Algebra

    What is -90/3 ft/min ? average anything= total change/total time
  44. Maths ch1 real n

    You're kidding right? We have no idea what your book is, nor what you are confused on. If you want help, post a question with your thinking.
  45. Chemistry

    Here is step by step for nearly all these prolbems. Go thru the rest, and we can critique for you. a. Write the balancee equation: PCl5 <<>> PCl3 + Cl2 b. Write the equilibrium expression: k= [PCl5][Cl2]/[PCl5] because moles/volume=concentration, and volume is 2 ...
  46. Math

    6*4.92 ml extract=29.5 teaspoons total suspension=240+29.5=270 concentration=29.5/270= 0.109 or 11parts per hundred
  47. Math Note in the alternate forms of the equation, the (x-3)^2 factor which indicates a double root.
  48. Math Homework Help!

    C(x) = 5log(x+1)+10 D(x)=5log(x+1)+10 These are the same function!
  49. chemistry

    Grahams law: Molemass H2=2 10/37.4=sqrt(2/G) square both sides, solve for Molmass G G=(37.4/10)^2 /2
  50. English

    post your attempt, and in fact, indeed we will critique your work
  51. geometry

    << If someone got give the answers to the one's below, it would be greatly appreciated.>> We don't do that.
  52. Math Algebra

    2x^4 - 5x^2 - 12 = 0 x^4 - 5/2 *x^2 - 6 = 0 x^4 - 5/2 *x^2 = 6 take half of the center term, and square it. x^4 - 5/2 *x^2 +(5/4)^2= 6 +(5/4)^2= 7.5625 (x^2-5/4)^2=7.5625 (x^2-1.25)^2= 7.5625
  53. Physics
  54. math

    sketch it. you know in the triangle angle P, and angle Q just from the bearings. I get P=210-150 Q=60 (QR is due East) so you have two (three if you consider the entire triangle), one opposite side. Law of sines is useful at this point
  55. English

    I have forgotten all this grammar. Had you not forgotten, you would not be asking.
  56. Science

    six hours is four halflives. .1=(1/2)^4 * original=original/16 solve for original
  57. negative numbers 6th grade

    take the first part: (-16/5 / 8/15)=-16/5 * 15/8=-2/3 now divide again -(2/3)/(9*9/8)=-(2/3)/(-81/8)=2*8/3*81=16/243 If I understood your problem correctly.
  58. physics

    is the track vertical or horizontal?
  59. Physics

    The one that accurately describes a proper use of eyeglasses is : using diverging lenses to help a nearsighted person by moving the image from in front of the retina to the retina The lenses will diverge the light before it reach the eye and aim it to the retina, correcting ...
  60. Chemistry

    Didn't I just do this? Please don't post duplicates.
  61. Chemistry

    assuming a quart is one liter, so you have .83 moles of acid in the vinegar. CaCO3 + 2CH3COOH>>CO2 + H2O + C4H6O4Ca Calcium Acetate so it takes one mole of calcium carbonate to neutralize 2 moles of acid. You have .83 moles acid, so you need 0.415 moles, or .415*100 ...
  62. Chemistry

    Molarity=moles/liters .1mole=5.8grams NaCl in a liter so volume= 1liter*5/5.8
  63. Mimi

    post your thinking, or what is confusing to you on your chem/physics questions. I am not much of an answer giver. I do critique well.
  64. Chemistry

    and your thinking is?
  65. Physics

    and your thinking is?
  66. Chemistry

    and your thinking is?
  67. Chemistry

    C2H4+3O2>>2CO2 +2 H2O want 400ml? 100,300 will do it. Think out why.
  68. Chemistry So if the half-life is given by Thalf=1/(k(AB))=1/.0169=59.2 min=5.32 halflives ...
  69. Chemistry

    2KClO3 >> 2KCl +3O2 so one gets three moles of O2 for each two moles of the chlorate. moles of O2=48/32=1.5 so we multiply that by the mole ratio: 1.5*2/3 to get the moles of the chlorate; but it is not pure, so moles of impure chorate= 1/.75 * 1.5*2/3=4*3*2/3*3*4= 1....
  70. grammar

    IT (an singular object) needs. He needs. Mom needs. The window needs washing. They (Plural things) need. The cars need washing. .Those windows need washing
  71. fine art

    It seems to me the second one is asking for you to pull out a crystal ball and project where art is going based on current trends: Graphics? Art disbursed in public areas such as streets, parks, etc? Art disbursed by public computer networks?
  72. Pharmacy calculations

    yep, wasn't typo, I misread the volume to be made up.
  73. Pharmacy calculations

    you gave the amounts per 1000ml So multiply each by 1/4 .
  74. Chemistry

    thanks Scott.
  75. Chemistry

    one metric ton=1000kg=6.66e4 cans (divide 1000kg by .015kg)
  76. Physical Chemistry

    Make certain you understand wavenumber vs wavelength. It does not change the ratio obtained in the above (just inverse).
  77. Physical Chemistry

    740747 cm-1, 877924 cm-1, 925933 The shortest wavlength should express a transition from level 2 to level1 1/lambda=C(1/n2^2-1/n1^2) Where C is some constant. for n2=2, n1=1 then 1/lambda1=C(3/4) or C=4/(3*lambda1) lets look at the next transition: 1/lambda2=C(1/9-1/1) or C=9...
  78. Economics

    Mean*total=49.46*100+52.32*200=15410 and total is 300 mean=51.37
  79. science

    and the question?
  80. physics

    distance=sqrt(8^2+4^2) will have to measure the angle relative to PQ.
  81. Basic science

    g is not 10m/s^2 anywhere on Earth. Frankly, I like to call g not the acceleration due to gravity, but the Gravity Field Gravity Field= 9.8Newtons/kilogram or 9.8N/kg PE=massinKg*GravityField*height=.04kg*9.8N/kg*2.5m=... remember that a N-m is a joule, by definition.
  82. physics

    work=energy in spring=1/2 k x^2 k=displacementinMeters/forceinNewtons
  83. Algebra

    n integer (pronounced IN-tuh-jer) is a whole number (not a fractional number) that can be positive, negative, or zero. Examples of integers are: -5, 1, 5, 8, 97, and 3,043 So the "smallest", whatever you mean by that.... -1 is the greatest negative integer, 1 is the ...
  84. CHEM?

    Absorbance = 2 – log(%T=2-log(3.45e1)=2- 1.5378191= 0.4621809
  85. chemistry

    conc of OH=.5 moles/liter p(h)=14-p(OH)=14-log(.5)=13.7
  86. Chemistry

    moles Silver=54/107.9=.5 moles electrons in .5 moles=.5*avagnumber. current*time=totalcharge=.5*avagnumber*chargeperelectron time= .5*avanumber*1.6e-19/1.5 seconds
  87. chemistry

    what is 760-34 mmHg. Pressure(O2)+pressure (H2O)=760mmHg
  88. physic

    power=work/time=500/4 watts
  89. physics

    As I read your question, the wedge is moving such that it cancels the downward graviith force on the block. Downward force on block due to gravity=mg*sinTheta upward force along the plane due to wedge moving=ma*cosTheta set them equal ma*cosTheta=mg*sinTheta a=g*tanTheta ...
  90. Physics

    angular speed=2pi radians per 7 seconds.=2PI/7 rad/sec
  91. Physics

    Conservation of Momentum mv=(M+m)V' solve for V' KE after impact = 1/2 (m+M)V'^2 energy lost:1/2 mv^2-1/2 (M+m)V'^2
  92. math

    put this in your google search window (4/9)^2 (3/8)^2=
  93. phy 220

    see this previous response for a slightly different error.
  94. English

    read this excellent WIKI article...
  95. math
  96. Maths

    obe...I was thinking about the STar Wars movie, making no connection for me. Thanks.
  97. Maths

    and what is obe lap of the field mean?
  98. Chemistry

    determine the moles of each. then, add the atomic number of the elements; eg, CH4=6+1*4=10. That will be the number of electrons per molecule. Numberelectrons=moles*AvagNumber*electronsPerMolecule
  99. Geography

    It is a little more complicated than that.
  100. Chemistry

    Memorize the molar volume of any gas: 22.4 liters at STP 2 moles? 2*22.4 Liters
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