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  1. physics

    if spring 20cm is stretch to 25cm by a load of son, what will be its length when stretched by 100N assuming that the elastic limit is not reach
  2. chemistry

    balance this equationwiththerealanswer Zn(s)plusHclisequaltoZncl2plusH2
  3. Math

    Solve 2^t-2^t-1=40
  4. Math

    The sum of two numbers is =21.five times the first number is added to two times the second number is =66 what the number
  5. Algebra 1

    how do I solve 5x^2+5x-60=0 using the quadratic formula?
  6. Algebra 1

    How do I solve this quadratic equation using the quadratic formula "8a(squared)-a+2=0"
  7. chemistry

    magnesium react with hydrochloric acid,what is the volume of hydrogen produced at r.t.p when 0.12g of magnesium ribbon react?
  8. English

  9. mathematics

    the sum of two numbers is 31. 2/3 of one of the numbers added is equal to 5/8 of the other.find the two numbers
  10. fountain of knowledge international academy

    Calculates the mass concentration in g dm3 of the ions in the following solutions A, Cl- ions in 0•2mol dm3 of NaCl solution B,NO3 ions in 0•75 mol trioxonitrate (v) acid C,SO4^-2 ion in 2 mol dm3 potassium tetra ox soul phage ( VI) solutions
  11. fountain of knowledge international academy

    A metal x with relative atomic mass of 56forms an oxide with formul X2O3 .How many grams of the metals will combine with 10g of oxygen Ethane burns completely in oxygen according to the equations below C2H6+7¡2O2~2CO +3H2O what is the amount in moles of carbon (iv)oxide ...
  12. math

    I am greater than 15.I am less than 19.I am an even.when you double will not get me,who am I?
  13. Maths

    If 4logx+6logx-7logx=log27.find x.
  14. Physics

    If a spring has a stiffness of 950nm-1, what work will be done in extending the spring by 60mm?
  15. further maths

    a stone is projected from a catapult with a speed of 50m/s and it attains a height 100m calculate d angle of projection
  16. Math

    If two balls are selected randomly without replacement four a bag containing 4 red and 8 green balls. List the element of the sample space corresponding probabilities.
  17. mathematics

    from a point on the edge of the sea one ship is 24km away on a bearing of S50E and another ship is 7km away on a bearing of far apart are the ships
  18. life orientation

    answers guys pls
  19. Business math

  20. chemistry

    A given mass of gas has a volume of 7.5dm at 250k and 80kmm3,calculate the pressure at which it will have a volume of 7.2dm3 at 270k?
  21. accounting

    Do these in a journal entries form and illustrate it:1. August 7. Bought supplies in account from Long Music Supplies, $ 2720.00. August 7. Received cash from sales $400.00. August 11. Paid cash on account to Caroline office supplies $250.00. August 11. Paid cash on account to...
  22. physis

    A lorry is travelling at 60 km/hr when the brakes are applied. Assuming that the deceleration is uniformly at 2m/hr, how far has the lorry travelled when its speed is 36km/hr after 6seconds.
  23. Physics

    A wire of length 2.00m and radius 1.0mm is stretched modulus for the wire
  24. Lccn

    Mn(oh)4=mno2+h2o mn(oh)4=mno2+2h2o mn(oh)4mg cl2+2naoh=3nacl+4mg(oh)2, mg cl2+2naoh=2nacl+mg(oh)2.
  25. Lccn

  26. Lccn shool

  27. Lccn shool

  28. geography

    help me please am lost
  29. business finance

    a coy invests 250000 which is expected 2 generate d following cash flow 80000,60000;45000;20000;10000: for 5yrs.wot is d payback period ?
  30. physics

    I don't have an idea am just helping a kid who is in ss1
  31. CAT, mathematics literacy , business studies ,history,economics ,english,siswati

    I don't know which career path to follow
  32. C Programming

    Write a C program that accepts sales made by 5 sales reps for the 4 months that they have been selling the company's products. The program should then find the total sales for 4 months, total sales for each sales rep, and total sales per month. The highest and lowest ...
  33. English

    i think its B
  34. English

    A is the answer
  35. English

    The answer is A
  36. English

    i think the answer is C
  37. Physics

    A mass accelerates uniformly when the resultant force acting on it is......?
  38. Physics

    A body of a mass 10.0kg sits at a distance f 1.5 metre from the pivot of a sea-saw. If another body of mass 20.0kg sits at a distance 1.0m from the pivot will the sea-saw balance horizontally
  39. chemistry

    A certain volume of a gas at 298kelvin is heated such that its volume and pressure are now four times their original value.What is the new tewperature?
  40. Physics

    a 50kg boy suspends himself from a rope tied horizontally between two vertical poles. The two segments of the rope are then inclined at angles 30 degrees and 60 degree respectively to the horizontal.the tensions fas in the segments of the rope
  41. geography

    bad thing
  42. Life orientation

    I NEED HELP In 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways HIV/AIDS problem impacts on the community.
  43. Life orientation

    Global warnming
  44. Physics

    A lead bullet travelling at 350km/s strikes a target and is brought to rest.What will be the rise in the temperature of the bullet if there is no heat loss to the surrounding (SHC of Pb is 0.13J/k/kg and melting point of pb=600.5k)
  45. information literacy

    1. which article title represents a citation under the news results? A)priceton paleontologist produces evidence for new theory on dinosaurs extinction B)chunk of death dealing with astroid found C)second crater points to killer comets D)extinctions tied to impact from space

    information literacy exam on research techniques 050007RR
  47. College algebra

    Let X be distance per hour, Ist trip=18miles =18/X 2nd trip=23miles =23/X,=1hr longer speed,S=2nd trip-1st trip X=23-18 X=5mph. checkings 23/5 -18/5 =4.6-3.6=1hr
  48. math

    D=chet(the slowest) C=Alamo B =Dolly A=Brushy
  49. business studies

    A business is an institution that exist to serve the need of people for goods and services in a society. discuss
  50. Life orientation

    Air pollution wil damage human's health
  51. Chemisty.....Help =))

  52. geometry

  53. geometry

  54. physics

    Don't know how to solve it!pleas help me out
  55. biology

    Per unit time.
  56. Punctuating Sentences check please

    What a delirious feeling? Keep me falling in love, with you It brings so much healing at such, To my heartache, and it's so sweet. This pleasure: come as a treasure. It's gives my mind, no length of measure And your soul, found favours in my eyes I cannot deny: ...