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26.0246 g of sodium carbonate is dissolved in water and the solution volume adjusted to 250.0 ml in a volumetric flask. A 25.00 ml sample of an unknown hydrochloric acid solution required 32.06 ml of the sodium carbonate solution for complete reaction. What was the molarity of...

if you spell Paris and each letter is on a different card that is replaced when you put it back in the hat what is P(r, then a vowel)?

6. Americans tend to look at others above the neck or below the knees. Looking at other parts of a person’s body is considered impolite, while looking at anyone for more than three to five seconds can be interpreted as staring. (Points : 1) True False

Math( < > )
Find clues to the mystery number , the number is less than 800 but greater than 780 , it has 8 more 10's than 1's _________.

input: q 14 15 24 41 43 46 58 output: a 50 49 40 23 21 18 6 What is the rule:

NH3 NH4NO3 (NH4)2HPO4 (NH4)2SO4 KNO3 (NH4)H2PO4

how did progressivism affect the role of theral government in the early 1900s

4th grade
explain how you can find the difference 120-70 using mental math. then name the difference

The answer is 5/8 the digits are 1,1,2, and 8.I can't figure out how to find the answer.

I am a fraction equivalent to 45/60. If you were to multiply my denominator by my numerator the product would be 192. What fraction am I?

It is B. $2,750

ok im tring to find the slope intercept form of a perpindicular line so i can graph it heres the equation: (-3,1) y=-3x+7

8th grade
you don't have enough information for this problem


social sudies
who are our middle east allies? and why if possible

In "A Pair of Silk Stockings," the silk stockings are a symbol of?

writing skills
which of the following groups of words is a sentence fragment. A.when we stopped by the garden. B.stop by the garden. C.we stopped;she didn't. D.stopping by the garden,we saw that the flowers were in bloom.

What effect does hypnosis have on memory, according to research? a. Hypnosis enables people to recall unpleasant memories they had forgotten. b. Hypnosis improves memories going back to about age 4, but not earlier. c. Hypnosis improves memories going back to at least age 2. d...

Psych- Sleep Deprivation
It never showed up! Please send again!

Thank you. These 2 questions have been stumping me. 1. I chose answer B. because fluid intelligence is what you learn and crystallized is what you have learned and was through experience... 2. I chose answer A. because IQ tests were formed to reflect school performance... ...

1. The difference between fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence has to do with a. performance of verbal tasks versus performance of spatial tasks b. amount learned versus amount learned and now forgotten c. speed of learning versus amount already learned on some ...

college algebra
You apply for a job selling diet marshmallows because an ad says that the average company employee earns $50,000 a year. Later you discover that the company has a president, a sales manager, and 30 salespeople; you also learn that each salesperson earns $14,000 a year. How can...

more israel questions
what are the most common chracteristics of native music of israel You should find lots of information in these sites. =)

what are 5 interesting instruments indigenous In Israel. Also what are the three most important muscians. These sites have interesting informatin about Israel's music. (Broken Link Removed)

Who are israel's 3 most important musicians. I can't find this answer anywhere, I've had to look at almost every website. Try these sites. your word "important" musicians is ambigous. http://en....

Puerto Rico (AGAIN)
I need to know some Laws to be aware of.. I found some sites, but i'm having difficulty breaking it down, so i need a site that is pretty easy to comprehend or perhaps maybe u can retype what the site says so that it is easier to comprehend I also need to know what are ...

Puerto Rico
What are some special attractions? what's your best bet? In the few hours I spent in Puerto Rico many years ago, I thoroughly enjoyed through the tropical rain forest. I also had my first taste of freshly picked pineapple - much better than the taste of pineapples shipped ...

Puerto Rico
What's their Special attractions? (Which cities are your best bet) It depends on what one is looking for. Best is a very relative term. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "Puerto Rico attractions" to get these possible ...