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if 2.7j of work is done in raising a 180g apple how far is it lifted

david has 2 times as many erasers as will. And lev has 2 times as many as David. Togather they will have 35 erasers How many erasers does lev has How many erasers does David have How many erasers does will have

science - physics
A potential charge of magnitude 2.0uC is moved between two points X and Y Point X is at a potential of 6.0V and Point Y is at a potential of 9.0 V Find the gain in potential energy of Point charge

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State keplers law of planetary motion

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math-a-matic this even possible? because i've tried every way i can think of, and i think this might be impossible to solve? the problem is: find five consecutive odd integers such that the sum of the first and the fith is one less than three times the fourth. What kind of ...

what could be a home example of a cell membrane

8th grade
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what would be the molar concentration of human DNA in a human cell?

two heterzygous parents are crossed.if the two locii are linked what would be the distribution of phenotypic features in F1 generation for a dihybrid cross?

Equation for Airport parking