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1st of all its easier if u turn the fractions to improper frac. 16/3- 63/18 then, u get the least common ddenominator which is 18 then,your equation should be 96/18- 63/18 then subtract since the 2nd fraction is negative.... and you get 33/18 or 1 and 5/6 hope this helped:)

this is very simple im an 8th grader in algebra 1 and this is just a piece of cake u need to write an equation, total:102 students 4th grade class:3x mrs prides class:x this is a division prob. so ur eq should be 3x=102 x=102/3 x= 34 good luck, hoped this helped u!!!!!:)

b.a.b i have corrected my hw,so i can assure u its all correct!

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