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  1. Guidance and discipline

    Kelly is constantly tattling On her classmates. This could be due to her age and the fact that she is very concerned about rules,or it could be due to a need for : A. Power B. Acceptance C. Revenge. D. Attention Is it B?
  2. Creative play

    It is important for teachers to make art activities accessible to young children with special needs ,an addition for a child with emotional or intellectual challenges include all of the following except: A. Have a child without this challenges help them on the project B. ...
  3. Creative play

    Very appropriated your help Ms.Sue!!!
  4. Creative play

    A first grade teacher present her lessons on addition Concept in several ways to accommodate to the children's ways of showing what they know and can do., she includes rap chant about addition, small group practice with math manipulatives and a cumulative story in which ...
  5. Guidance and discipline

    If children do not develop a competence in fundamental skills of movement they may: A. Never develop fine motor skills B. Lose muscle tone C. Develop poor body image D. Be clumsy in physical actions. Is it C ?
  6. creative play

    in the product-oriented approach to creative assessment,products are evaluate a. how hard the child worked b. how closely the product resembles a model c. practical workabilityd. the creativity of student's work B?
  7. math

    thank you
  8. math

    The Green County school system has 2,997 high school students, 3,831 middle school students, and 5,084 elementary school students. How many total students are in the Green County school system? is it 11912 ?
  9. math

  10. math

    8251 is 127% of what number? Round to the nearest tenth if necessary is it 6496.9 or 65?
  11. math

    It is 76 miles from Waterton to Middleton. It is 87 miles from Middleton to Oak Hill. Driving directly, it is 134 miles from Waterton to Oak Hill. It is 39 miles from Oak Hill to Jackson. If Juan drives from Waterton to Middleton, then from Middleton to Oak Hill, and finally ...
  12. math

    thank you
  13. math

    A bag contains 8 red marbles, 5 blue marbles, 8 yellow marbles, and 6 green marbles. What is the probability of choosing a red marble if a single choice is made from the bag? is it 8/27 ?
  14. children's literature

    two types of biographies are: a. format and genre b. poetry and prose. c. fiction and nonfiction. d. authentic and fictionalized D?
  15. politics

    though there up to - judges on an appeals court, only - usually hear each case a. 12:5 b. 12:3 c. 15:5 D. 28:3 B?
  16. creative play

    Children from culturally diverse groups need materials that: A. are highly structured. B. reflect the dominant culture’s background. C. are multi-sensory. D. have only one way of using them. B?
  17. creative play

    Concepts of math, science, and social studies can be developed through the use of: A. community involvement. B. blocks. C. thematic intelligence. D. small motor equipment. B?
  18. creative play

    To effectively modify materials for diverse learners, teachers should: A. order only special materials. B. understand the child’s cognitive, physical, and social level of functioning. C. limit what can be used. D. always pair a child with a disability with a non-disabled ...
  19. creative play

    Manipulative materials develop children’s small muscles in their fingers and hands, basic concepts, imaginative thinking, and: A. sorting and classifying many materials. B. manipulation and cultural diversity. C. large muscle activity. D. eye-hand coordination. D?
  20. creative play

    Invented games help children: A. develop organizational skills and practice academic skills. B. compete with each other and develop organizational skills. C. practice academic skills and compete with each other D. compete with each other and gain leadership skills. A?
  21. creative play

    thank you very much Ms.Sue
  22. creative play

    When deciding where to store materials in your classroom an important principal to remember is that materials: A. should be stored in one area of the room. B. must be accessible and easy to use. C. should all have a designated use. D. must be kept in containers with lids. B?
  23. creative play

    Stocking a math or science center with different sized manipulatives would be an appropriate modification for children with __________ issues. A. fine motor B. gross motor C. speech D. behavioral A?
  24. creative play

    Teachers who adjust the physical environment for children with disabilities need to: A. be knowledgeable about the disability. B. emphasize a child's disability. C. adapt only indoor equipment and materials. D. purchase expensive pre-made materials and equipment. A?
  25. creative play

    Professional organizations for teachers have a set of standards for establishing high-quality classroom environments. These standards indicate that the classroom environment should support: A. children's honest expression and thinking, displays of children’s work, ...
  26. creative play

    Assigning a buddy for fire drills and special events like an assembly would be an appropriate modification for a child with a: A. physical disability. B. visual impairment. C. hearing impairment. D. cognitive disability. B?
  27. creative play

  28. creative play

    Teachers are powerful in their abilities to: A. change the way parents relate to children. B. function as a role model of habits of mind and work. C. establish and control the friendships of the classroom. D. change the way children relate to parents. D?
  29. creative play

    Parents and families need to be involved in assessing children’s growth. Teachers should foster this involvement by all of the following EXCEPT: A. giving parents/families opportunities to provide written feedback on their children’s work. B. conferencing with ...
  30. creative play

    A creative teacher should encourage and accept non-conformist behavior as long as it is: A. constructive. B. joyful. C. age-appropriate. D. inoffensive. D?
  31. creative play

    affects creativity. A. Intelligence B. Motivation C. Learning style D. Emotion C?
  32. creative play

    more like D
  33. creative play

    Conditions that support creative thought are environmental, mental, __________, and developmental. A. experiential B. social C. intellectual D. emotional B?
  34. creative play

    Which of the following is a true statement about brain research? A. Early social and emotional experiences are the seeds of human intelligence. B. Different regions of the brain are actively developing and maturing according to certain timetables. C. Children who don’t ...
  35. creative play

    Which of the following encourages critical thinking? A. Let’s look at these two pictures. B. What did you think of the story? C. What do you predict will happen when…? D. How do you know that is true? C?
  36. creative play

    actually A?
  37. creative play

    According to brain research, all of the following emotions are commonly seen in the classroom EXCEPT: A. joy/pleasure. B. fear/threat. C. humor/silliness. D. sadness/disappointment. C?
  38. creative play

    Conditions that support creativity include all of the following EXCEPT: A. a stimulating environment. B. overwhelming tasks. C. respect for children’s contributions. D. supporting individual differences. B?
  39. creative play

    Anecdotal records highlight student attitudes, preferences, judgments, and: A. expression. B. participation. C. development. D. skill. C?
  40. creative play

    Which of the following is a true statement about brain research? A Most people are “left-brained.” A. Most people are “right-brained.” B. Most peoples’ brains function only half at a time. C. Most peoples’ brain function as a whole. c?
  41. creative play

    While helping fourth-grade students with reading comprehension difficulties, a teacher tries to think of an approach that would support them in this important learning. What is one effective instructional strategy to use? A. Let the students complete workbook pages in small ...
  42. creative play

    When dealing with conflict, children must __________ that lead to a positive outcome. A. rely on teacher interventions B. negotiate ideas and actions C. use helpful rules and guidelines D. learn to use aggressive tactics C?
  43. creative play

    A preschool class is asked to come up with ways to reorganize their toys because a few of the bins are overflowing. The class sits together and offers suggestions and ideas and then puts their plan into action. All the children help to organize the toys and have a sense of ...
  44. creative play

    A child’s ability to mentally process the tonal aspects of rhythm and melody is part of: A. intrapersonal skills. B. musical intelligence. C. concentration. D. musical games. B?
  45. creative play

  46. creative play

    If a teacher has difficulty playing a musical instrument, he or she should: A. avoid teaching music. B. only teach music when a specialist is present. C. learn on the job by practicing in class. D. use one of many alternative ways to provide musical accompaniment. b?
  47. creative play

    Tableau includes all the following EXCEPT: A. representation of a significant event. B. cooperation. C. imagination. D. words and movements. A?
  48. creative play

    Puppets can be used as a medium for: A. storytelling, long-term memory development, self-expression, and risk taking. B. self-expression, storytelling, releasing emotions, and risk-taking. C. releasing emotions, long-term memory development, risk-taking, and storytelling. D. ...
  49. creative play

    Use the following guidelines to foster inquiry- and problem-based learning. A. Plan activities with a common goal, set firm guidelines, and provide children with specific roles and responsibilities. B. Set firm guidelines, probe children’s thinking, and provide children ...
  50. creative expression and play

    thank you, its A
  51. creative expression and play

    or maybe D?
  52. creative expression and play

    Children with special needs require an art environment that: A. is adapted to their needs. B. gives them practice in their weak points. C. is separate from their classmates. D. emphasizes structured craft projects. A?
  53. creative play

    Which theorist believed children individually create their own knowledge about the world through different types of play? A. Piaget B. Erikson C. Freud D. Vygotsky I think its piaget... A?
  54. creative expression and play

    actually its c, just found it in the book
  55. creative expression and play

    Active play experiences increase children’s awareness of what materials can do and what children can do with materials, while at the same time increasing their skills of: A. sequencing and ordering. B. creating and designing. C. observation and description. D. creation ...
  56. creative expression and play

    just finished my exam, its D !
  57. creative expression and play

    then maybe D?
  58. creative expression and play

    according to book , its not A or B.....
  59. creative expression and play

    Which of the following creative thinking traits is NOT often treated as misbehavior or disrespect when exhibited by students from low socio-economic backgrounds? A. Low tolerance for boredom B. Excitement and involvement with new designs, music, or ideas C. Aggressive and loud...
  60. creative expression and play

    i think more A?
  61. creative expression and play

    After reading a story about a frog and a toad, a first grade class began to discuss similarities and differences of toads and frogs. To help the students make a comparison the teacher could use a: A. Venn diagram. B. sequence chart. C. concept map. D. cause-and-effect diagram. C?
  62. creative expression and play

    The ability to form rich and varied mental images or concepts of people, places, things, and situations is an example of: A. pretending. B. fantasy. C. imagination. D. day dreaming. C?
  63. creative expression and play

    A preschool teacher wants to support children’s creativity and play in her classroom. How can she provide these opportunities for them? A. Designate time in the daily schedule for free play, centers, and other activities that will allow children to follow their interests...
  64. creaive expression andplay

    Using worksheets in an elementary classroom: A. challenges children intellectually. B. simply keeps children busy. C. encourages creativity in children. D. promotes social learning. A?
  65. math

    Simplify the expression 4(x – 3) + 2. A. x – 10 B. 4x – 1 C. 4x – 14 D. 4x – 10 D?
  66. math

    Simplify the expression 3(7 – x) + 5. A. 26 – x B. 16 + 3x C. 26 – 3x D. 16 – 3x C?
  67. math

    thank you for being so patience !
  68. math

    3 odd numbers , and total 6, 1/2
  69. math

    1/3 thank you! math is not my thing :)
  70. math

    If a single die is tossed once, find the probability that you roll an odd number. 3?
  71. math

    oh my, just got it! its a single die, there is no 9 ! so 0
  72. math

    if you do it once i think you only have 1 chance actually , right?
  73. math

    If a single die is tossed once, find the probability that you roll 9. A. 9 B. 0 C. 1 D. 9/6 a?
  74. math

    1/2 half
  75. math

    If a single die is tossed once, find the probability that you roll 6 or 5 or 1. is it 1/6 ? or 1/2 ?
  76. math

    thank you!!!!! this site is such a big help!
  77. math

  78. math

    thats what i thought then so then C ?
  79. math

    Perform the indicated operation and simplify the result if possible. 2 ft. 11 in. + 7 ft. 3 in. A. 9, 2 B. 10, 4 C. 9, 3 D. 10, 2 ? not sure
  80. math

    The ratio of a quarterback’s completed passes to attempted passes is 7 to 9. If he attempted 45 passes, find how many passes he completed. Round to the nearest whole number if necessary. A. 9 passes B. 58 passes C. 5 passes D. 35 passes D?
  81. politics

    The power elite theory is: A. a theory of the political left. B. a theory of the political right. C. held by both the left and right. D. held only by political scientists in colleges. C?
  82. politics

    Which of the following is provided through the mechanics of pluralism, according to Robert Dahl? A. Elites can manipulate mass opinion. B. Aspiring leaders can distribute resources to gain influence. C. Aspiring leaders are limited in the ability to control the political ...
  83. politics

    The political and policy dynamics documented in Robert Dahl’s "Who Governs?" might be found in which of the following situations? A. A small town with a history of certain families holding political office B. A county run by one political party with an extensive...
  84. politics

    The political and policy dynamics documented in Robert Dahl’s "Who Governs?" might be found in which of the following situations? A. A small town with a history of certain families holding political office B. A county run by one political party with an extensive...
  85. politics

    Consensus is best described as: A. the result of political compromises. B. common sense. C. a broad public agreement on basic political questions. D. the people of a country voting frequently. C?
  86. politics

    The shifting and close votes in Congress in 2009 on health care reform that responded to positions staked out by industry, labor, and professional interest groups are a good example of: A. control of the debate by power elites. B. the dynamics of pluralism in action. C. the ...
  87. politics

    C! ?
  88. politics

    In the pluralist model, “bargaining results in a series of compromises that become: A. another series of compromises." B. the basis of a new political consensus." C. public policy or other political decisions." D. the basis for incumbent reelection." B?
  89. politics

    The bottom level of the typical state party organization is called the: A. congressional district committee. B. ward or precinct. C. county committee. D. street committee. B?
  90. politics

    The Whig party joined others to form the __________ Party. A. Republican B. Democratic-Republican C. Federalist D. Socialist A?
  91. politics

    Based on the outcome of the 2008 elections, one might expect which of the following to have been true? A. Vigorous opposition by the Republican majority in the Senate will defeat many of President Obama’s initiatives. B. House Democrats will follow a moderate policy ...
  92. politics

    Class identification in the United States is: A. constant. B. weak. C. strong. D. important. D?
  93. politics

    The “emerging Democratic majority” as defined by Teixeira and Judis includes: A. minorities. B. young people. C. those with college degrees. D. A, B, and C are correct. D?
  94. politics

    National party committees: A. govern the national parties. B. never work with state and local party committees. C. maintain large professional staffs. D. Both A and C are correct. D?
  95. politics

    Good campaign advice for candidates running for office now would include: A. focusing only on raising hard-money donations from wealthy contributors. B. depending on public funding for campaign support. C. appealing to independent and younger voters. D. ignoring the technical ...
  96. politics

    The 1952 and 1956 Eisenhower elections are examples of __________ elections. b dealigning A. maintaining B. deviating C. realigning B?
  97. politics

    Which of the following tactics helped Barack Obama gain public recognition at the beginning of the nomination process in 2008? A. Developing grassroots support in caucus states ignored by other candidates B. Focusing only on delegate-rich large states C. Campaigning heavily ...
  98. politics

    Which system would work best to provide a new political party a voice in legislative deliberations? A. Ballot initiatives B. Single-member districts C. Proportional representation D. Direct democracy a?
  99. politics

    Leadership PACs: A. solidify support to their creators. B. promote the creators’ political ambitions. C. are generally ineffective at fund-raising. D. Both A and B are correct. D?
  100. politics

    The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (Motor Voter Act): A. allows voters to register when they get their drivers’ licenses. B. had little impact upon voter turnout. C. was struck down as unconstitutional. D. Both A and B are correct. D?
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