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  1. science

    How much energy is required to lift a 40.00 kg bag of sand 1.02 m
  2. world history

    why will they be banned? petty lol.
  3. Math

    Evaluate the expression for the given value of the variable. Show your work. [-4b-8]+[-1-b^2]+2b^3;b=-2 Solve the equation. Check for extraneous solutions. 9[9-8x]=2x+3. Show your work. I really need help with both of these problems.
  4. math

    Two ships leave a port at 9 a.m. One travels at a bearing of N 53° W at 12 miles per hour, and the other travels at a bearing of S 67° W at 19 miles per hour. Approximate how far apart they are at noon that day. (Round your answer to one decimal place.)
  5. Pre calc

    Someone please help me prove these A) cos^4x-sin^4x=cos2x B)tanx=sin^2x/1+cos^2x Please and Thank you
  6. Pre calc

    Ok I know that the equation for cos(2x)=1-2sin^2(x) How would you plug that in? It will not work
  7. Math

    A bicycle tire has a stone stuck in it. The radius of the tire is 46cm. Every time the wheel turns, the stone hits the ground. a.) How far will the bicycle travel between the stone hitting the ground the first and second time? b.) How many times will the stone hit the ground ...
  8. Math

    A table cloth covers a circular area of 120cm2. What is the radius of the table cloth?
  9. Trigonometry

    A pilot flies her plane on a bearing of 35 degrees minutes from point X to point Y, which is 400mi from X. Then she turns and flies on a bearing of 145 degrees to point Z, which is 400 mi from her starting point X. What is the bearing of Z from X, and what is the distance YZ? ...
  10. Math

    Find a polynomial function of degree 7 with -2 as a zero of multiplicity​ 3, 0 as a zero of multiplicity 3​, and 2 as a zero of multiplicity 1. f(x)= Gracias
  11. Math

    Find a polynomial function of degree 4 with-2 as a zero of multiplicity 3 and 0 as a zero of multiplicity 1. f(x)= Gracias
  12. social studies

    Can someone help me with number 9 please
  13. Physics

    A model rocket is launched at 62 degrees above the horizontal with an initial speed of 28m/s. the rocket travels for 4.5s along its initial line of motion with a constant acceleration of 13 m/s^2. At this time, the engine of the rocket stops and the rocket proceeds to move as ...
  14. Chemistry

  15. GPH 111

    On a map with a scale of 1:12,000, a measured distance of 1 inch represents what distance in feet? With work
  16. geography

    indicate the equation of the line that is the perpendicular bisector of the segment with endpoints (4, 1) and (2, -5) it shows a series of boxes and says to fill them in... _+_ _=_ _ _ _ _ each underscore represents a box. characters to use include; = < > ~ *(...
  17. Math

    1. –(10)^–1 (1 point) –1/10*** -1/-1^10 1/10 10 2. 1/c^-5 (1 point) c^5 5c –c^5*** –5/c 3. What is the value of y^-5/x^-3 for x = 2 and y = –4? (1 point) 10/3 128 -1/128 –128*** 4. Is the number written in scientific notation? If not, explain...
  18. Chemistry

    What is and isotope pair?
  19. Math

    Write the equation of lowest degree with real coefficients if two of its roots are -1 and 1+i. The answer is x^3-x^2+2=0. I don't understand why.
  20. Calculus

    find the area between x=tan^2y and x=-tan^2y in -pi/4<y<pi/4. I'm not sure how I can change the equations back to y=f(X) to graph. But it shouldn't really matter right? Do I do horizontal or vertical slicing? I feel like I should do horizontal since that's ...
  21. Calculus Urgent

    graph y=cos(pi*x/2) and y=1-x^2 and use integration to find the area in between the curve. Okay, so when I graph these two I see that they like overlap during the [-1,1] x interval. But maybe there is still a small gap in between? But I'm not sure if the [-1,1] x interval ...
  22. Physics

    Car 1 is parked when it is hit by Car 2. The momentum of Car 2 before the collision was 50 kg m/s. The momentum of Car 1 after the collision is 10 kg m/s. What is the momentum of Car 2 AFTER the collision?
  23. college math

  24. college math

    estimate the total cost of 97 shirts at $19.95 each
  25. college math

    A car rents for $260 per week plus $0.10 per mile. Find the rental cost for a three week trip of 800 miles
  26. college math

  27. college math

    in a conjecture the answer i got was 12n how would it look if it was to be part A-multiplied by 12 part B-add 12 to the product Part C- divide the sum by 2 PArt D-subtract 6 from the quotient
  28. college math

    i have 12n how would 12n look if it was multiplied by 12
  29. English & Composition HELPPP

    Thankyou for your help Reed
  30. English & Composition HELPPP

    I need help finding 6 sources 2 sources: neutral sources pertaining to the background information of the confederate flag and about the controversy 2 sources: about how the confederate flag is a symbol of History 2 sources: about how the confederate flag is a symbol of Hatred ...
  31. Science

    How to calcualte the enthalpy change for the process in which 6.00g of steam at 100C is coverted to liquid water at a temperature of 35.0?

    calcualte the enthalpy change for the process in which 6.00g of steam at 100C is coverted to liquid water at a temperature of 35.0
  33. Math SOMEONE PLS HELP!!!!

    I have the same question as you on my math Home work I need help too!
  34. Math

    The current, I, in amperes, for an electric circuit is given by the formula I=4.3sin120(pi)t, where t is time, in seconds. a)At what time is the current at its max volume? How does your understanding of co terminal angles help in your solution? b)What time is the current at ...
  35. Math

    Graph of f(x)=log_2(x) has been transformed to g(x)=alog_2(x)+k. The transformed image passes through the points (1/4,-9) and (16,-6). Determine a and k. No idea. Thanks!
  36. Math

    I don't get that one too^
  37. Math

    The graph of y= log(6(X-3)) is horizontally expanded by a factor of 3, and translated 9 units left.
  38. Math

    1. The graph of y=2logbase5X-7 is reflected in the x-axis and translated 6 units up. I got y=-2logbase5X-1 as a result. The answer key says y=-2logbase5+13. How????
  39. Precalc

    •You have a wire that is 71 cm long. You wish to cut it into two pieces. One piece will be bent into the shape of a right triangle with legs of equal length. The other piece will be bent into the shape of a circle. Let A represent the total area enclosed by the triangle ...
  40. Chemistry

    what is the difference between moles(mol) and molarity(M)?
  41. Chemistry

    4 Questions on molarity that I really don't understand. I have the formulas, but they don't seem to fit in to the question right. Please take a look, thanks! 1. Calculate the weight, in grams, of HNO3 present in 1.0 litre of 0.10M of solution. 2. What is the ...
  42. ASAP need help

    Are these the correct answers
  43. English

    What kind of figurative language is “Play dead often and long enough and people begin to think you are.” ?
  44. math

    I'm doing rational expressions and am so confused. 4x^2-18x+81/8x^3+729
  45. math

    you have 50 candy bars and have to divide it with 5 friends how much do they each get?
  46. math

  47. Writing skills

    More recently, however, doctors have taken a greater interest in the field. Along with the general public, too. The most effective combo of sentence 3 and 4 would include which of the following groups of words? 1. doctors, as well as the general public, 2. doctors with the ...
  48. Math

  49. Math

    I an taking the SAT this week and I am so screwed. I keep getting these types(and ratio and probability- tips?) of questions wrong on practices. I basically set up a chart for d(distance/amount of sth), v(speed/rate), and t(time) and try to fill it out. I usually fill it out(...
  50. chemistry

    Thermochemistry: 1. Calculate the amount of heat required to decompose 3.5 moles of sodium bicarbonate. 2NaHCO3 + 129 kJ  Na2CO3 + H2O + CO2 In this question, the heat of the reaction is part of the question instead of being written beside it- (What's the ...
  51. English

    I mean, what research topic would work if I were to use Brave New World for my research paper assignment?
  52. English

    Ok! Thank you Reed and Mrs Sue! Brave new world seems like a sci-fi book, how does it relate to American history? And if the topic is history, what would the research topic be?
  53. English

    I need to write a research paper on a topic that is relevant to, or is present in a book after I have read it. I wish to know any suggestions on good books to read on which an obvious research topic can be extracted from(preferably history related but not limited to. I just ...
  54. Math

    5. The sum of 4 consecutive odd integers is 48. What is th largest of the four integers? How do you set up this kind of consecutive equation when using x, x+2, x+4 etc.?
  55. Math

    1. Daniel wants to save at least 20 dollars by putting pennies in a jar daily. On first day, he puts one penny into the jar. The second day he puts 2 pennies into the same jar. On the nth day he pus n pennies into the same jar. Which day is the first day on which he has at ...
  56. Math

    Wait is the answer 275? First i use the term equation to find 10 terms then I use the sum equation to find the sum right?
  57. Math

    the sum of the integers from 1 to 10, inclusive, is 55. What is the sum of the multiples of 5 from 5 to 50 inclusive? Which equation would I use?
  58. Socials

    Ok, also where can my character(elizabeth woolley) be working at? HWat is appropriate for a girl her age during that time?
  59. math

    It might seem as a division sign but it was meant as a fraction is the answer 5/6 @PsyDAG
  60. math

    Hi, Im having trouble with this math equation.. if you can, can you please help me and explain. the equation is : 3/7d=5/4 You have to find the solution. Thank you
  61. Science

    im not exactly sure but i agree with B
  62. social studies. NEED HELP ASAP

    1.c 2.a 3.d
  63. Socials

    I am doing a slavery project and I chose "Early and Forced Marriage" as my form of slavery. There is one section of the project that I do not get how to properly search for information and it is "can you find what kind of protection they(the country chosen) have...
  64. Math

    1. At a basketball game, the ratio of the number of freshmen who attended to the number of juniors who attended was 3 to 4. The ratio of the number of juniors who attended to the number of seniors who attended was 7 to 6. What was the ratio of the number of freshmen to the ...
  65. Math

    If x+2y=4 and xy=-8, what is the value of x^2+4y^2. I have been thinking about this and can't make heads or tails of it.
  66. Chemistry

    it says "m" but I am not sure that is right.
  67. Chemistry

    Determine the number of grams of Potassium Iodate present in 10.0 g of a 0.267 m Potassium Iodate solution.
  68. Chemistry

    Determine the mass (in grams) of a 1% solution of Manganese(II) Sulfate that will contain 0.0403 grams.
  69. Math

    1. "A bacteria population doubles in number every 3 hours. If there are 40 individuals now, how many in 24 hours?" SO I used the geometric series sum formula, with n=8(24/3=8), t1=40, and r=2, but I got 10200 as the answer, instead of what the answer key solves as ...
  70. English

    yes, I do know now. Though, I have an interpretation now that I have thought about it for longer!
  71. English

    I need to write an interpretation and meaning on the song "embers" by max richter(search it on youtube). Since I also need to choreograph a dance to this song for my dance class, I have decided to rename the song(which is my dance routine's name) as "Swallow...
  72. English

    I need to write an interpretation and meaning on the song "embers" by max richter(search it on youtube! :)). Since I also need to choreograph a dance to this song for my dance class, I have decided to rename the song(which is my dance routine's name) as "...
  73. Algebra

    This is the common equation (a-b)(a+b)= a^2 -b^2. You would use the distributive property
  74. math

    3-7=-4 so, -4 degrees fahrenheit
  75. English

    Thank you Writeacher. Reed, you really helped! Thank you too!
  76. English

    I read the short story "I Go Along" by Richard Peck. I must answer: "The title of this story can be interpreted in a number of ways. In multi-paragraph essay form and with reference to the story, explain how the title relates to the story." I have evidence ...
  77. English Poetry(response to writeacher)

    I think the last stanza is saying how its kinda of sad not knowing what the life of an elderly was like and their perspective on death whether with "hope, or resignation, or despair?" It kinda gives off a lonely, pensive, and depressing atmosphere because they look ...
  78. English Poetry(response to writeacher)

    The theme is the theme is thoughts of elderly? And that there is only one life to live so live it well? This poem seems confusing.. it is either really easy and literal or metaphoric.. I need to write a paper on the atmosphere of this poem and I think the atmosphere is lonely(...
  79. English

    the theme is thoughts of elderly? This poem seems confusing.. it is either really easy and literal or metaphoric..
  80. English

    What is the theme of the poem Home for the Aged? Home For the Aged by Elizabeth Brewster: The old men sit, five of them on a bench, Half sleeping, half awake, dazed by the sun, In the muted afternoon, between one broadcast ball game and the next Their thoughts are leaves that ...
  81. English

    Please help Ms. Sue!
  82. English

    Ok I have ideas on what to discuss for word choice and imagery, but not sentence structure(all I have is the use of questions) so do you have any ideas on that? Or maybe another element of the poem I can use instead?
  83. English

    Thank you, but how do I write a 5 paragraph essay on the atmosphere? I am supposed to analyze and explain how it is portrayed. Does it work if I touch on word choice, imagery, and.. sentence structure( I do not have enough evidence)?
  84. English

    I must complete an essay analyzing the atmosphere and how it's portrayed in Home for the Aged by Elizabeth Brewster.My question is how does the use of descriptive detail establish the atmosphere? I do not know what the atmosphere is in this poem and I am confused on the ...
  85. social studies

    Are the answers you have 1-7 are they correct anonymous

    We did a radioactive decay and half life lab with m&ms and I do not understand these conclusion questions: 1. how many half lives would it take for 500 nuclei to decay to 6.25% of the original number of nuclei? My ans: 3125?- do not think that's right! 2. Is there any way ...
  87. Physics

    An airplane flies at a constant speed in a straight line. A bale of hay is dropped from the bottom of the plane to some cattle in a snowstorm. When the bale hits the ground, where is the plane? (Ignore air resistance) Explain your answer!
  88. English

    For class I read the poem by Wilfred Owen "Dulce et Decorum Est". I have most of my essay down but one paragraph where I focus mainly on the use of the word "beggars". I so far, only have one point/sentence: "The specific word ¡°beggars¡...
  89. Math

    I do not understand how 245+/-sqrt[(-245)^2-4(48)(-150)] equals 245+/-5sqrt(3553) which equals 543?
  90. Math

    I replied to your answer with another question.
  91. Math

    Several cows from a Caribou Herd took 4 days longer to travel 70km to Forde Lake, than it took them to travel 60km north beyond forde lake.They averaged 5km/h less before Forde lake because the foraging was better. What was their average speed for the part beyond forde lake?
  92. Math

    Aha sorry, I got it now! But why did we use the positive and not the negative?
  93. Math

    did u go 245-5 or 245+5? How did 3553 come out?
  94. Math

    ok awesome, but I don't understand how u got 543 from 245+5sqrt(3553)- cant seem to get a whole number
  95. Math

    wait hold on, is it like the equation x=[-b+/- sqrt(b^2-4ac)]/2a ? Thanks so much for the help Damon!
  96. Math

    I don't understand what s = (1/96)(245 +/- 5 sqrt(3553) ) means. like is the +/- the plu/minus sign? How does 245+/-5 square root of 3553 equal 543?
  97. Math

    Several cows from a Caribou Herd took 4 days longer to travel 70km to Forde Lake, than it took them to travel 60km north beyond forde lake.They averaged 5km/h less before Forde lake because the foraging was better. What was their average speed for the part beyond forde lake? ...
  98. math

    I do not know how to solve this, but I think it has something to do with factorials (x!)
  99. Science

    1. The process of nitrogen fixation uses oxygen to produce carbon dioxide- false? 2. While a pyramid of numbers or biomass can be inverted, a pyramid of energy cannot- false? are my answers correct?
  100. Chem

    What is the maximum mass of H2O that can be produced by combining 85.0 g of each reactant?
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