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math 2
The time needed to paint a wall varies directly with the area and inversely with the number of painters.If it takes 5 people 2 hours to paint 100 square meters,how much area could 6 people paint in one hour.

which vowel is most often used to connect two Latin bases in a word? a. a b. e c. i d. o p.s. what do you think?...i choose a..?

back formation
An example of back-formation is: a}persuasive b}conciliator c}sensitize d}escalate the answer i choose is d.

the latin base in the word versatile means: a}to feel b}to prick c}to turn d}to have plz

Which of the following is an acronym? a}MADD b}FCC c}NBA d}EKG what u think?

help plzz

help plzz
can some 1 help wit my synonym question plz

which word is a synonym of verbiage? a}terse b}wordiness c}curt d}concise p.s.which do u think?