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English+ check!
Add a colon, if necessary, to the following sentences 1. You might see the following birds in the park: owls, kingfishers, and killdeer 2. Among the causes of crop failure are excessive rainfall, drought, and pests. 3. According to the police so far there are “no suspects...

English+ check!
Exercise: Add an appropriate /transition word/ or phrase to connect the following pairs of sentences. 1. Our first destination is Ottawa /there/; we plan to visit Montreal and Quebec City. 2. Standing on the rocky ledge, we had an aerial view of the landscape. /As well/ we ...

English!_+ check please!
Rank the following sentences from most formal to least formal by writing the appropriate number in the blank beside each sentence: 1 = most formal; 3 = least formal. /3 ___2__I was pumped. I mean, we had scored the best seats for the show. Awesome ___1__In conclusion, I ask ...

Diversity in populations of organisms is chiefly the result of??? Diversity in populations is chiefly the result of differing genetics. Differing genotypes have differing rates of reproduction and survival due to environmetal selective factors that favor or discriminate ...

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