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Use the given information to write a systems of equations, and then solve the system algebraically to answer the question: A car begins at rest and accelerates. Its distance in meters, t, by the formula C(t) =4t^2. A second car, 150 meters ahead, is traveling at a constant ...

@ CUr 62.5

Math Question
Wait would you plug in the 11 and 19 in for the missing b? Because when I did, I got a different number?

Math Question
Actually, it does! Thanks so much!

Math Question
@Steve, I got 11 small mowers and 19 large mowers? Is this right?

Math Question
Hello! I have a question about a word problem: A garden supply store sells two types of lawn mowers. The cashiers kept a tally chart for the total number of mowers sold. They tallied 30 mowers sold. Total sales of mowers for the year were $8379.70. The small mowers cost $249....

4th grade math
My answer was 20 and 1/4

4th grade math
How do you solve 41/2-1/4=?

What is the egg-laying part of some female insects?

What is a larva?

4th grade science
What is a silk case covering the moth larva?

What is the tiny hairs of hearing and sensing of an insect body?

interior decoration
The word red describes the --------- of color A. Hue B. value C. Intensity D. Shade

What magnitude of acceleration will result when 60N and 80N forces in opposite direction if applied to a 5kg body?

principles of colors

not b its a or d

What we learn about the characters come through ___________, just like in a play. Please tell me what goes into the blank.

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