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I can't find any of my questions from yesterday- were they deleted? I'll go search now, but does anyone know what...?

No offense!
I was not demanding anything of anyone. Sorry if that's how you took it. I am just hoping that someone would PLEASE help me out. Many posts that I've gotten have not been helpful to me, and I do not wish for people on this site to see all those posts and go, "Oh, ...

Yeah, it must have been je suis allé(e). Thank you.

ALGEBRA(sorry I forgot this one)
4. -2xsquared+3x-7 when x=4

How are these: 1. -48 2. 22 3. -28

Evaluate the expressions: 1. -8x when x=6 2. 3xsquared-5x when x=-2 3. -4((the absolute value sign) y-12 (the absolute value sign))when y=5