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  1. Science

    Determine the mass of lead chloride precipitated when 5g of sodium chloride solution reacts with lead trioxonitrate v.
  2. chemistry

    An 0.850 g sample of a mixture of LiH and CaH2 was reacted with H2O and the H2 gas produced, 1.20 L, was collected at STP. What mass % of the original mixture was LiH?
  3. physics

    What mass of ice at -14°C will be needed to cool 200cm³ of an orange drink(essentially water) from 25°C to 10°C?
  4. Physics

    What Is Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)?
  5. Physics

    A certain circuit consists of an inductor of 50 mH in series with a resistor of 130 Ω. At one moment, the current in the circuit is 12 A, and decreasing. How long will it take for the current to fall to 4.8 A? Answer in units of s.
  6. Physics

    Assume that the length of the solenoid is much larger than the solenoid’s radius and that the core of the solenoid is air. Calculate the inductance of a uniformly wound solenoid having 260 turns if the length of the solenoid is 25 cm and its cross-sectional area is 5 cm2...
  7. Physics

    A 0.26 mH inductor has a length that is four times its diameter. If it is wound with 34.4 cm−1 turns per centimeter, what is its length? Answer in units of m.
  8. Biostatitics

    Based on data collected by the National Center for Health Statistics and made available to the public in the Sample Adult database, an estimate of the percentage of adults who indicated to have at some point of their life been tested for HIV is 32 percent of U.S. adults in the...
  9. Physics

    A particle of mass 57 g and charge 70 µC is released from rest when it is 34 cm from a second particle of charge −12 µC. Determine the magnitude of the initial acceleration of the 57 g particle. Answer in units of m/s2.
  10. Physics

    You have a neutral balloon. What is its charge after 12000 electrons have been removed from it? The elemental charge is 1.6 × 10−19 C. Answer in units of µC.
  11. Math

    The third term of a GP is 10, and the 7th term is 6250. What is the common ratio?

  13. physics

    an eiastic cord can be stretched to its elastic limit by a load of 2N.if a 35cm length of the cord is extended 0.6cm by a force of 0.5N,what will be the length of the cord when the stretching force is 2.5cm.
  14. math

    6w-6w +6w +6w
  15. physics

    let the height of the dropped stone be s1 s1 = ut + 0.5gt^2 u=0 s1 = 0.5*10*t^2 = 5t^2 let the height of the thrown stone be s2 s2 = ut - 0.5gt^2 s2 = 25t - 5t^2 s1+s2 = 100 5t^2 + 25t - 5t^2 = 100 25t = 100 t = 4s the stones meet 4seconds later s2 = 25t - 5t^2 = 100 - 5(16) ...
  16. Maths

  17. Math

    let unknown be x 18x/100=25 x=(25*100)18 x=138.89
  18. Physics

    Difference between parallel coplanar forces and non parallel coplanar forces
  19. statistics

  20. Lotto 5/90 maths

    Pls tell me
  21. chemistry

    what is the basicity of H2S03
  22. physics

    A source of e.m.f 110v and frequency 60hz is connected to a resistor, an indicator and a capacitor in series. When the current in the capacitor is 2A.the potential difference across the resistor is 80v and that across the inductor is 40v.calculate the -(1)potential difference ...
  23. algebra 1

    It's easy 7y+4=25 -4 -4 7y=21 y=3
  24. math

    The product of 2 consecutive is 48,find the number.