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What is the average speed of a a car that travels 3km in 2 hours

A/P Chem
I don't want the answer just the formula please

A/P Chem
A student wants to make a 5.00% solution of potassium chloride using .0377 g of the substance.What mass of water will be needed to make the solution?

Pre Cal
well if u have 100 g to start and half decays in 2 minutes so after 2 minutes u have 50 g then 4 minutes 25 grams then 6 minutes u have 12.5 g then 8 minutes u have 6.25 just divide ur original amount by two than that number by 2 (for every 2 minutes)

well the easy way to balance is to see how many of each individual chemicals u have on the left side of the equation. so you have 5 H's 3 N's and 5 O's and 1 Ba(include any subscripts if there are any) But the number at the end of the equation is for each element ...

A girl lifts a 12 N weight 1.5 meters. How much work does she do on the weight?

General Chemistry
The burning of the magnesium becomes uncontrolled (its burns brightly). Oops! How will this procedural error affect the reported mole ratio of magnesium to oxygen in the analysis? Explain. Mass of crucible and lid 23.96g Mass of Sample (Mg) .1018g Heating the sample in Air (if...