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  1. math

  2. Math Help

    Hallie is trying to win the grand prize on a game show. Should she try her luck by spinning a wheel with 6 equal sections labeled from 1 to 6 and hope she gets a 5, or should she roll two number cubes and hope she gets the same number on both cubes? Explain
  3. Social studies

    no is correct Caleidoscope is wrong that person is lying
  4. Math Help

    what is the answer
  5. Science

    thank you
  6. physics

    A daredevil is shot out of a cannon at 41.6 ◦ to the horizontal with an initial speed of 28.6 m/s. A net is positioned a horizontal distance of 29 m from the cannon. At what height above the cannon should the net be placed in order to catch the daredevil? The ...
  7. phsyics

    A place kicker must kick a football from a point 35 m (about 38 yd) from the goal, and the ball must clear the crossbar, which is 3.05 m high. When kicked, the ball leaves the ground with a speed of 24 m/s at an angle of 48 ◦ to the horizontal. By how much does the ball ...
  8. Trigonometry

    an open box is made by cutting squares from the corners of a piece of metal that is 18 cm by 26 cm. If the edge of each cut-out square is x cm, find the volume when x=1, x=2, and x=3. If someone could explain to me how to do this. It would be very appreciated. Thanks!
  9. AP Chem

    c.) The NO2 -1 ion exhibits resonance, giving bonds of equal length, but in HNO2, the bonding of the H atom fixes one oxygen atom’s bond to N as a single bond. The other oxygen atom is bonded to the nitrogen with a double bond. There is no resonance in HNO2. d) The ...