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Business Mathematics
A local travel agent is organizing a charter ride to a well known resort. The agent has quoted a price of $30 per person if 100 or fewer sign up for the ride. For every person over the 100, the price of the ticket for all will decrease by $2.50. For instance, if 101 people ...

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lesson 1 send me answers

The center of mass and the moment of inertia of a 2D rigid body A 2D rigid body shown in the figure-2 has constant density ρ kg/m2. It is a thin circular disc of radius R centered at point P that contains a circular cavity centered at point Q. The distance PQ = R/3. Find ...

A bead on a fixed ring and a spring A ring fixed to a support at the top is hanging vertically. A bead of mass m slides through the ring and is connected to the support through a spring of stiffness k as shown in the figure-1. The length of the unstretched spring is almost ...