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I'm still having trouble understanding the question

The answers are 1.C 2.1,2,3 3.D 4.B 100% accurate. Hope this helped!

1. C 2.Don't know 3.D 4.B Could I get help with number 2 please?

what are the rest answers

Physical Science, Science
The barometric pressure in Breckenridge, Colorado (elevation 9600 feet) is 580 mm Hg. How many atmospheres is this? How do we find the answer for this?

social studies
Can some one tell me why is the first covenant between God and Abraham important to Judaism?

US History, History, Social Studies
Can anyone please help me with my US history writing? I am currently writing a paper related to the US policy in the Middle East. I have to write three policy recommendation to the US. My first idea is "The US step back from the Middle East"... But I'm not sure ...

History, Social Studies
I'm from the outside of the United States. What are issues currently facing the United States in the Middle East??

What would you guys write? - Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper commenting on a recent issue in the news. Explain your point of view.

Science , Biology
Are both of osmosis and diffusion movement of high concentration to low concentration? just a deferences of water or molecures?

so.. what is the answer for my question?

"Colonization in Poland began with Russian-Polish war and division of Poland between Russian Empire, Kingdom of Prussia and Austria-Hungary. For about 110 years. "

Is it true that the colonization in Poland began with Russian-Polish war for 110 years?

health, science
How can I explain Lung cancer to children? I don't know how to explain in easy words. "Lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the tissues of the lungs. If not treated, lung cancer may spread to the surrounding tissues and other parts of the body.&...

Thank you. Is it not 1803 to 1853..?

How many years did Western Expansion take?

Math Functions Functions
What is the equation for each? please teach me..! 1.Shifts(x)left 3 units to create t(x) 2.Reflect j(x)across the y-axis to create k(x). 3. Reflect j(x)across the x-axis to create k(x). 4. Shift m(x) up 3 units to create y(x) . 5. Shift h(x) right 3 units to create k(x) .

science, Health
RATE of diffusion must be expressed as number of particles moved per unit time. Write this as a word. Can you please teach me this?

English, Language arts
So often Attean made him feel uncomfortable and ridiculous. But he had to admit that on the days when Attean did not come the hours went by slowly Ths is a line from the book. Is this irony?

Hello. I'm not a native English speaker. I have a math assignment and I need to explain the process of this equation. y=14.2x+19.3 542 = 14.2x+19.3 542-19.3 = 14.2x 522.7 = 14.2x x = 36.8… I don't know how to explain this in English, can anyone please help me? ;(

Social Studies , World history
I am learning about Trial of Galileo in Social studies class. I knew Galileo lost his freedom. If you are Galileo, how would you defense yourself? please tell me ideas

Thanks! I understand what you meant and made a better choice

You use a line of best fit for a set of data to make a prediction about an unknown value. The correlation coefficient for your data set is 0.109. How confident can you be that your predicted value will be reasonably close to the actual value? • a) I can’t be ...

Math Please Help
Do not listen to MINION. Question 5 is C just like #Blessed said.

if the perimeter of a rectangle is 120 units what is its area in square units

ELA Reading
the answer is c

physics 2
A circus performer stretches a tigthrope between two towers. He strikes one end of the rope and sends a wave along it toward the other tower. He notes that it takes the wave 0.800 s to reach the opposite tower, 20.0 m away. If a 1.00 m length of the rope has a mass of 0.350 kg...

I am trying to say that, "He tried to commit suicide but he lived." Would the "he lived" part be passe compose or imparfait? Thanks.

monkey 4 unicycles 3


the answer will have to be a number that can go into 60 so list the factors. 60:1,2,3,4,5,6,10,12,15,20,30,60.Then minus all the numbers by seven.whatever number has a sum that is divisible by 60 is your answer.

#1 Mr. Jones got a loan for a sum of money, and at the time of repayment he owed $75 in interest. Mr. Brown borrowed three times the amount of money Mr. Jones had borrowed at the same rate of interest for twice as long a time. How much interest does Mr. Brown pay? #2 Mr. Baker...

What are the possible side of the rectangle with area of (x2 + 8x) cm2 using CMF?

If I have 20 apples and I give away 7%, how many apples do I have left?

I say the answers are apple, apple, apple, oh and apple

Did you get this hw bc of Pi day too? lmao :)

can u help me
I also got 4/5 The answers are 1.D 2.A 3.B 4.D 5.C

A rocket moves upward, starting from rest with an acceleration of 32.0 m/s2 for 3.27 s. It runs out of fuel at the end of the 3.27 s but does not stop. How high does it rise above the ground?


The following are all quiz scores of a student in a statistics course. Each quiz was graded on a 10-point scale. 10,6,7,6,5,8 Assuming that these scores constitute an entire population, find the standard deviation of the population. Round your answer to at least two decimal ...

Social studies world history
What are the similarities between the northern and middle colonies. I only have one by far seeking relgios freedom but may anyone tell me more? And some similarities if you can about southern and middle colonies. Please and thank-you!

At the surface of Mars, the acceleration due to gravity is 3.72 m/s^2. A watermelon has a mass of 4.5 kg here on Earth. a) What is its weight here on earth? b) What is its mass in Mars? c)What is its weight in Mars?

A 300 kg sailboat accelerates at 0.5 m/s^2 at an angle of 25degrees North of East. Find the magnitude and direction of the force responsible for this accelereation.


Cr(OH)3<-->Cr+3+3OH which direction will equilibrium change if CrCl3 is added and why. which direction will it change if HCL is added and why?

Probability & Stats
what is the probability that no two students will have the same birth date in a size of 60 class

Is he really that kind

For the following: i) HClO4 > HBrO4 > HIO4 ii) NH3 > PH3 > AsH3 > SbH3 iii) HOClO3 > HOClO2 > HOClO > HOCl iv) HBr>HCl>HF The order of acidity is correct for which series? 1. ) all are correct 2. ) ii and iii 3. ) ii and iv 4. ) ii 5. ) i, iii, iv

Organic Chemistry
Would it be possible to separate hexane (b.p. 68.95 degrees Celsius) from toluene (b.p. 110.6 degrees Celsius) by simple distillation?

basic college math
The interest rate on an auto loan in May was 12 3/8%. By September the rate was up to 14 1/4%. How many percentage points did the interest rate increase over the period?

10th grade
15mm to dam

10th grade math
3(X-2)=4-(X-2) 3(X+-2)=4+-X+2 3X+-6=6+-X 4X+-6=6 4X=12 X=3

if o o o is 1/5,then what is one?

if 6 counters are 3/4,then what is one?