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  1. MATH

  2. history

    UNIT 8: MEDIEVAL CHRISTIAN EUROPE PART 1 1.) A & C 2.) C 3.) B 4.) A 5.) C 6.) C & D 7.) C 8.) A & D & E 9.) C 10.) B & D 11.) B 12.) C & D 13.) B & D 14.) B 15.) B 16.) D 17.) C 18.) D & F & G 19.) A & C & F 20.) C
  3. english

    A fight between two boys at school
  4. science

    How many grams of CaO must be added to 50.0 mL of water to make the temperature increase from 25.0 ¡ÆC to 48.81 ¡ÆC? The reaction is CaO(s) + H2O(l) ¡ê Ca(OH)2(aq) -- ¥ÄH = -83.7 kJ Assume the heat capacity of the solution is the ...
  5. chemistry

  6. Ethics

    1. When confronted with a moral dilemma, care ethics encourages us to consider: A. relevant duties and imperatives. B. equality and proportionality. C. situational factors and the needs of all involved. D. natural and legal rights. im confused between B and C 2. Which of the ...
  7. Ethics

    1. With regard to how we feel about ourselves and our own accomplishments, which of the following would be the virtuous midpoint between moral deficiency and excess? A. Arrogance B. Servility C. Self-respect/proper pride D. Courage is it C 2. Part of the value of moral virtues...
  8. Ethics

    1. Which of the following is a key Aristotelian idea that describes a midpoint between extremes of excess and deficiency? A. Eudaimonia B. The golden mean C. The middle path D. Care is it B 2. Which of the following is a virtue commonly emphasized in criminal justice ...
  9. Ethics

    Things we are morally obligated NOT to do (e.g., lie, cheat, exploit others) can be termed: A. correlated duties. B. negative duties. C. positive law. D. positive duties. im confused between B and D
  10. Ethics

    1. Deterrence occurs when we: A. discourage offenders from repeating offenses, or discourage others by example. B. change the character of an offender such that she or he is no longer inclined to commit criminal offenses. C. prevent offenders from committing additional ...
  11. Ethics

    1. Kantian (deontological) ethics justifies criminal punishment on which of the following grounds? A. Retribution B. Rehabilitation C. Deterrence D. Incapacitation is it A 2. For Kant, the focus of the moral life is: A. pursuing freedom. B. doing one’s duty. C. attaining ...
  12. Ethics

    1. Moral principles or moral rules such as "never kill an innocent human being" might be described as: A. virtues. B. conditionals. C. maxims. D. courses of best interest. is it A 2. Which of the following would be a form of disablement? A. Committing a sex offender ...
  13. Ethics

    1. Prima facie duties are different from categorical duties in that: A. they can be overridden by more important duties in a given situation. B. they only need to be followed if doing so brings the best consequences. C. they only apply to some people. D. they only apply to ...
  14. Criminal justice

    1. Which of the following, according to Carl Klockars, is NOT an important consideration in determining whether the good ends of police work justify immoral means in a given scenario? A. Are there other, non-dirty, means that may be effective but that we may be overlooking? B...
  15. Criminal justice

    1. Though both emphasize consequences, utilitarianism differs from ethical egoism in that: A. utilitarianism emphasizes consequences for all people affected. B. egoism emphasizes happiness, whereas utilitarianism emphasizes welfare. C. egoism defines happiness as pleasure, ...
  16. Criminal justice

    1 is B 2 is B
  17. Criminal justice

    1. Which of the following principles approves or disapproves of an action according to its tendency to promote happiness for the greatest number of people? A. Altruism B. Utility C. Hedonism D. Egoism im confused between B and C 2. Which of the following propositions is true ...
  18. Ethics

    1. Which of the following ethical frameworks suggests that morality should be linked to human nature, including a concern for human dignity and universal human rights? A. Utilitarianism B. Ethical egoism C. Social hedonism D. Natural law is it D 2. If the similarity-leniency ...
  19. Ethics

    1. With respect to religion and morality, the problem of common ground refers to the fact that religious commands and principles: A. are too old to be valuable today. B. are of unknown origin. C. only appeal to believers. D. are often immoral themselves. is it C 2. Moral ...
  20. Ethics

    ethical universalism: hold that knowledge can and should be applied to everyone in every similar situation. descriptive relativism: aspect of or argument within the broader philosophy of relativism that merely acknowledges and describes the presence of moral differences. i ...
  21. Ethics

    1. Which of the following positions holds that moral beliefs vary from person to person, and that one person's beliefs and practices cannot be said to be more right (or wrong) that any other person's? A. Relativism B. Pluralism C. The principle of understanding D. ...
  22. Ethics

    answer to Q 1 is C
  23. Ethics

    1. When we claim that certain moral values or principles (e.g., do not steal) apply or should apply to all people, everywhere, we are saying that some values or principles are: A. descriptive. B. relative. C. universal. D. pragmatic. is it D 2. Which of the following actions, ...
  24. Ethics

    answer to question 1 is Misfeasance.
  25. Ethics

    Misfeasance : improper performance of some act that an official may lawfully do. Malfeasance: direct misconduct or wrongful conduct by a public official or employee
  26. Ethics

    1. Direct misconduct by a police officer, such as extorting money from drug dealers, would be an example of which of the following forms of misconduct? A. Nonfeasance B. Misfeasance C. Malfeasance D. All of the above im confused between C and D 2. A law enforcement officer ...
  27. Ethics

    1. If we eliminate free will completely, we would also be eliminating: A. the possibility of genetic bases for human behavior. B. the value of modern science. C. moral responsibility. D. excuses for criminal conduct. is it C 2.
  28. Ethics

    1. Modern-day determinism tends to be based in: A. religious teachings. B. science. C. the idea of predestination. D. intentionalism. is it B 2. Which of the following is theorized to play an important role in imitative behavior and our capacity to relate to and empathize with...
  29. Ethics

    1. If you were to argue that although a person with an IQ of 60 cannot be a world-renowned physicist, she or he still has the freedom to choose within limits of what is physically, psychologically, and socially possible, you would be presenting which of the following positions...
  30. Ethics

    1. Which of the following would be of greatest concern from an ethical standpoint? A. The number of homicide victims in a given place during a given time period B. The legal elements of the crime of homicide C. Whether capital punishment is a justifiable response to the crime ...
  31. Ethics

    is number 1 B?
  32. Ethics

    1. "Goods" that are valued as a means to some other good are referred to as: A. intrinsic. B. instrumental. C. extraneous. D. non-essential. im confused between A and B 2. Which of the following refers to the study of questions concerning right and wrong and how we ...
  33. Ethics

    1. Those things that we hold to be worthwhile and worth pursuing, such as freedom, happiness, and health, can be thought of as: A. virtues. B. values. C. vices. D. obligations. is it B 2. Which of the following would NOT be an example of a moral value? A. Happiness B. ...
  34. History

    1. Outside of Europe, the major scenes of battle in the Seven Years War were: A. North America and Africa. B. Central America and India. C. India and North America. D. Latin America and Africa. is it C 2. Which of the following statements is an accurate depiction of the nature...
  35. History

    1. The first major ruler of the Qing Dynasty was: A. Kangxi. B. Hongwu. C. Qianling. D. Yongle. im confused between A and C 2. Which of the following is accurate regarding of the effects of Qianlong's trade policy with England? A. It showed Lord Macartney that he could not...
  36. History

    oh well thank you i found few answers in Wikipedia
  37. History

    1. All of the following statements about Ottoman expansion are true EXCEPT: A. their geographical location gave them a definite advantage for expansion. B. after taking advantage of Byzantine weakness, they established a base at Gallipoli, and then allied with the Serbs and ...
  38. History

    1. The legacy Louis XIV left to France was: A. control, finally, over the foreign trade of the Netherlands. B. a hugely expanded territorial domain. C. a nation that was financially destitute. D. the friendship of the rest of Europe. im confused between B and C 2. James I ...
  39. History

    1. After Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon was annulled by the Archbishop of Canterbury: A. the English clergy forced him to take her back. B. Pope Clement VII reinstated the marriage. C. Charles V attacked England. D. Parliament finalized England’s ...
  40. History

    As a result of the publications of Bartolomé de Las Casas: A. Amerindian rights were recognized and respected. B. the encomienda system was established. C. Amerindians became more maltreated than before. D. the Spanish government was more attentive to the needs of the ...
  41. History

    1. A Hindu society in Southeast Asia that resisted both Buddhism and Islam was: A. Bali. B. Indonesia. C. Thailand. D. Cambodia. im confused between A and B 2. By the twelfth century, great center of Islamic learning in West Africa was: A. Great Zimbabwe. B. Timbuktu. C. Mansa...
  42. HISTORY (please help)

    3. By the end of the thirteenth century, the institutionalization of the English Parliament: A. provided the foundation for the absolute rule of the monarch. B. enabled the barons and church lords to establish themselves in the House of Commons. C. was a system of power ...
  43. History

    1. The Dominican friars: A. were established in the ninth century. B. were first led by the highly intellectual Dominic de Guzmán. C. lived among the people and helped the poor. D. became key factors in combating heresy under the leadership of the Holy Roman ...
  44. History

    3. By the end of the thirteenth century, the institutionalization of the English Parliament: A. provided the foundation for the absolute rule of the monarch. B. enabled the barons and church lords to establish themselves in the House of Commons. C. was a system of power ...
  45. History

    1. Monasticism in medieval Europe: A. was entirely a male area of activity. B. involved an egalitarian governance structure. C. included women, many of whom belonged to royal families D. was based upon the model established by St. Basil. im confused between A and B 2. All of ...
  46. History

    1. Which of the following was NOT a factor in the decline of Buddhism in India? A. Hinduism’s increasing appeal B. Buddhism’s reinforcement of the Indian caste system C. Hinduism’s increasing religious ardor D. The growing attractiveness of bhakti to the Indian ...
  47. History

    1. Before Islam developed in Africa: A. most of the continent, aside from Egypt and Axum, did not have organized religions. B. many religions believed that human life had two stages, one earthly and the other “external.” C. the Ashanti worshiped a supreme god, Siva. ...
  48. History

    are you suggesting that both of my answers are wrong?
  49. History

    1. Which of the following is a correct statement about Swahili? A. It was a culture reflecting a mixture of Indian and African influences. B. As a language, it employed Bantu grammar and Arabic linguistic terms. C. The term derives from the Arab word for “jungle.” D...
  50. History

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  51. History

    1. Malayan traders and settlers: A. brought oranges and rayon to East Asia. B. may have introduced yams and bananas to Africa. C. were the first Khoisan speakers in southern Africa. D. composed just under half of the population of Zanj. im confused between A and B 2. In ...
  52. History

    The Shi’ite capital at Cairo was established under the dynasty of the: A. Umayyads. B. Abbasids. C. Fatimids. D. Seljuk Turks. im confused between B and C
  53. History

    2. Which of the following statements is the most accurate depiction of the Aztec Empire? A. It was a highly centralized, tightly administered monarchy developed through military conquest. B. It was a confederation of localities linked by a feudal allegiance system in which a ...
  54. History

    oh thank you so much guys
  55. History

    1. In the aftermath of Columbus and voyages of encounter, Europeans believed the first humans in the Americas might have been: A. Chinese pirates. B. the lost tribes of Axum. C. Phoenician seafarers from Carthage. D. Mongol tribesmen. is it B
  56. English

    thank you so much
  57. English

    I have to write an essay on "Why is college important to me" and I have to find two references and each reference must use quoted passage. Where can I find references for this topic because it's asking for my opinion please u need help please tell me what ...
  58. Math

    I got 30 for an answer
  59. Physics

    Please HW4_2: Part I?
  60. Physics

    Anyone for 1)f) B_0 please? formula didn't work, please help!
  61. Physics

  62. Physics

    Anyone please?
  63. Physics

    In the circuit shown in the figure below, the switch closes at t=0, R=5.5 Ohm, ε=9 V, L=0.08 H. (a) What are the currents (in A) through the two bottom branches at t=0+ (just after the switch is closed)? I1 and I2 ? (b) What are the currents (in A) through the two bottom ...
  64. Physics

    Consider a thin, infinitely long conducting ribbon that carries a uniform current density j (current per unit area). The width of the ribbon is w and its thickness s is extremely small (s≪w). P is a point in the plane of the ribbon, at a large distance (x≫s) from ...
  65. Quantum Physics

    The answer to 2 is correct? How do I insert this? ------*------ | --Z---0------
  66. Quantum Physics

    Esta resposta para 2 esta correta? Como posso inserir esta questão? ------*------ | --Z---0------
  67. Quantum Physics

    a) What quantum state do you have to input in order to get output |00⟩ ? b) What quantum state do you have to input in order to get output |11⟩ ?
  68. Physic science

    If a man requires a mirror of 0.9m as to see the whole of himself in the mirror when he is standing 2m away from the mirror. How much mirror does he require when he now stands 6m from the mirror?
  69. Chemistry

    (f) 0
  70. Chemistry

  71. Statistic

  72. chemistry

    the retina of a human eye can detect light when radiant energy incident on it is at least 4.0x10^-17 J. For light that is 565 nm wavelength, how many phontons does this energy correspond to?
  73. physics

    this one is messed up
  74. math

    okay, thanks.
  75. math

    No, it is a sqaure room. The lesson is on sqaures- finding the volume, perimeter, and area
  76. math

    As part of the remodeling project at the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital, the square walls that house the children’s play area need to be painted. How many gallons of paint are required to paint the entire area if one gallon covers 25 square feet? Note: 10 ft. 7 in. is ...
  77. math

    but most gallon of paint covers more wall 17.9 gallons or 18 gallons would be correct for this problem
  78. math

    17.9 which is a lot paint
  79. math

    Walls............As part of the remodeling project at the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital, the square walls that house the children’s play area need to be painted. How many gallons of paint are required to paint the entire area if one gallon covers 25 square feet? Note: ...
  80. math

    The area of a square has equal lengths and widths. A square is a rectangle with equal lenths and widths...right? I used the a=LH which would be a= (10.58ft.)(10.58ft), A=111.9364 sq. ft./25 or 4.47
  81. math

    The questions is response to a square room whose sides are 10ft 7in.
  82. math

    How many gallons of paint are required to paint the entire area if one gallon covers 25 square feet? Note: 10 ft. 7 in. is equivalent to 10.58 ft.
  83. Science

  84. Science

    Maybe he has tried,and just needs to check to see if he did it correctly, it's not cheating, it is double checking.
  85. General Science

    when comparing the force that is required to climb a mountain by walking up a tril that slopes gently upward to the top, vercus getting there by scaling a sheer vertical clifff face what's the best thing todo ?
  86. math

    Find the vertex of the parabola. y=x^2-6x+7
  87. world history

    the jews who lived scattered around outside of judah are called the
  88. chemistry

    if you have a scn book at the end of it the tabel will till you just us math
  89. college physics

    no the car will not skid.
  90. chemistry

    what is the molar change in enthalpy when 100 g of ice is heated from -18.2C to -7.2C?(C=37.4 J/K*mol)
  91. english

    pls tell me if this okay for a short story
  92. english

    The photo me, shows an intelligent girl whose life might seem perfect. I have a smile on my face and I seem extremely happy, but when you look deeper into my eyes you see sadness and struggle. Struggle to be something my parents want me to be; the smile isn’t real the ...
  93. biology

    the combinded number of ? will determine the number of electrons in orbital around a neutral atom
  94. biology

    three and 14c have different number of isotopes of carbon 12c 13c and 14c have different number of electrons protons neutrons
  95. criminal justice

    Where should I start? I have defined what psychological theories and sociological theories are. But how do I define the 3 acts within these theories? Apply 2 psychological theories and 2 sociological theories to each of the following three delinquent acts: shoplifting, ...
  96. criminal justice

    I need help starting my paper. Should I start with "would this situation constitute a case of sexual harassment?" and then work my way down? You are a sergeant with the local police department’s patrol division. During your shift a female officer asks if she can...
  97. economics

    how would econmic help you in the future?
  98. science

    What is static electricity?
  99. english-al gore

    #12 122 degress farhient