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  1. chemistry

    35.8g of a mixture of potassium chloride and potassium trioxochlorate(v), we're heated to a constant mass. If the residue weighs 24.9g.what was the percentage mass of the potassium chloride in the mixture (k=39, cl=35.5, o=16)
  2. math

    If x3+3px+q has a factor of the form x2-2ax+a2, then q2+4p3=0.
  3. Maths

  4. physics

  5. Maths

    How many rectangles can be drawn with perimeter of each rectangle as 16 cm?
  6. algebra

    Gary watches at most 2 hours of television on a weekday. inequality:
  7. Maths

  8. math

    Abcd is a parallelogram in which angle add =75 and side an is produced to e find x+y
  9. Chemistry

    Find dissociation constant of e thanoic acid having concentration 0.2M and degree of dissociation 50%
  10. chemistry

    calculate the number of moles and mass of methane (ch4) required to produce 11 kg of carbondoxide(co2) when combusted ?
  11. math

    (-3, -1) , m = 1/5 graph this using given point and slope
  12. maths

    Ticket rate for the science exibition is 10rs for a child and 26 rupees for an adult. 740 rupees was got from 50person. How many children among them?
  13. science

    Find the angle of friction when rod starts sliding
  14. Maths

    the length of a certain rectangle is 3 meters more than twice its width.what is the width of rectangle if the perimeter of the rectangle is 150 meters?
  15. Chemistry

  16. Maths

  17. Maths

    A bag contains 4 white beads and one black bead. Three beads are removed from the bag individually being replaced before each selection .find the probability that from the three beads there are at least two black beads
  18. math

    A hollow cylindrical iron pipe is of length 35 cm . It's outer and inner diameters are 10cm and 8cm respectively . Find the weight of the pipe if 1 cube centimeter of iron weights 7 gram
  19. maths

    If the value of (⊗ + 1) 2 - 3 is 22, what is the value of (⊗ + 1) 2 - 5?
  20. maths

    If the value of (⊗ + 5) 2 is 81, what is the value of (⊗ + 5) 2 + 1?
  21. maths

    Use the numbers 2, 5, 6, and 9 to write an expression that has a value of 1.
  22. maths

    use 2,4,5,8 to write an expression that has a value of 5
  23. Stba

    Two equal mass at distance r attract at force F . Now 20% mass from one sphere is transfer to the another sphere. What should the %change in the distance between them so F become same .
  24. maths

    The sum of first 6terms of an 6.The product of second term and fifth term is -80.Find the terms of A.P.
  25. maths

    the temperature drops by 6 degree Celsius for each of the next three days write down the calculation to work out the total change in temperature over these three days
  26. sagar public

    . If the sum of m terms of an AP is the same as the sum of its n terms, show that the sum of its (m+n) terms is zero.
  27. chemistry

    Two moles of an ideal gas initially at 27C and 1 atm pressure are compressed isothermally and reversibly till the final pressure of the gas is 10 atm. Calculate the work done. (R=8.314 JK-1mol-1)
  28. science

    A girl drops a stone into a mine shaft 122.5m deep. How soon after she drops it does she here the sound of it striking the bottom of the shaft?
  29. math(5th grade)

    4 games
  30. MATHS

    5 p.c.p.a
  31. Maths trigonometry

    Not got the answer
  32. math 221n

    A shipment of 40 television sets contains 3 defective units. How many ways can a vending company can buy five of these units and receive no defective units?
  33. chemistry

    1) 1.12 dm3 of a gas at STP is found to weigh 3.55g.Find molecular weight and vapour density of gas 2)5.6 dm3 of a gas at STP weighs 11g Find out its relative molecular mass & vapour density
  34. Physics

  35. statistic

    A survey of households in a small town showed that in 500 of 1,200 sampled households, at least one member attended a town meeting during the year. Using the 95% level of confidence, what is the confidence interval for the proportion of households represented at a town meeting?
  36. Astronomy

  37. chemistry

    if .5 mole of baCl2 is mixed with .2 mole of Na3Po4.Then maximum number of mole of Ba3(PO4)2 is
  38. maths

    the difference b/w a 3 digit number and the number formed by reversing its digits is 396,the difference of hundreds and the units digit,is one less than the sum of the units and tens digit .find the number
  39. maths

    there are 7 children standing in a line ,not all of whom have the same number of cakes with them, if the first child distributes his cakes to the remaining six children such that he doubles their respective no.of cakes ,then he will be left with four cakes. instead ,if the ...
  40. Maths

    A two digit number is formed by either substracting 17 from nine times the sum of the digits or by adding 21 to 13 times the difference of the digits .find the number
  41. math

    there are balls of colors red, blue and green. 65 students of a class like exactly one color, 10 students like no color, 40 students like exactly 2 colors and 15 students like all the 3 colors 1. how many students are there in the class. many students like atleast 2 colors.
  42. mec 112

    A 10kg trunk lies on a horizontal rough floor,the coefficient of friction between the trunk and the floor is 0.75. Calculate magnitude of force P which is necessary to pull the trunk horizontally if the P is applied horizontally and at 30 degrees above the horizontal.
  43. St josephs

    Machine set up is correct 60% of time & is incorrect 40% of time, 10 % of parts produced are defective when set up is correct, & 60 % would be defective if set up is incorrect. Find the probability that part is defective even though machine was set up correctly
  44. Engineering maintenance

    an undamped mass spring system is with mass of 12kg and stiffness of 15N/mm,a)determine the natural frequency and the period of the free motion of the system b)determine the amplitude of displacement A and the phse shift for the initial conditions x0=2mm,v0=-1mm/s
  45. ela

    why you argee? this statement. about univesity kids: the top 20 percent are great. they re smart and self directed and they'll anywhere. then there are the rest. they don't know much. I need to write some lines why i agree please give some ideas to start and how to end.
  46. math

    a) 3x(3x-1) b) (2x-3)(2x+3)
  47. math

    plug in 1 for n for the first term. plug in 2 for second term and so aon until the sixth term ex:(-3)n (-3)1=-3 (-3)2= -6 etc... :P
  48. math

    plug in the value for x and solve 3(2)-10 6-10 =-4 capish?
  49. math

    Draw graph of y= x^(1/2) to help you understand solution. Rotation about y-axis means that the radius of the solid (length being swung around the axis is the x-value). it helps to solve for x-value rather than try to substitute everything. x=y^2 where y>0 each disk or x-...
  50. math

    Graph it if you don't understand my solution: Linear equations follow the format y=mx+b where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept. let y= fees and x=number of credits now calculate slope (change in y/change in x) m=(2600-2000)/(6-3)= 200 y=200x+b Plug in any point to ...
  51. math

    a) illogical nonidentity because 4 does not equal 5 b) testable statement. i don't know your definition of logical statement and can't be of much more help here 3) false obviously d) logical statement due to commutative prop of addition
  52. mat

    for the first one I assume they want you to factor out ¡ñ 30 and add 801+4 for the second, I assume they want you to first factor out ¡ñ 20 then do the combination--not 100% sure.
  53. math

    it is the length of the circle's perimeter the formula for cicumference is 2 pi r. pi is a contstant that goes on forever (3.1425....) and r is the length of the radius
  54. math

    Bring constant to other side: y-81=9x^2+72x Make constant in front of x^2 term one: (y-81)/9=x^2+8x (y/9)-9=x^2+8x complete the square...(x+a)^2= x^2+2abx+a^2. x^2=x^2 so 8x=2ax= so a=4 4^2=a^2=16 The equation you want to create is (x+4)^2= x^2+8x+16 previously we had (y/9)-9=...
  55. Math

    lim (x->0) x^4 cos 2/x= =lim (x->0) x^4 * lim (x>0) cos 2/x = 0 * lim (x>0) cos 2/x cos (a) will always be between -1 and 1. but this is irrelevant since x^4 is 0 at x=0, and anything multiplied by 0 is 0 :P
  56. math

    x intercepts...think of the graph. the line crosses the x-axis when y=0. so set y=0 0=(3x+2)(x+2) 0=(x+2) or 0=(3x+2) Solve to get -2 and -2/3 As for axis of symmetry and can use vertex form or remember that (-b/2a) in ax^2 +bx+c will give you the x-coordinate of ...
  57. college math

    find the derivative: f'= 15x^14 this function is always positive (graph if you don't believe me) because any number to an even power must be 0 or greater. thus since the derivative is always positive, the graph of f (x) is always increasing :P
  58. math

    This equation is derived from the following: at maximum height the velocity is zero. y(current height)= y0 (initial height)+v0t+.5at^2 take the derivative 32t-v0=0 so vo=32t Plug this in for the v0 value 16t2 − (32t)t + h = 0 h=49ft -16t^2+49=0 Solve for t: 16t^2=49 4t=7...
  59. MATHS

    Sol: HCF of 180, 252 and 324: 324 = 1 x 180 + 144 180 = 1 x 144 + 36 144 = 4 x 36 + 0 So, HCF of 324 and 180 = 36 HCF of 252 and 36: 252 = 7 x 36 + 0 So, HCF of 252 and 36 is 36. Hence, the HCF of 180, 252 and 324 is 36.
  60. statistics

    no. of 10 resturants surveyed in city of lucknow and found that average food wastage per day is 35 kg with variance as 3 kg . is it reasonable to assume that the daily mean wastage of food in a resturant is 38 kg ? test @5% significance level.
  61. statistics

    a random sample of 100 students from the current years batch gives the mean IQ level of 110 and variance of 5 can we say that this is same as the IQ of the previous batch which was 116.
  62. geometry

    quadrialteral abcd is aparallelogram.If the measure of angle A is 62 degrees, measure of ADB is 75 degrees, what is the measure of angle ADC in degrees
  63. American Government

    Please explain what conditions cause new democracies to survive and thrive or to fail ?
  64. Fitness and Safety

    Are these right ? 7. Which major muscles are used in your arm when you pick up a bowling ball and throw it down a bowling lane? Name 4. 1. Pectoralis 2. Trapezius 3. Deltoid muscle 4. Triceps 8. Which muscles in the legs are used to do a jumping jack (where you jump quickly ...
  65. Fitness and Safety

    5. Is it true that when you lift weights your muscles get bigger from more muscle cells?
  66. Fitness and Safety

    Ok, but thanks for the link.
  67. Fitness and Safety

    3. How does it benefit your muscles to do different types of strength training activities? 4. What are some of the challenges or disadvantages of using weight machines? 5. What's the difference between dumbbells and barbells?
  68. chemistry DONT spik

    a sample of carbon dioxide gas has a mass of 52.0g. how many oxygen atoms arr present?explain please don't skip
  69. chemistry

    a sample of carbon dioxide gas has a mass of 52.0g. how many oxygen atoms arr present?explain
  70. chemistry

    caculate the mass of agcl precipitated when 0.1g of nacl and 0.1g of agno3 are mixed in solution
  71. science

    an aluminium container of mass 100g contains 200 g of ice at -20'c heat is added to the system at the rate of 100 cal/sec. what will be the final tmperature of the mixture after 4 min? given:specific heat of ice:0.5 cal/gm'c ,latent heat of fusion:80 cal/gm and ...
  72. calculus

    A right triangle of hypotenuse L is rotated about one of its legs to generate a right circular cone find the largest volume that such a cone could occupy
  73. calculus

    A. a particle moves around the circle x^2+y^2 = 1 in such a way that the x coord rate of change is dx/dy= y B) IS THE PARTICLE MOVING COLCIKWISER OR COUNTERCLOCKWISE AROUND THE CIRCLE C) FROM THE RT TRIANGLE ONE CAN SEE THAT SIN(THETA) = Y AND COS(THETA) = X USE THESE ...
  74. calculus

    right circular cylindrical tin cans are to be manufactured to contain 400 cm ^3 of volume. There is no waste involved in cutting the tin that goes into the vertical sides of the can, but each end piece is to be cut from a square and the corners of the square wasted. Find the ...
  75. calculus

    A right triangle of hypotenuse L is rotated about one of its legs to generate a right circular cone find the largest volume that such a cone could occupy
  76. ela

    can you give me an example of classical allusions please but from romeo and juliet
  77. math

    2 trees are 80 m apart . from a point halfway between the trees, angles of elevvation of the tops of the trees are measured. what is the height of each tree to the nearest metre
  78. ela

    i have to draw globe thetre but i have no idea how to draw. they give me some describsion:the stage was 4-5 feet high,surrounded by railing,. the celing above the stage, supported by two colums,was painted with the sun,moon,stars and zodiac sign and more like balcony ........
  79. day care

    industry vs inferiority
  80. day care

    samuel is beginning to realize that he has a talent for art and he feel good about it which of erikson 's stages may he have reached
  81. pre algerbra

  82. English

    satirical quotes from midnight's children and The God of Small Things
  83. English

    Satirical quotes from midnight's children and The God of Small Things
  84. English

    Comparison of the Satirical quality in the novels of Rushdie and Roy
  85. geo

    can u give me some points on against mosquito fogging because i am in green party i have this points: negative impact on environent human issue but i need two more points to discuss
  86. Teachers Aide/Early Childhood Education and After-

    Ms sue thanks 4 giving me the wrong answers on 2. (A) 11. (A) 14. (B now i've got low grade because i trusted ur answers thanks alot :(
  87. An Overview of Teaching Techniques

    thankyou this was relle helpfull i got a 100%
  88. chemistry

  89. s.s (the middle ages) Grade 7

    what's for vassal i didn't got that one please helpme
  90. s.s (the middle ages) Grade 7

    i have 10 words and 11 definitions for them. i have only left 3 words and 4 definitions and tommorow i have a test please help me! Words: manor, pilgrim and vassal definitions: a) a persone who travels to a holy b) lesser nobles c) faithfulness d)an estate owned by a noble ...
  91. NOT anwered again

    atleast tell me that you don't kmow
  92. science

    i know what 4 fates of the star are black dwarf supernova neutron star black holes but i don't know how they end up ( die)
  93. WHY SKIPED MY QUESTION??????????????

  94. science

    descibe and explain 4 fates of a star ( after they die)? this is my 2nd last question to finish my worksheet and it is for marks please help me thanks
  95. s.s project

    my is elderly people things to start a presentation goes like this ............. 'cities needs to provide services to all residents but espially to eldery people' because there population increases in future! city need 55 plus buildings to live and pavllion. they ...
  96. project

    my is elderly people things to start a presentation goes like this ............. 'cities needs to provide services to all residents but espially to eldery people' because there population increases in future! city need 55 plus buildings to live and pavllion. they ...
  97. city project

    my is elderly people things to start a presentation goes like this ............. 'cities needs to provide services to all residents but espially to eldery people' because there population increases in future! city need 55 plus buildings to live and pavllion. they ...
  98. geography

    give what to on myt poster please help me
  99. geography

    elderly on my poster can i put like this... facilities: - Health care[hospitals] - recreation[clubs,parties,bingo] -home care -transportation -55 pluss including services -funeral services -elavators\hrdralic chair lift -basic services -food -handicap parking -discounts -...
  100. Geography

    elderly - Health care[hospitals] -recreation[clubs,parties,bingo] -home care -transportation -55 pluss including services -funeral services -elavators\hrdralic chair lift -basic services -food -handicap parking -discounts -lisence to drive this is my iformation so i start
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