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  1. World History

    Im sorry I meant A
  2. World History

    Jews were persecuted in Europe for hundreds of years even before the 20th century (1). Thousands were massacred by crusading knights on their way to the Holy Land (2). Another common practice was to force Jews into sections of town called ghettos (3). In the 18th century, most...
  3. science

    lol thats funny but I cant just get a new teacher but if I could have it would have already been done.
  4. history

    Why did Bacon’s Rebellion collapse? A. The Virginia governor declared Bacon and his men rebels. B. Bacon was defeated at Jamestown. C. The English stopped consuming tobacco. D. Its leader, Nathaniel Bacon, became sick and died. again D. is my answer. :)
  5. history

    ok thanks
  6. history

    How did Virginia’s population numbers change in the last half of the 1600s? A. The population fell due to increased disease and warfare with the Native Americans. B. New settlers arrived and replaced those who died from the harsh life and disease, keeping the population ...
  7. Chemistry

    a solution is prepared by adding 5g of ammonia,Nh3, and 20g of ammonium chloride, NH4Cl , to enough water to form 2.5 L of solution. What is the ph of the buffer? Kb= 1.8*10^-5
  8. Math

    Location High Low Atlanta 106 -12 Boston 103 -19 Chicago 100 -32 Dallas 111 -8 For which city have the record high and low been the CLOSEST together? A) Atlanta B) Boston C) Chicago D) Dallas A?
  9. SS

    I would say either B or C..
  10. History

  11. Art

    Meh: What the HELL! i got 0%
  12. Math

    Thanks Johnny %100
  13. Social science

    What event led to the first shots being fired at the battles of Lexington and concord
  14. Social science

    How did the stamp act contribute to the Boston massacre
  15. Math

    Lucy makes 37 get well cards and some thank you cards. She makes 60 cards in all. How many thank you cards does Lucy make?
  16. PreCalc

    Solve: (x-1)/(x)+(x-2)/(x)+(x-3)/(x)+...+(1)/(x)=3; X belongs to N
  17. PreCalc

    Steve, My apologies but the only reason I said that was because some random person kept spamming this question with random sayings and it kinda got annoying. I didn't mean to offend you in any way
  18. PreCalc

    Can someone please actually help?
  19. PreCalc

    When the polynomial p(x) is divided by (x–2), the remainder is 3 and when p(x) is divided by (x+1) the remainder is 9. Given that p(x) may be written in the form (x–2)(x+1)q(x) + Ax + B where q(x) is a polynomial and A and B are numbers, find the remainder when p(x) ...
  20. PreCalc

    Find the values of a and b if f(x)=ax^3+bx^2+4 is exactly divisible by both (2x+1) and (x–1). With these values of a and b, solve the equation f(x)=0.
  21. PreCalc

    When x^4 + ax^3 + bx +c is divided by (x–1), (x+1), and (x+2), the remainders are 14, 0, and –16 respectively. Find the values of a, b, and c.
  22. Algebra

    so lets represent the numbers as variables x will be the bigger number and y smaller. x-y=10 3y+4x=75 solve for x x-y=10 x=10+y plug x into the other equation 3y+4(10+y)=75 3y+40+4y=75 solve for y and then plug it back into the equation to solve for x.
  23. Calculus

    at what rate is the angle shown changing at that instant? x=8 y=6 z=10 dx/dt=-15 dy/dt=10 dz/dt=-6 so i tried it by doing sin(0)=y/z (d0/dt)cos(0)=(dy/dt)/(dz/dt) (d0/dt)(8/10)=(-10/6) (d0/dt)=-25/12 rad/hour did i miss it because i didn't do the quotent rule?
  24. Math

  25. Chemistry

    Hydrogen holds promise as an environment friendly fuel. How many grams of H2 gas are present in a 52.0 L fuel tank at a pressure of 2861 lb/in2 (psi) at 20.0°C? Assume that 1 atm = 14.7 psi.
  26. Chem

    A 2.461-g sample of glutamic acid, C5H9NO4 (147.13 g/mol) was burned in a bomb calorimeter with excess oxygen. The temperature of the calorimeter and the water before combustion was 23.76 °C; after combustion the calorimeter and the water had a temperature of 29.46 °C...
  27. Math

    Fertilizer covers 5/8 square feet in 1 / 4 Hour
  28. physics

    An acrobat hangs from a trapeze with the tension in both ropes is 315 Newtons.What is the mass of the acrobat?
  29. Geography

    What do geographers mean when they discuss and areas landscape
  30. quantitive reasoning math

    taxes on a house assessed at $64,000 are $1500 a year. If the assessment is raised to $85,000 and the tax rate did not change, how much would the taxes be?
  31. World History

    lol i guess it's c then
  32. world history

  33. maths

    calculate the total surface area of a cone of height12cm and base radius5cm
  34. math

    A farmer with 1200 acre is considering planting 3 different crops corn, soybeans, and oats. The farmer wants to use all 1200 acres. seed corn costs $20 per acre, while soybeans and oats costs $50 and $12 respectively. The farmer has the $40000 available to buy seed and intends...

    Why does the lower body rotate in the opposite direction when the upper body is thrown? angular momentum?
  36. Algebra

  37. Math

    Is 14/6 bigger than 17/8?
  38. Trig

    The length of a rectangle is 142.9 in. If the diagonal makes an angle of 32.1o with this side, find the measure of the diagonal of the rectangle rounded to the nearest tenth of an inch. let x represent the diagonal.
  39. dont cheat

    don't cheat because I believe you can get it right I have faith in you and you can do it you should take a chance.
  40. chemistry

    You have a tank of argon gas at 19.80 atm pressure at 19°C. The volume of argon in the tank is 50.0 L. What would be the volume (in liters) of this gas if you allowed it to expand to the pressure of the surrounding air (0.924 atm)? Assume the temperauter remains constant.
  41. chemistry

    You vaporize a liquid substance at 90.0 °C and 795.0 mmHg. The volume of 0.548 g of vapor is 237 mL. What is the molecular weight (in amu) of the substance?
  42. math

    what is 47.813 1n word form
  43. AP physics

    search "ap waves and sound free response questions answers" into google and click on the second one that pops up. answers are on the bottom of the page. question number 23 i don't understand why it is B.
  44. AP physics (simple experiment question)

    so it creates a beat. powder goes to 2 points on the bar and the points are called nodes.
  45. AP physics (simple experiment question)

    the 440Hz and the 441 Hz tone bars are to be placed horizontally on stable surface. strike both tone bars with the hammer. 10. what do you hear? report any pattern you hear to the sound generated. 11. when striking a single tone bar sprinkles some powder or sand into the bar ...
  46. Math- Ms. Sue? Steve? Writeacher?

    it just numbers the transitions. for example: slide the point A to the right. the coordinates would be labeled A. now reflect it. the new point would be labeled A'. now slide toe the right. new point is now labeled A''. and so on.
  47. math

    suppose that it takes 100 workers 6 weeks to build 4 miles of highway. how many miles of highway could 160 workers build in 15 weeks
  48. AP physics (multiple choice)

    an object is undergoing uniform circular motion. which of the following statements is true? a. the velocity is constant b. the acceleration is constant. c. the a is constant but v varies. d. the v is constant but the a varies. E. both a and v vary.
  49. AP physics

    1000 kg car is going clockwise around a curve iwth radius of 30m. coefficient of frction=0.5 if the road was banded at an angle what would happen to the speed required or the radius of the curve? explain.
  50. AP physics

    how do i find the Fnet of 3 planets? the 3 planets are also at angled distance from one another(2d).
  51. AP physics (answer whatever you can)

    how do you find the Fnet of 3 planets? do i find the forces of all the planets on each other and add it up? what if teh planets are at an angled position? 1000 kg car is going clockwise around a curve iwth radius of 30m. coefficient of frction=0.5 if the road was banded at an ...
  52. Algebra

  53. science

    Suppose an ideal car jack has an input work 2750 J. It lifts a car 0.35 meters in 8 seconds. a. What is the output work of the jack? b. How much power is required to lift the car? c. What is the efficiency of the jack? I can't give a answer because I am very confused.
  54. science

    Suppose an ideal car jack has an input work 2750 J. It lifts a car 0.35 meters in 8 seconds. a. What is the output work of the jack? b. How much power is required to lift the car? c. What is the efficiency of the jack?
  55. AP physics

    oh never mind she did give me the 2nd angle. it would be impossible without it i presume
  56. AP physics

    i am given strings at different angle connected to a sign that is at equilibrium. i am given the mass of the sign but only one of the angles of the string. how do i find the tension in each string?
  57. Math

    5×216 as(5×200)+(5×16)
  58. Social Studies

    Thanks they work
  59. Physics Word Problem

    suppose a meteorite called head on with mars and becomes buried under mars surface. what would be the elasticity of this collision? explain your answer.
  60. physics

    A car travelling at 25 m/s slams its break leaving skids marks along a distance 125 m as it comes to rest. the coefficient f friction between the tire and the road is a 5 b 2.5 c 1 2 .4 e .25 A 500N worker pulling a 500 N crate on a rope with a force of 50 N at a constant ...

    What is the relationship between angle and gpe with a cart and a ramp. Also if it isn't linear find away to graph it in a linear fashion.
  62. Social studies

    its the political bosses because they used the poor immigrants by giving them rewards in exchange for votes.
  63. Science, please! help!

    1.D the rest idk
  64. physics (simple question)

    How does increasing the degree of a ramp change the an object's motion. the object is at the bottom and isn't going to go off the ramp. The object has an initial velocity.
  65. Social studies

  66. math

    Katie invested a total of ?$6000 ?, part at 3 ?% simple interest and part at 4 ?% simple interest. At the end of 1? year, the investments had earned ?$214 interest. How much was invested at each? rate?
  67. physics ap

    we'l find the time, t, for the ball to fall from the tabletop to the floor. use the equation ?y=vi?t+at^2/2. Take the vi to be zero and a to be 9.81 ±.02 m/s^2. you must first solve this equation for t. ?y=.922m what am i suppose to do with the acceleration because ...
  68. math

    a petri dish starts out with 500 bacteria. The amount of bacteria increases 25% each minute. Y=500(25)????
  69. physics

    ikr but my teach gave me the answers and it says 13.6m/s
  70. physics

    a brick is thrown upward from the top of a building at an angle of 25 degrees to the horizontal and with an initial speed of 15 m/s. what is the velocity of the brick at the max height? (the answer is 13.6 but I don't understand why or how to do it) (i thought it would be ...
  71. maths literacy

    A.24/9=2.6666667 cars per hour (24/9)x5=13.3333 cars in five hours. B. 2000=24/9(cars per hour)*T T=the amount of time. so 2000/24*9=T
  72. physics

    is the height of a ball be thrown directly related to the initial velocity? if i were to graph initial velocity as y and height as x,would it be a linear trend?
  73. Social Studies 6 B

    SO did I, I love online school
  74. LA

    THX Anonymous
  75. physics

    TY very much Damon
  76. physics

    a brick is dropped form the roof of a building. On the way down it passes a 2m high window and is observed to pass from the top to the bottom of the window in 0.25s. (a) How fast was it moving when it passed the top of the window? (b)How far below the roof of the building is ...
  77. Physics

    conversion:26.39 m/s v=v(i)+at v has to be zero because she is going to stop. initial is 26.39 m/s 0=26.39 m/s+(-4.0)t solve for t and add then add 1 sec(reaction time).
  78. math

    the number of blocks has 9 in the ones place. the number in the hundreds place is one more than the number in the tens place. those two numbers equal 11. how many blocks are there?
  79. math

    Question (B) h= _5 (t - 5)^2 +127. t = 0 h = -5(0 - 5)^2 +127 h= -5(-5)^2 + 127 h=-5(25) +127 h = - 125 + 127 h= 2
  80. Linear Algebra

    Hello, could anyone help me with this excersise of linear algebra, Please? Well it's about linear transformation defined as T:V--W , the excersices give me a set of linearly independent vectors of V {v1,v2, v3... vk} and then asks : Are {W1, w2, w3, ...wk}, the linear ...
  81. Pre-calc Math

    A tree on a hillside casts a shadow c = 210 ft down the hill. If the angle of inclination of the hillside is b = 21° to the horizontal and the angle of elevation of the sun is a = 51°, find the height of the tree. (Round your answer to the nearest foot.) ________ft
  82. Pre-calc Math

    The path of a satellite orbiting the earth causes the satellite to pass directly over two tracking stations A and B, which are 95 mi apart. When the satellite is on one side of the two stations, the angles of elevation at A and B are measured to be 87.0° and 84.2°, ...
  83. Pre-calc Math

    Use the Law of Sines to solve for all possible triangles that satisfy the given conditions. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE. Round your answers to one decimal place. Below, enter your answers so that ?B1 is smaller than ?B2.) a = 78, b = 109, ?A = 24° Find : ?B1...
  84. Social Studies

    Also, has anyone here seen stranger things?
  85. Social Studies

    aBoRt is correct. I just took the test
  86. Science

    It increases the populations because both species have more food supply which allows them to produce more and eat more. Put this into your own words BTW.
  87. Math (related rates) help?

    ohh ok this helped me too
  88. Thermo Dynamics

    Would like to see the following problem worked out. Having trouble solving. Explanation would be helpful. Given:Water at 20 Degrees C is filled to the top of a 15 m high, 15 m diameter tank. The tank is connected to a 15 m section of 5 cm diameter pipe which contains a fully ...
  89. math

    ben is a book that is 48 pages long.
  90. SS and i need SOS. please help me

    Cameron is correct. THANK YOU. This is for the Connections assessment.
  91. Math

    equivalent expressions that can be used to find the final price of an item costing g dollars that is on sale for 15% off and charged 7% sales tax.?
  92. Social Studies

    1. BCD
  93. Social Studies

    My answers are 1.B 2.C 3.D 4.C
  94. Social Studies

    1. What are the three types of productive resources? Select all that apply. (3 points) the raw materials provided by the planet the planning and work that go into production the markets that sell the results of production the social systems that ensure production is protected ...
  95. SS

    Is it 1. BCD 2. C 3. D 4. C
  96. Math

    At the same time a 5 foot person cast a 2 foot shadow, a nearby flagpole cast a 10 foot shadow. How tall is the flagpole?
  97. math

  98. Math

    Connexus changes up the answer letters sometimes so here are the answers for the questions so you can pick whatever number/letter it goes to! 1.Name one pair of congruent angles Answer= <PRQ <SVT 2.Name one pair of congruent sides Answer= Segments PR and SV 3.Which ...
  99. Math

    Connexus changes up the answer letters sometimes, so any one of these could be correct. But gl guys :P
  100. algebra

    The volume of a gas varies directly with its temperature and inversely with the pressure. If the volume of a certain gas is 20 cubic feet at a temperature of 350K and a pressure of 35 pounds per square inch, what is the volume of the same gas at 330 K when the pressure is 30 ...
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