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  1. physics

    so for change of momentum = 336 divided by 10,000? @Damon
  2. Cheater Lambster is banned!

    No it isn't, sometimes the student is confused and maybe they have a holiday and couldn't ask teachers! And maybe they're doing it last minute and need some help!
  3. physics

    A rocket engine uses fuel and oxidizer in a reaction that produces gas particles having a velocity of 1380 ms-1. The desired thrust is to be 195000 N. 1-What must be the fuel/oxidizer consumption rate (in kg s-1)? 2-f the initial weight of the rocket is 125000 N, what is its ...
  4. Physics

    hey if ur taking IB physics pls contact me at insta:ceasefirelife asap thank you
  5. Focus on the Child, Part 2

    I disagree. In my opinion the answer would be B.
  6. geometry hhhheeeelllllpppppp

    What is the surface area of a triangular prism with a base of 3 a height of 2.6 and a length of 7?
  7. Social studies

    lue is right thanks
  8. Art

    based on their attire, playing music during leisure time is most likely a pursuit of which greek class citizen? lower class musical class upper class middle class i believe it is upper class
  9. Algebra

    1/2F-16=9/10c for f
  10. Proportion

    A truck has traveled 75 miles in 1.5 hours of driving. At the same speed,which proportion can be used to determine how long,T (in hours),it would take the truck to travel 325 miles?
  11. English

    Introduction: This section must include the following items: 1. Title (underlined) and Author 2. Publisher, year, number of pages 3. Genre 4. One or two sentences to introduce the book. Example: Fury is the story of a horse, and a boy who loves him. It is adventurous. Summary...
  12. English

    Can someone help me write an essay on the secret garden
  13. Algebra

    Directions: Find the prime factors of the polynomials 1. a. 2a2 - 2b2 b. 6x2 - 6y2 c. 4x2 - 4 d. ax2 - ay2 e. cm2 - cn2 2. f. st2 - s g. 2x2 - 18 h. 2x2 - 32 i. 3x2 - 27y2 j. 18m2 - 8 3. k. 12a2 - 27b2 l. 63c2 - 7 m. x3 - 4x n. y3 - 25y o. z3 - z 4. p. 4c3 - 49c q. 9db2 - d r...
  14. English

    Part A Infinitives An infinitive is the base form of the verb, commonly preceded by to . An infinitive may be used as a noun, adverb, or adjective. Examples: -To know him is to like him. (noun) -She came here to study. (adverb) -That is the movie to see. (adjective) Directions...
  15. English

    1. Salt Lake City, Utah's capital and largest city, was founded in 1847. 2. Janice and Carla spent the day at the mall. 3. Standard time was adopted in the United States in 1884. 4. The geographic center of the United States is in Kansas. 5. The first safety lamp for ...
  16. Algebra

    Transform the following equations into standard form 1. x^2 + 2x = -1 2. 4 + x^2 = 7x 3. x^2 - x = 1 4. x^2 + 9x = 10 5.4x + 3 = x^2 6. x^2 + 5x +5 7. 2x^5 + 7x = 3x 8. x^2 = 3x + 8 9. x(x + 3) = 1 10. x^2 - 3x = -2 11. y^2 - 7y = -6 12.z^2 - 5z = -4 Some one please help I don...
  17. Algebra

    1. 10a – 8b (-) 4a + 5b 2. 5b + 3c (-) 4b + 3c 3. 6d + 6e (-) 9d – 8e 4. 8x – 3y (-) -4x + 8y 5. 6rs – 7bc (-) 9rs – 7bc 6. 5xy – 9cs (-)-3xy + cs 7. x2 – 6x + 5 (-) 3x2– 2x – 2 8. 3y2 – 2y – 1 (-) -5y2– 2y + 6 9. (...
  18. History

    1830s-1840s A. Evaluate the presidency of Andrew Jackson. Do you think that his actions were considered normal during his time? B. Analyze racism towards Native Americans during this period. C. Identify and describe at least two (2) positive events during this period. Tell why...
  19. Social Studies

    Geographically, people in western Russia have tended to identify with Europe more than Asia because A) the soil is so similar. B) their languages are quite similar. C) the Mediterranean Sea connects them. D) the Ural Mountains seal them off from the rest of Asia.

    Steve, you solved the system of equations wrong. It is in fact 8-x, not 8+x.
  21. Comm Tech

    Answer: B!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. math

    In a private school the ratio of boys to girls is 5:3 if there are 50 more boys than girls. How many students are there in total?
  23. MATH

    the best message I can give to you is this: is over of is equal to percent over 100. the number after is is 56 and the percent is 40. so you put 56/x and set that equal to 40/100 which simplifies to 2/5 cross multiply the two: 56 * 5 and 2 * x write the equation 280 = 2x ...
  24. technoligy

    1.b 2.a 3.b
  25. algebra

    x+y>=80 6x+4y<=720 2x+4y<=400
  26. Tech

    Kylie is correct 100%
  27. Science Help Plzz

    Thanks!! This really Helped a lot Morgan is correct!
  28. Physical Science

    24 N
  29. Science

    Thanks Bob!
  30. Science

    if you exert the same force on two objects of different masses. which object will have the greater acceleration?
  31. Math

    A pitcher throws a 142 g baseball, which accelerates at a speed of 9 m/s^2. How much force does the pitcher apply to the ball?
  32. Science

    Give an example of something that uses all third of Newton's Law.
  33. Math

    As x increases by 2 units, y increases by 3 units.
  34. Math.

    Which roof is steeper: a roof with a rise of 12 and run of 7 or a roof with a rise of 8 and a run of 4?
  35. Math

    Some number multiplied by -6 is 36. Multiply this number by 8. Divide the answer by 2. What is the final number?
  36. math

    My god you guys are cheaters
  37. math

    solve. 4r= -36
  38. Language arts

    no mudman is incorrect the answers are C C D B A essay D B D B C D A C B B C B A
  39. Math

    Workers at the camp cut mosquito netting into lengths of 250 cm. How many of these lengths can be cut from 30 m of mosquito netting?
  40. math

    Explain how you can be sure that all rates you have written on a double number line are correct.
  41. math

  42. Language Arts

  43. Language Arts

  44. ENG1511

    Correct the following for subject-verb agreement, tenses and fragments. 1.My car it is very beautiful. 2.When he thought he could afford to pay his own school fees. 3.This students keep making noise. 4.When I was young,I use to love playing with dolls. 5.I'm don't like...
  45. algebra

    In a math competition, contestants receive 8+ points for every correct answer and -5 for every incorrect answer. Boris has 23 correct answers and 5 incorrect answers; bridget has 32 correct answers and 19 incorrect. Who has the higher score?
  46. math 8th grade

    -15 - (3-7) + 6 * (-2) + (-8) - 9
  47. math

    -15 - (3-7) + 6 * (-2) + (-8) - 9
  48. math

    -15 - (3-7) + 6 * (-2) + (-8) - 9
  49. Probability

    0.991 0.1/(0.1+0.9*0.001)
  50. math

    2(3)cubed - (-9 + 5)squared =?
  51. Geometry

  52. math

    Is the answer of 4×4×4 + 2×2 greater than the answer of 10 × 10 + 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 ×2?
  53. math

    What does 4×4×4 + 2×2×2 =?
  54. math

    Five athletes are chosen to represent their sports at the school pep rally. Two girls and three boys are selected to walk into the gymnasium. If a girl must enter first and the other girl must be the last one to enter, how many different ways can the athletes enter the gym?
  55. math

    If the kitchen floor is shaped like a rectangle and measures 11 feet × 14 feet, how many square tiles will they need to cover the floor if each square tile measures 4 inches × 4 inches?
  56. math

    At a local restaurant, you order a cheesburger that costs $3.75, an order of french fries that cost $2.95, and a small drink that costs $1.30. There is 7% sales tax added to the order. What is the total cost of your meal?
  57. math

    If 3x + 7 = 34, what is the value of 5x?
  58. math

    Point R located at (-3,4) and the point is trandlated +4 units horizontally. Where will the translated point be located?
  59. math

    What is the 40th digit in the pattern 0.142857?
  60. math

    If a person standing 5 feet tall casts a shadow 12 feet long, then how long is a tree's shadow if a tree stands 17.5 feet tall?
  61. math

    Mark and Juanita want to tile their kitchen floor. If the kitchen floor is shaped like a rectangle and measures 11 feet × 14 feet, how many square tiles will they need to cover the floor is each square tile measures 4 inches × 4 inches?
  62. math

    Mark and Juanita want to tile their kitchen floor. If the kitchen floor is shaped like a rectangle and measures 11 feet × 14 feet, how many square tiles will they need to cover the floor is each square tile measures 4 inches × 4 inches?
  63. math

    What is the 40th digit in the pattern 0.142857?
  64. math

    If a person standing 5 feet tall casts a shadow 12 feet long, then how long is a tree's shadow if a tree stands 17.5 feet tall?
  65. math

    Based on estimates, the town of wayne has a population of 54,000 people. Wayne has an area of approximately 25 square miles. What is the population density of wayne?
  66. math

    What number can be expressed as 2cubed × 3 × 5squared?
  67. math

    The box shown does not have a top. What is the surface area of the box if its length measures 12 cm, its width is 9 cm, and it has a height of 15 cm?
  68. Probability

  69. Probability

    MSE= 0.09
  70. math

    A local bus leaves the stations at 6:00 a.m. and returns to pick up new passengers every 40 minutes. Providing there are no delays and the bus maintains its schedule, what time could the bus NOT return to the station?
  71. math

    His farn yields 5,000 ears of corn per season. Each year he plans to double the amount of corn his farm will yield. If this occurs, how ears of ears of corn will his farm yield during the fourth year?
  72. math

    What is the value for x in the equation 6(x + 2)=54?
  73. Science

    What energy change occurs during condensation?
  74. math

    I got 0.675?
  75. math

    During a recent free throw basketball tournament, jessica makes 27 out of 40 free throws. Express this amount as a decimal.
  76. math

    A professional baseball player has a battung average of 0.325 , express the players batting average as a fraction in simplest form.
  77. math

    I am not sure but I have 15?
  78. math

    On a recent math test, monique earned an 85%. Which value represnts the amount monique did not answer correctly?
  79. math

    There are 5 red marbles, 6 blue marbles, e green marbles, and 2 yellow marbles in a bag. What percent or fraction represents the number of blue and green marbles in the bag?
  80. math

    The New Jersey state lottert is $173,000,00. If you and your family win the lottery and receive 5% of that amount for the next twenty years how kuch money will you receive each year?
  81. math

    Which set of numbers does not contain three numbers that are equivalent? - Choices are:- A. 1/2,0.5,50% B. 1/5,0.02,20% C. 1/8,0.125,12.5% D. 1/20,0.05,5%
  82. math

    Yankee stadium can seat 57,545 people. At a recent game, it was reported that appoximately 97% of the tickets were sold. Based on that report, what is the best estimate for how many people attended the game?
  83. math

    What is the equivalent form of 15/24?
  84. math

    Martha read 120 pages in her book, which has a total of 200 pages. Which fraction best represents the portion of the book that she has not read?
  85. math

    I got 62.4 but the choices I have are 15, 34 , 63 , or 78
  86. math

    The sales team at an electronics store sold 48 computers last month. The manager at the store wants to encourage the sales team to sell more computers and is going to give all the sales team members a bonus if the number of computers sold increases by 30% in the next month. ...
  87. math

    I got 8.3?
  88. math

    Thank you so much but can you please put it in with the proportion set up? I just learned this from school and my teacher wants me to write the proportion set up for extra credit and I do not know how :/
  89. math

    You have a large container of olive oil. You have used 22 1/2 quarts of oil. Twenty-five percent of the olive oil remains. How many quarts of olive oil remain?
  90. Economics HELP PLEASE!!!!

    Wrong values: 250,-250,-300,-500
  91. math

    Marty's rock shop has a stock of 360 shells. 80% of the shells are from florida. How many of the shells are from florida?
  92. math

    what is the height of a solid with a volume of 120 m unit cubed and base area of 30 m squared?
  93. science

    Explain how the concentration of hydronium ions and hydroxide ions are related to pH.
  94. math

    A mother can make good cakes and pies. If she bakes 2 chocolate cakes and 1 apple pie, and then cuts them into 8 pieces each how many pieces would a family of 4 get altogether
  95. math

    My mother has 4 children. The youngest is 3 and the oldest is 7. What is a reasonable total of all 4 childrens ages added together? a. 14 B. 10 C. 20 D. 25
  96. math

    My mother and I have beautiful children. My mother bas 3 kids while I have 3/4 fewer children than her. How many children would I have?
  97. physicS IMP PLS

    THE instantaenous acc is just the acceleration of the rocket
  98. math

    what is the amount of sales tax on a $35 jacket if the tax rate is 6%.
  99. waste water treatment

    Correct answer to "Which is correct for this trickling filter?" - Due to the high BOD loading rate the filter might clog. This can be prevented by effluent recycling in order to increase the shear stress on the biofilm.
  100. Science

    im taking the same test and it is difficult to fiend info that they don't incorporate in the lessons. That's right they ccan expell you, but the program should also give more info
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