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  1. Math

    Find the volume of a spherical cone in a sphere of radius 17 cm. if the radius of its zone is 8 cm.
  2. Math

    How do you find the surface area of a rectangular prism though? I have (I think) the same question. 15mm = length | 3 mm = width | 4 mm = height. How do you solve it?
  3. statistics

    A population has an average of 150,000 with a standard deviation of 27,000. A random sample of 81 items is chosen. What is the standard error?
  4. Chemistry

    IF 24.5 mL of the .10M NaOH solutino is required to reach the endpoint in a titration with an unknown monoprotic acid, how many moles of the acid were present?
  5. Chemistry

    The boiling point of a solution increases directly as a function of the number of moles of solute present in a given mass of solution. This relationship is expressed mathematically by the following equation. ?Tb = Kb·m ?Tb is the boiling-point elevation of a solution, m...
  6. english

    athena the goddess of wisdom, odysseus ally who provided him with help. but i’m stuck on penelope, odysseus wife
  7. english

    what roles are played by the female characters you encountered in this unit? describe some of these females characters, their traits, and the roles they played within the selections you read, especially considering that all of those selections had male characters as ...
  8. Biology

    A farmer wants to propagate a good variety of a crop in a way which maintained all its desirable traits. Which of the following methods should be used? A. Self Pollination B. Vegetative propagation C. Growing seeds produced from this variety D. Cross-pollinating this crop with...
  9. Biology

    Okay, thank you so much!
  10. Biology

    A farmer grew only one type of onion. All of the onion plants died from the same disease. What can be said of this onion plant population. A. Only few plants were resistant to the disease B. All of the onion plants were resistant to the disease. C. The onion plants were ...
  11. Cryptography

    Now, PsyDag. Could you evaluate it? 1) Experiment Expddh-1(A) G,g x?$Zm y?$Zm z?xymodm X?gx;Y ?gy;Z?gz d?A(X,Y,Z) Advddh(A) = Pr Expddh-1(A) = 1 ? Pr Expddh-0(A) = 1 2) Experiment Expdl (A) G,g x ?$ Z m ; X ? g x x ? A(X) If gx = X then return 1 else return 0 Advdl (A) = Pr ...
  12. Cryptography

    Problem 1. (25 points) Let p be a prime and g be a generator of the multiplicative group Z∗p of integers modulo p, (note that F∗p is also commonly used to denote this group, but we will stick with Z∗p). Let λ ...
  13. Computer Architecture

    Your project is to write a partial disassembler for MIPS instructions in Java. That is, your input will be the 32-bit machine instructions that a compiler or assembler produces. Your program then figures out what the original source instructions were that created those 32-bit ...
  14. Math

    The boys mixed 10 gallons of 20% pure lemon juice mix and 10 gallons of the 70% pure lemon juice mix , because they wanted 20 gallons of lemonade at a 40%lemon juice mixture. They thought that because 40% was almost halfway between 20% and 70%,they should mix equal parts of ...
  15. Math

    10 + h > 2 + 2h
  16. Foreign exchange

    Just want to have clarification on foreign exchange rates. I am confused with appreciate/depreciate...which is better, etc. Let's say a Canadian company has USD costs to be paid. It will be better for the company if USD depreciates/lose value (example: from 1CAD = 0.753USD...
  17. Chemistry

    Hello I have a question relaté to nucleophiles. Is The alcohol CH3OH a nucleophile or only its ion CH3O- ?
  18. Calculus

    It's |sin(4n/?)+3|/4^n
  19. Calculus

    I have to get the result of the serie from 1 to infinite of |sin(4n/?) +3|/ 4^n I really don't know what to do... Please I would really appreciate if anyone can help me
  20. Math, Inequalities

    Prove the following inequalities. Then state for which values the LHS equals RHS. 1) a^2 + b^2 ? 2(a-b-1) 2) Given a + b = 1, prove the inequality a^2 + b^2 ? 1/2 Please explain how you solved it. Thanks.
  21. Science

    K then..
  22. Math - Calculus

    g(x)=?[6x,3x] (u+2)/u-5) du Find g'(x)
  23. LA

    I think it might also be don't put the cart before the horse. Is that right?
  24. LA

    She was just hoping she would
  25. LA

    What two idioms would you use for this sentence? She bought a present before being invited to the party.
  26. algebra

    Yogi is 6 years older than Michelle. The sum of their ages
  27. math

    The are 99 dogs. 49 bark consistently while 69 whines. 29 dogs both whine and bark. How many of the dogs neither whine nor bark?
  28. Calculus

    Consider the given function and the given interval. f(x) = (x ? 3)^2, [2, 5] (a) Find the average value fave of f on the given interval. fave = (b) Find c such that fave = f(c). c = (smaller value) c= (larger value)
  29. Math

    Adam cuts the cake into equal-sized pieces. Each piece has a length of 5 centimeters, a width of 5 centimeters, and a height of 3 centimeters. How many pieces of cake does Adam have? I stated 75, I used the volume equation l x w x h.
  30. Physics

    An electric heater the temperature of 120g of water in a thin light vessel through 10k in 2 minutes, when placed in 70g of water contained in a metal vessel of mass 0.55kg the temperature rises through 9k in the same time. Calculate from the above The heat supplied in 2 ...
  31. English

    It is an age that is considered to be very old. Here is the example for you: He lived to the ripe old age of 91.
  32. Algebra

    Let a ? b = 2a ? 3b. What is the value of (1 ? 2) ? 7?
  33. French (HELP!)

    Can you check one last time! Merci beaucoup. 1. Voyager dans le monde est une grande partie de moi. 2. Voyager ouvre mes yeux et j'ai (pris) cette (chance). 3. Voyager m'aide à apprendre qui je suis. 4. Voyager crée des relations significatives avec des ...
  34. French (HELP!)

    Are these grammatically correct?
  35. French (HELP!)

    1. Traveling around the world is a huge part of me. Voyager dans le monde est une grande partie de moi. 2. Traveling opens my eyes and I've (taken) that (chance). Voyager ouvre mes yeux et j'ai (pris) que (chance). 3. Traveling helps me learn who I am. Voyager m'...
  36. Language Arts

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  37. Chem

    How would the pressure of a gas change if suddenly the intermolecular forces were repulsive rather than attractive?
  38. Chem

    suggest an explanation for the ideal nature of helium compared to the other gases
  39. math

    what is the function for vertex form?
  40. math

    Students noticed that the path of water from a water fountain seemed to form a parabolic arc. They set a flat surface at the level of the water spout and measured the maximum height of the water from the flat surface as 6 inches and the distance from the spout to where the ...
  41. math

    In economics, revenue Upper R is defined as the amount of money derived from the sale of a product and is equal to the number x of units sold times the selling price p of each unit. If the selling price is given by the equation p -1/10x+60 , express revenue R function of the ...
  42. Math

    A landlady currently rents each of her 50 apartments for $1300 per month. She estimates that for each $100 increase in rent, two additional apartments will remain vacant. a. Construct a function that represents the revenue R(n) as a function of the number of rent increases, n...
  43. writing

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  44. Algebra

    A company has a fixed monthly manufacturing cost of $12,000 and it costs $0.95 to produce a mechanical pencil. They then sell each pencil for $1.25. How many units must be sold before this company breaks even?
  45. Math

    A total of 45 412 runners participated in the Vancouver Sun Run. Of these runners, 0.85% completed the run in under 40 min. How many runners completed in under 40 mins? In fact, 0.13% of the runners completed the run in less than 34 min. How many runners were in this group?
  46. math

    Rectangles ABCD and PQRS have the same length-to-width ratio. Calculate the length of rectangle PQRS rectangle abcd: L: 30 cm W: 18 cm rectangle pqrs: L: ? W: 27 cm
  47. math

    A beetle is 1.8cm long. A drawing of the beetle is made using a scale of 5:1. What is the length of the beetle in the drawing?
  48. math

    You'd divide the numbers?
  49. Math Limits

    lim(as p-->4) of (p^3 - 64) / (4-p) My work: p^3 - 64 = (p-4)(p^2 + 4p + 16) 4 - p = -(p-4) ((p-4)(p^2 + 4p + 16)) / -(p-4) p-4 cancels out -(p^2 + 4p + 16) -((4)^2 + 4(4) + 16) -(16 + 16 + 16) - 48 Is this right?
  50. Math

    If an average catcher takes 1.9 seconds to throw a baseball from home plate to second base on a 90 foot baseball diamond how fast in mph did the catcher throw the ball?
  51. Chem equilibrium

    Unfortunately, 76% was also not the right answer
  52. Chem equilibrium

    I don't understand part b NO(g) + O3(g) <=> NO2(g) + O2(g) (a) If 2.50 moles of NO and 3.30 moles of O3 are placed in a 5.30 L flask, what is the equilibrium concentration of O2? Kc = 5.00 ✕ 10-6. .00121 (I got this correct) (b) What percent of the O3 reacts? ...
  53. Chemistry

    That H is supposed to be attached to the first Carbon, it just got shifted when I posted the question!
  54. Chemistry

    I have a homework question that says: "Three resonance structures of the following anion are possible. One is given below, but it is incomplete. Complete the given structure by adding non-bonding electrons and formal charges. Draw the two remaining resonance structures, ...
  55. Math

    Hello, I'm supposed to do the following questions for the equation y=cos(pi/3)x for intervals [0,6] a) For what values of x does the instantaneous rate of change appear to equal 0? b) For what value(s) of x does the instantaneous rate of change appear to reach a maximum ...
  56. Math

    Bernadette cuts a piece of fabric into four pieces of the same length. After she cuts off 3 feet from one of the pieces, she is left with a piece that is 2 feet long. What is the length of the piece of a fabric she started with?
  57. math

    A rectangular prism is 2 1/3 mm long, 1 1/2 mm wide and 3 mm tall. What is the volume of the prism? V = 2 1/3 x 1 1/2 x 3, or V = 7/3 x 3/2 x 3, or V = 63/6, or V = 10 1/2
  58. Geometry

    Sorry it wasn't complete. The shaded area is the area outside the circle. No radius was given for the circle. Does that mean that I can get the radius of the circle from the rectangle's dimension?
  59. Geometry

    Find the area of the shaded region, if the rectangle has dimensions 8m and 18m and the circle is inscribed in the rectangle. I just need an example on how to solve for this. I'm pretty bad at following without examples and my book doesn't show one.
  60. Psych

    One major reason that groups tend to take greater risks than their members would take as individuals is
  61. algebra

    I answered a. 7. Is that correct?
  62. algebra

    Question 8: What is the value of c such that: x2 + 14x + c, is a perfect-square trinomial? a. 7 b. 98 c. 196 d. 49
  63. Algebra

    Question 1 of 20 5.0 Points Graph the set of points. Which model is most appropriate for the set? (- 1, 20), (0, 10), (1, 5), (2, 2.5) what would graph look like?
  64. algebra 1

    Thank you. I have a final and midterm. Can I ask for help tomorrow? I need a 65 to graduate. I'd really appreciate it. I can't afford a tutor.
  65. algebra 1

    What is the simplified form of the expression? x^8*2y^10*5x^5
  66. Algebra

    Identify the domain and range of the relation {(-9,2), (-4,2), (3,2), (9,2)} thanks for your help. please show answer.
  67. Algebra

    I think it's two separate questions. I was confused.
  68. Algebra

    This is added to my question: Represent the above relationship between the number of triangles and the perimeter of the figures they form by filling in the table (Number of triangles perimeter 1 2 3)
  69. Algebra

    A taco stand sells tacos for $3.35 easch. The stands expenses for the day are $210. Define our variables and write an inequality to represent the amount of tacos they need to sell per day to make a profit, and then solve the inequality. Provide your conclusion as a complete ...
  70. algebra

    Write a compound inequality that the graph could represent. Please exlain and show if you can. Thank you...
  71. algebra

    Thank you so very much Reiny!
  72. algebra

    a cheetah ran 300 feet in 2.92 seconds. What was the cheetahs average speed in miles per hour? Please show steps.THANKS!!
  73. physics

    The radius of a roll of paper is 7.6 cm and its moment of inertia is I = 2.9 × 10^3 kg·m2. A force of 3.2 N is exerted on the end of the roll for 1.3 s, but the paper does not tear so it begins to unroll. A constant friction torque of 0.11 m·N is exerted on...
  74. world history

    the site is gatestoneinstitute -Was Iraq War worth it by Richard miniter (I wasn't able to post the link so here's the title of the article) Can someone help me identify what the author's argument is. I know the question is, is the iraq war worth it? but I was ...
  75. math

    In triangle XYZ,A is the midpoint of YZ. The bisector of the exterior angle at X of XYZ cuts YZ produced at B. The line through A parallel to XB, cuts XY at P and XZ produced at Q. 1.PY/PX= ZA/BA = QZ/QX. Please help
  76. English

    english is the language of opportunity. Why bother to teach indigenous language?
  77. physics

    a 2.2 kg ball is dropped from 3m above vertical spring whose spring constant is 450 n/m. a) how far will it compress the spring? b.) what velocity will the ball have when it leaves the spring again?
  78. Physics

    A 5kg box is pulled for a distance of 12m with a force of 20N along frictionless surface. The force is applied at an angle that is 15 deg. above the horizontal. a.) how much work was done by the applied force? b) how fast will the box be moving at the end of the 12m if it ...
  79. PHYSICS!!!

    A skier traveling 12.0 m/s reaches the foot of a steady upward 18 degree incline and glides 12.2 m up along this slope before coming to rest. What was the average coefficient of friction?
  80. Science

    1c 2 c
  81. Physics

    I couldn't figure out a, but b is (1/2.41) - (1/-13) = 2.03 cm and the second blank is none.
  82. Math

    If 8,x,y,z and 20 are in A.P.find x,y,z
  83. Astronomy

    F = GM1M2/R2 = (6.67x10-11 x 1.9891x1030 x 25) / (3000)2 =
  84. English

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  85. math

    The park currently contains 20 wolves and the park rangers are introducing additional wolves at the rate mt(12−t) wolves per month, 0≤t≤12 for some constant m>0 to be determined. However, the park rangers are concerned about damaging the current rabbit ...
  86. Statistics

    What do i do to calculate the 25% mean of 50 variables? Like, how many do I take away from the smallest and largest sides?
  87. Math

    thanks so much Ms. Sue
  88. Math

    Ms. Sue just so I understand should the answer be just 9/32 or 9/32%. thanks for your help.
  89. Math

    Need help with this please. what percent of 2 2/3 is 3/4? .75/2.6 = x/100 2.6x/2.6 = 75/2.6 answer I came to is 28.846153, is this correct. Need assistance
  90. 6th grade Math

  91. Chemistry

    A solution containing a mixture of 0.0381 M potassium chromate (K2CrO4) and 0.0769 M sodium oxalate (Na2C2O4) was titrated with a solution of barium chloride (BaCl2) for the purpose of separating CrO42– and C2O42– by precipitation with the Ba2 cation. Answer the ...
  92. math functions

    I got -x^2 + 2x + 4 - 3 but it was marked wrong
  93. math functions

    what is f(x) - g(x) when f(x)=3x-3 and g(x)=x^2-4
  94. physics

    a bock with mass 60kg sits on a surface with static friction Us = 0.51. a spring (k = 69N) is stretched horizontally by 11cm but the block is still stationary. What is the friction force felt by the block when stretched 11cm?
  95. Math

    Charlie has a drawing of his bedroom that measures 8 1/2 inches long by 7 1/4 inches wide. If the real room measures 15 ft in length, what is the rooms width?
  96. Algebra

    Your friend claims that she has a bag of 30 coins containing nickels, dimes, and quarters. The total value of the 30 coins is $3. There are twice as many nickels as there are dimes. Is your friend correct? Explain your reasoning
  97. Algebra

  98. physics

    Two workers pull horizontally on a heavy box, but one pulls twice as hard as the other. The larger pull is directed at 25.0 degrees west of north, and the resultant of these two pulls is 350.0 N directly northward. Use vector components to find the magnitude of each of these ...
  99. algebra

  100. math

    write 515% = 3/10 as a mixed number or fraction. answer in simplest terms
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