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CRT 205
so 5. would be invalid thanks for helping me are all of my answer correct?

CRT 205
I am not sure maybe the 9 in the second group

CRT 205
2.valid 3.valid 5.valid 6.invalid 8.invalid 9.valid 2.valid 3.invalid 5.valid 6.valid 8. valid 9.invalid

CRT 205
determine which arguments are valid 2. The Lakers almost didn’t beat the Kings. They’ll never get past Dallas. 3. If the butler had done it, he could not have locked the screen door. Therefore, since the door was locked, we know that the butler is in the clear. 5. ...

CRt 205
CRT-205 Week 5 Fallacy Matrix Categorizing Fallacies • Categorize each fallacy statement by copying fallacy type from the list below into the Fallacy Type text box adjacent the fallacy statement. • Provide an explanation as to why you think it is that fallacy type in...

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