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  1. science

    differences between rotation and revolution of the earth
  2. civic

    advantages of confedral constitution
  3. math

    5 - 2.25 = 2.75 = or less than 2.75
  4. Chemistry

    If you have 10.00 mL of 0.5875 M H3PO4, how many mL of 0.2625 M NaOH are needed to reach the point of complete neutralization?
  5. chemistry

    The basicity of tetraoxosulphat(iv)acid is 2 explain this statement with an equation showing the reaction between the acid and potassium hydroxide
  6. math

    How many ways can I select 5 pieces of fruit from apples, oranges, strawberries and pears (I have at least 5 of each)?
  7. Math

    There are 20 red, 20 green and 20 blue balls in an urn. In how many different ways can 10 balls be selected? How many ways are there if there are 6 red balls instead of 20?
  8. Chemistry

    For who needs it in the future: 5.00mg Si / 1000 mg Si = 0.005g Si (0.005)((1e-5)/100g Si) = 5.00e-10 ((5.00e-10)(6.02e23))/(31 g P) = 9.71e12 atoms P
  9. Chemistry

    Suppose that a device is using a 5.00-mg sample of silicon that is doped with 1 × 10-5% (by mass) phosphorus. How many phosphorus atoms are in the sample?
  10. Health

  11. Health

    Thank You Writeacher !!!!!
  12. Health

    1. Identify a common defense mechanism that protects you from an uncomfortable feeling. A. reaction formation *** My Answer B. abstinence C. mature behaviors D. acceptance 2. Anger is a normal emotion that all humans feel at some time. It is important to express this emotion ...
  13. algebra

  14. Probability

    How??? Solution and explanation pleaseeeee
  15. Probability

    Based on experience, the manager of a credit card company reports that three out of every ten credit card applications are disapproved. Use the normal approximation to determine the probability that at most 50 of 200 new credit applications will be rejected.
  16. Probability

    Answer and solution pleaseee
  17. Probability

    Suppose that the lifetime of a farm tractor follows a normal distribution with a mean of eight years and a standard deviation of 1.7 years. If the manufacturer is willing to replace only 5% of the tractors that fail within the warranty period, how long should the warranty ...
  18. Probability

    Solution pleaseeeee
  19. Probability

    Gani, a regular coffee drinker, goes to his favorite coffee shop every night for a cup of hot cappuccino. The amount of time that he stays in his favorite spot is normally distributed with a mean of 45 minutes and a standard deviation of 5 minutes. Above how many minutes are ...
  20. Probability

    Suppose that a drug is known to be 90% effective in treating a certain disease. What is the probability that it will be successful in treating seven to ten out of 12 patients with the disease?
  21. Physics

    A charge +q is at the origin. A charge -2q is at x = 6.30 m on the +x axis. (a) For what finite value of x is the electric field zero? (b)or what finite values of x is the electric potential zero? (Note: Assume a reference level of potential V = 0 at r = ?.) Smallest value of ...
  22. Math

    Why did they remove my question about youtube? That's what i'm learning in school
  23. Geometry

    We can help if you post the ones you need help with
  24. Probability

    In a university, 30% of the students major in Business management, 25% major in mathematics and 10% major in both business management and mathematics. A student from this university is selected at random. A) what is the probability that the student majors in business ...
  25. Math

  26. Math 6A

    1. 6*0.05 = ? 2. CORRECT!
  27. Question!!

    I don't quite understand why we had to do 1.5/.054 ? Like what is the reasoning behind it? Why didn't we just do F=(q1q2)/r^2 where r would now be 0.054? and if we can't do this why is it wrong to do this? Really appreciate the help!
  28. Physics

    A +33.0 nC charge is placed at the origin of an xy-coordinate system, and a ?25.0 nC charge is placed at the point (1.500 m, ?0.0540 m). (a) Determine the magnitude and the direction of the force that the positive charge exerts on the negative charge. Use ijk notation for your...
  29. Math

    220 -(35*4) = ?
  30. math

    numbers of ways a person can travel from a to c via b, if there are 3 routes from a to b and 5 routes from b to c
  31. Statistics

    A committe of 5 members will be chosen from a group of 10 teachers and 5 students. What is the probability that the committee will have A) all teachers? B) 3 teachers and 2 students? C) 3 or 4 teachers?
  32. Statistics

    A committe of 5 members will be chosen from a group of 10 teachers and 5 students. What is the probability that the committee will have A) all teachers? B) 3 teachers and 2 students? C) 3 or 4 teachers?
  33. math

    The square root of the product of 4 and a number is 26
  34. Calculus

    Thanks Steve for your explanation. The questions never gave how deep the water is, which was why I was a bit thrown off.
  35. Calculus

    water drips into an upside down cone, whose diameter at the base is 10 cm , and whose height is 15 cm. If the water is dripping int a rate of 2cm^3 per minute, how fast is the height rising.
  36. Math please help !!!!!!

    How many blocks 1 inch on each edge would it take to fill a shoe box that is 12 inches long , 6inches wide , and 5 inches high ?
  37. Physical Science A

    hallium-206 decays by beta emission to make the next element to the right in the periodic table (lead-206)
  38. linear algebra

    Find the scalar equation for the plane passing through the point P=(0, 2, ?1) and containing the line L defined by x = 2+t y = 4+t z = ?6+7t
  39. linear algebra

    Let L1 be the line passing through the point P1=(9, 0, 0) with direction vector ?d1=[3, 2, ?2]T, and let L2 be the line passing through the point P2=(?10, 8, 4) with direction vector ?d2=[3, 0, 2]T. Find the shortest distance d between these two lines, and find a point Q1 on ...
  40. Algebra

    1.What is the slope of the line that passes through the pair of points (3,8) and (9,5)? Options -2 2 1/2 -1/2 2.Write an equation in point-slope form for the line Through the given point with the given slope. (8,3);m=5 Options Y+3=5(x-8) Y+3=5x-8 Y-3=5(x-8) Y-3=5(x+5) I think ...
  41. math

  42. Linear Algebra

    Let L be the line with parametric equations x = 2+3t y = 3?2t z = 2+t Find the shortest distance d from the point P0=(?5, 1, ?4) to L, and the point Q on L that is closest to P0. Use the square root symbol '?' where needed to give an exact value for your answer. d = _ ...
  43. Physics

    Are you saying that I was doing it right, then? I did (4*10^5)V/303 = 3*10^5(0.45*10^-4)/313 1320.13V = 0.043 V = 0.00003267177507 m^3
  44. Physics

    A gas is kept at a pressure of 4.00 × 105 Pa and a temperature of 30.0 °C. When the pressure is reduced to 3.00 × 105 Pa and the temperature raised to 40.0 °C, the volume is measured to be 0.45 × 10^?4 m^3. Estimate the original volume of the gas. I ...
  45. Physics

    Thank you! I realized my problem was that I didn't convert g/cm^3 to g/m^3 correctly
  46. Physics

    The density of copper is 8.96 g cm^?3 and its molar mass is 64 g mol^?1. The mass of an atom of copper is 1.1*10^-22 g Determine the number of copper atoms per cubic metre.
  47. Math

    Pradip and pam each have apple slices and orange slices. The ratio of apple slices to the total number of slices is 4 to 11. The ratio of the total number of slices to orange slices on Pam's plate is 13:6. Neither person has more than 20 total slices. Who has more slices? ...
  48. Science

    force of gravity proportional to distance squared so...
  49. Linear Algebra

    Given the following matrices A and B, find an invertible matrix U such that UA = B: A and B are 4x4 matrix and i have to find U. I was wondering how i would do this ie. the steps. if you could be as detailed as possible that would help me. I wanted to try and do it myself ...
  50. Physics

    A train slows down as it rounds a sharp horizontal turn, going from 86.0 km/h to 44.0 km/h in the 13.0 s that it takes to round the bend. The radius of the curve is 140 m. Compute the acceleration at the moment the train speed reaches 44.0 km/h. Assume the train continues to ...
  51. Las Vegas Cheat BANNED!

  52. Linear Algebra

    Given the following vector X, find a non-zero square matrix A such that AX=0: X=[2 -5 3]^T Im not sure how i would find the sqare matrix a?
  53. Language

  54. Calculus

    Use the given graph of f to find a number ? such that if 0 < |x ? 3| < ? then |f(x) ? 2| < 0.5. since i cannot put up the graph ill put the coordinates (2.6,1.5) (3,2) (3.8,2.5) Please help im not sure how to solve this
  55. Physics/Math

    Prove cos^2 ? + cos?^2 ? + cos^2 ? = 1 . Thank You
  56. Physics

    I m doing an assignment and this is what is asks: (c) Find the sum of the squares of the cosines of the corresponding coordinate direction angles found above. (Measure the cosines of the corresponding coordinate direction angles from the x-y plane.) Im not quite sure what it ...
  57. chemistry

    Well Mg is in the second column on the periodic table mean it would have a +2 charge.
  58. History

    How did John Calhoun react to the Tariff of 1828? A. He used his power as Vice President to influence President Jackson to oppose the tariff. B. He led a charge to impose sticker regulations on the second bank of the United States. C. He devised a force bill allowing the ...
  59. science

    A coach tells his little league players that hitting a 0.275 batting average, within 7% percentage error, means that they had a really great season. Seven year old Tommy ended the season hitting a 0.258 batting average. According to his coach, did he have a great season?
  60. Math

    A rectangular garden plot 16 by 24 meters is to be bordered by a strip of uniform width x meter so as to double the area. Find x.
  61. Math

    *supposed I mean
  62. Math

    I dont know either. The problem was given by our teacher. And yes, it is supposes to be y subscript p. Thank you.
  63. HVAC

    Two HVAC/R technicians are discussing the tape used in HVAC/R repairs. Technician A says that cloth duct tape is preferred for use in attics. Technician B says that UL 181 tape is normally required for duct closing systems. Which one of the following statements is correct?
  64. Math

    Thanks! Neede that
  65. Math

    Simpilfy the radical expression by rationalzing the denoiminator? 3/sqrt15 a)sqrt45/15 b)sqrt15/5 c)5sqrt15*** d)sqrt3
  66. Math

    So am I right or wrong I suck at this
  67. Math

    My secon guess was C
  68. Math

    What are the solutions of the system? y=x^2+3x-4 y=2x+2 a) (-3,6) and (2,-4)** b) (-3,-4) and (2,6) c) (-3,-4) and (-2,-2) d) no solutions
  69. Science (soon if so)

    Thank's Student12!
  70. Science (soon if so)

    Over the years technology has gotten a) smaller**** b) heavier c) less complicated d) more expensive What is nanotechnology? a) Nanotechnology is engineering new elements by changing their atoms***** b)Nanotechnology is a way to lengthen radio waves and improve cell phone ...
  71. Pre- Algebra

    If you were to roll a fair number cube 120 times, how many times would you expect to roll a 4 based on theoretical probability
  72. geography

    Explain the effects of the poor service delivery. There must evidence that i actually investigate the poor service delivery physically where possible. Explanation must be with regard to social or Economic or Environmental problem
  73. Microbes and society

    In Chapter 9 of the Bible, in the book of Exodus, the sixth plague of Egypt is described in this way: “Then the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, ‘Take double handful soot from a furnace, and in the presence of Pharaoh, let Moses scatter it toward the sky. It will then ...
  74. Math (Help please!)

    c,d,c,d,a graph, equations, inequalities
  75. Algebra

    Check my answer- Solve the system of equations algebraically. Show all of your steps. Y=x^2+2x Y=3x+20 My answer: X^2+2x+3x+20 X^2-x-20 (x-5),(x+4)=0 x=5, x=-4 y=35, y=8 Thank you!
  76. Maths

    the angles of of evolution of the top of a hill from the City centres of two towns on either side of the hill are observed to be 30° and 60° respectively. if the distance of hill of the top from the city centre of first is 9 kilometre find in kilometres ...
  77. Physics

    A 5g bullet is fired horizontally and hits an 8kg block of wood (initially at rest) which can move freely. The wood and the bullet move with a velocity of 0.50 m/s after impact. What is the initial velocity of the bullet?
  78. Physics

    A 5 gram bullet is fired horizontally and hits an 8 kilogram block of wood (initially at rest) which can move freely. The wood and the bullet move with a velocity of 0.50 m/s after impact. What is the initial velocity of the bullet?
  79. Math

    The pitch of a screw is the distance between its threads. With each complete rotation, the screw goes in or out a distance equal to its pitch. If the pitch of a screw is 1/17 inch, how far will it go into a piece of oak when it is turned 14 complete rotations clockwise?
  80. Math

    If a recipe calls for 4 eggs for 8 people how many eggs would it be for 32 people
  81. Math

  82. 4th grade math

  83. Calculus-derivatives

    At what points on the graph of f(x)=6x^2+4x-9 is the slope of the tangent line -2?
  84. Chemistry

    1.38 mol HCl and 2.9 mol NaOH react accord- ing to the equation HCl + NaOH ?? NaCl + H2O . If the limiting reactant is HCl, determine the amount of excess reactant that remains. Answer in units of mol.
  85. Chemistry

    1.38 mol HCl and 2.9 mol NaOH react accord- ing to the equation HCl + NaOH ?? NaCl + H2O . If the limiting reactant is HCl, determine the amount of excess reactant that remains. Answer in units of mol.
  86. Math

    My numerator is 2 less than my denominator I am more than 1/2 what fraction can i be?
  87. calculus

    define f(x)={x+a if x>2 {-1 if x=2 {ax+b if x<2. How to determine the values of a and b for which f(x) is continuous in the set of real numbers.
  88. math geometry

    Find the area of the triangle defined by the coordinates (-3, -4), (-7, 0), and (-3, 4).
  89. science

    Numerical problem : The dimensions of a certain water tank are 8m x 6m x 4m. What is the pressure at the bottom of the tank, if the tank is half filled?
  90. Math

    If the coefficient of sliding friction for steel on ice is 0.05, what force is required to keep a man weighing 150 lbs moving at constant speed along ice?
  91. Dynamics

    A level fight bomber flying at 300 ft/s releases a bomb at an elevation of 6400 ft. Approximately how long before the bomb strikes the earth?
  92. Dynamics of rigid bodies

    a stone is thrown upward with a velocity of 40m/s.Determine the time of the stone when it is at a height of 10m and is moving downwards.
  93. Chemistry AP

    How many mL of0.4M AgNO3 solution must be added to 200mL of0.4 M NaI in order to for 11.7 grams of AgI precipitate?
  94. Science

    A lead calorimeter with mass of 150g contains 200g of water. The calorimeter and water are in thermal equilibrium at a specific temperature. Two metallic blocks are placed into the water. One is a 50.0g piece of aluminum heated at 90 degrees celcius. The other has a mass of ...
  95. math

    Put the following decimals and fractions in order from greastest to least: 0.15, 2/3, 3/5, 0.25, 1 1/8
  96. Analytical chemistry

    Calculate the expected concentrations of vitamin B6 and caffeine in the stock solution assuming exactly 0.0506 g of pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) and 0.1253 g of caffeine are dissolved in a 100 mL volumetric flask.
  97. English

    One of the individuals in the selection I chose is Laetitia. She moved away from home to be with her boyfriend. Moving to anew place can make you feel sad and sometimes angry. But Laetitia is with the one she loves and that made up for feeling different in a different place.
  98. Mathematics

    This wasn't there before Sorry But I have a test and I urgently need help
  99. Mathematics

    The area of one of the faces of the cube below is x^2+2x+1 cm^2. Find an expression in mixed radical form for the length of the interior design. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz helppppppppp on thisssss. On my previous question I even showed my work
  100. Math

    The area of one of the faces of the cube below is x^2+2x+1 cm^2. Find an expression in mixed radical form for the length of the interior design. Since no one looked at my previous work.................
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