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revoulutionary war
what is the definition of the following? separation of powers three branches of government virginia plan new jersey plan great compromise 3/5 compromise checks and balnces federalism if you know anything about any of these subjects, it will be greatly appreciated.

if you have a regular octagon with a side 7, what is the area?

algerbra 1
building on my last question, would the second equation be 3n+2r=5? the 5 is the number of movies rented, and the rest the same as before.

algebra 1
you spend $13 to rent five movies for the weekend. since new releases rent for $3 and regular movies rent for $2, how many ragular movies did you buy? So far i have the equation $3n+$2r=$13 (n=new release, and r=regular) can anyone give me a clue as to what the second equation...

algebra 1

algebra 1
use the substitution method to solve the linear system. 9x+6y=3 3x-7y=-26 please show me an example of how to do it.

7x+y=-8 i don't understand what you mean. could you possibly do an example?

how do you use the substitution method to solve the linear system? -2x-5y=7 7x=y=-8

graph and check to solve the linear system. problem: 2x-3y=-3 x+6y=6