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  1. Physics

    A hockey puck is given an initial speed of 6.7 m/s. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the puck and the ice is 0.08, how far (in m) does the puck slide before coming to rest?
  2. Math

    Hannah and Francine have $120. Hannah and peter have $230. Peter has 6 times as much money as Francine. How much does Hannah have?
  3. Electronics Engineering Technology

  4. Electronics Engineering Technology

  5. vocab

    A small harbor where small boat can dock
  6. jimma university facaliy of law

    compare & contrast the three major legal system of the world the babylonyan,greek&roman legal system ?
  7. you guys are all wrong you guys made me get a 5/12

    the answer is a b d b a b essay b d d b b a
  8. Math

    define X as the number of acres of planted corn. hence, the number of acres of planted wheat is 1200-X. from here you can figure out the simple equation: (275*X)+(125*(1200-X))=244500 and the only solution is X=630 acres which is the correct answer.
  9. Math

    The area of the base of a cubiod is 44cm.Find the height,If the volume is 378.4 cm
  10. Stat

    Blossom’s Flowers purchases roses for sale for Valentine’s Day. The roses are purchased for $10 a dozen and are sold for $20 a dozen. Any roses not sold on Valentine’s Day can be sold for $5 per dozen. The owner will purchase 1 of 3 amounts of roses for ...
  11. probability

  12. Maths

    1<p<12 Therefore a=1 b=12
  13. physics

    A 83 kg person escapes from a burning building by jumping from a window 21 m above a catching net. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s 2 . Assuming that air resistance is simply a constant 92 N force on the person during the fall, determine the person’s velocity just ...
  14. Science

    lol cool!! im in connections too in 7th grade
  15. mATH

    wat is 80÷3=?
  16. math grade 11

    in a reflection the image of the line y-2x=3 is the line 2y-x=9.find the axis of reflection.
  17. Chemistry

    thanks for the help. im still a bit confused.,, [23.5g x 6.02] + [? x 2.09 x (Tfinal- 0)] + [550.g x 4.184 x (Tfinal- 28.0)] = 0 is this right so far? How would you be able to get the mass of melted ice?
  18. Chemistry

    An ice cube at 0.00 degree celsius with a mass of 23.5 g is placed into 550.0 g of water, initially at 28.0 degree celsius, in an insulated container. Assuming that no heat is lost to the surroundings, what is the temperature of the entire water sample after all the ice has ...
  19. Chemistry

    balance this equation NaOH + H2SO4 = NaSO4 + H2O
  20. calculus

    Find the intervals on which the f(x)= cos^2x is concave up and concave down.
  21. Math

    2y^2 -8y -3 = 0 please solve
  22. Math

    2y^2 -8y -3 = 0 please solve
  23. Math

    2y^2 -8y -3 = 0 please solve
  24. Math

    2y^2 -8y -3 = 0 please solve
  25. Math

    2y^2 -8y -3 = 0 please solve
  26. Math

    prove that sinA/(1+cosA) + (1+cosA)/(sinA) = 2cosecA
  27. MATH

    THE LINE Y=X+4 INTERSECTS THE CURVE 2X^2 + 3XY - Y^2 + 1 = 0
  28. MATH

    THE LINE Y=X+4 INTERSECTS THE CURVE 2X^2 + 3XY - Y^2 + 1 = 0
  29. matj

    prove that (cotx+tanx)(cotx-tanx) = 1/(sin^2 x) - 1/(cos^x)
  30. math

  31. math

    3+siny = 3cos^2 y for 0<Y<360
  32. Math

    how do i know if the tangent is positive in the third quadrant?
  33. Math

    solve 4 sin x = cos x for 0<X<360
  34. Math

    thanks man
  35. Math

    g(x) = 3x+5 / x-1 find the inverse function
  36. Chemistry

    You need to prepare 2 M solutions, with 10 g of solute. What volume of solution will you prepare for ammonium nitrate, NH4NO3?
  37. IGCSE Chemistry

  38. IGCSE Chemistry

    Hydrocarbons A and B both contain 85.7 % carbon. Their molar masses are 42 and 84 respectively. a) Which elements does a hydrocarbon contain? b) Calculate the empirical formula of A and of B. c) Calculate the molecular formula of A and B. I solved a) and b) the solutions are a...
  39. Chemistry

    i think it only has two bond angles that are 120 and 180 only
  40. Math

    A man and his wife share a sum of money in the ratio 3:2. If the sum of money is doubled, then in what ratio should they divide it so that the man still receives the same amount?
  41. Chemistry

    K2= +1 Cr=+6 o=-2
  42. chemistry

  43. chemistry

  44. physics

    at time t=0 the driver starts to brae determine how long the bus takes to stop
  45. physics

    A 2 kg box slides down a 25 degree ramp with an acceleration of 2 meters per second. Determine the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the ramp?
  46. Chemistry

    Please explain the process of diffusion.
  47. AP Physics

    See how to solve from a pro who is undergoing IGCSE courses which are better than US High School courses mgh=1/2mv^2 1/2mv^2=mgh mv^2=2mgh V^2=2mgh/m V= square root of 2gh
  48. Trig

    8 csc theta - 2=10 + 2 csc theta I can't do it. :S
  49. College Admission

    I am currently outside USA. Now in Asia we follow the Cambridge igcse curriculum. If I move to USA can I still get into an Ivy League college?
  50. SAT

    This is definitely not homework. I just want to know what would be the best book for preparing my self for the SAT.
  51. Physics

    Say what energy changes are taking place: a)clockwork toy b)boy kicking soccer ball c)boiling kettle on a gas ring d)person walking upstairs What are the wasted energy in a) b) c) and d)?
  52. Physics

    Metal expands more than glass when both are heated. How can this fact be used to help open a metal screw top on a glass bottle which appears to be stuck?
  53. Algebra

    x^2+y^2=86 and xy=(-16), Find the value of (x-y)^2 Please help i am a bit tense today so i can't figure it out.
  54. Math

    thanks a lot. I really apreciate your help.
  55. Math

    Please help me solve this equation -5t+2=-2t*2
  56. Physics

    I am trying to solve this as well
  57. Chemistry

    Sulfur Trioxide can be dissolved to form sulphuric acid. But it is avoided since the reaction is violent. Explain why?
  58. Physics

    What is the difference between magnetic field of a bar magnet anf the magnetic field around a current-carrying coil? Please answer with a good explanation.
  59. Math

  60. math

    The answer is A)11. In my country we do this in grade 7. You just need to use unitary method.
  61. Physics

    If you cut a magnet in half does each half become a magnet. Give a clear explanation to your answer.
  62. Physics

    My question is how does metal corrosion affect a reed switch? This question is from my textbook. We are following cambridge igcse science.
  63. Math

    The shipping department must send out 50 cases of quarters. Five stores will receive ten cases each. How many cases are left?
  64. Math

    ok thanks
  65. Math

    [x+5]> 1 -
  66. Math

    Solve the inequality: Absolute Value of X+5 is greater than or equal to 1. I'd appreciate someone telling me how to solve it and get the answer. Thank you
  67. Math

    Solve the inequality: absolute value of x+is greater than or = to1. What form do you put it in? I missed class, and would appreciate someone telling me how to do this problem. Thanks!
  68. Science

    What roles do these systems play in supporting cellular respiration? -digestive system -repiritory system -circulatory system
  69. Distance Problems

    A bus and a car leave the same place and travel in opposite directions. If the bus is traveling at 50 mph and the car is traveling at 55 mph, in how many hpurs will they be 210 miles apart. Again please help me with the boxes, Im in advanced math and I'm not good with the ...
  70. Distance Problems

    A bus and a car leave the same place and travel in opposite directions. If the bus is traveling at 50 mph and the car is traveling at 55 mph, in how many hpurs will they be 210 miles apart. Again please help me with the boxes, Im in advanced math and I'm not good with the ...
  71. Distance Problems

    John took a drive to town at an average rate of 40mph. In te evening he drove back at 30mph. If he spent a total of 7 hours traveling, what is the distance traveled by John? Please set up the boxes and help solve.
  72. Distance Problems

    James and tom are in 2 cities which are 186 miles apart and travel towards eachother. James' average rate was 32 mph, and Tom's average ratewas 36mph. If James started at 9:00am and Tom's startes at 9:30 what time did they meet? I need help settign up the boxes. SO...
  73. Math

    At 11:00am a car (1) leaves city "A" at a constant rate of 60 mi/hr toward city "B". AT the same time a second car (2) leaves city "A" at the constant rate of 50 mi/hr. The distance between cities A and B is 220miles and a highway used by the two ...
  74. Math

    2 cyclists start at the same tiem from opposite ends of a course that is 45 miles long. One cyclist is riding at 14 mph and the second is riding at 16mph. How long after they begin will they meet?
  75. 8th grade science

    thanks again mr.bob i appreciate it
  76. 8th grade science

    why is diffusion important to living things? (organisms) u get full credit no worries! =]
  77. 8th grade science

    thanks! and I took your advice on my short story (deeper ever deeper) and I got a 100 I really appreciate what you did and I strongly look up to your critisism. ty
  78. 8th grade science

    I need some websites for the answers to these questions: What is diffusion? What causes diffusion? Why is diffusion important to living organisms? Thanks, AMir
  79. english check ms.sue

    Ooh that must feel horrible flunking a coarse. Yeah.... wouldn't liek to plagerize...
  80. Please read my short story deeper Ever deeper

    It is close to the middle. U'll see it its the one with millions of comments and replies lol.
  81. Please read my short story deeper Ever deeper

    thanks for tellign me I guess I got to fix it. I really needed that but it wouldn't be that good when you can tell what the girl is thinking. That is why I wanted to surprise the reader by having the girl reject him. Please tell me what I should right. It's due tomarrow
  82. Please read my short story deeper Ever deeper

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssse read my short story, it's down here, and I need to have it read by ppl. - - - - - V
  83. My short Story called deeper ever deeper

    ty, Jake is a teen, but I guess your right about that no crying part. He's snesitive i guess? =] I'm kiddign thanks for the help
  84. My short Story called deeper ever deeper

  85. My short Story called deeper ever deeper

    “Emily, I was wondering if you’d like, I don’t know, like to have dinner with me maybe anytime this week?” Jake was sweating. He was actually doing it. He was looking deep into her eyes, and going deeper, ever deeper. But it was the wrong thing to do. “...
  86. My short Story called deeper ever deeper

    “I can do it,” Jake thought. “All I have to do is look deep into her eyes, and tell her.” Like that would be easy. He started walking towards her and as soon as he reached her, he kept going on to his next class. At his next class, all Jake could think ...
  87. My short Story called deeper ever deeper

    Please read this and tell me what you think. It's due tomarrow. Any constructive critisism is appreciated greatly. “Wow, she’s hot!” Jake Petri thought as he his gaze left his paper and trailed off to Emily Runner from across the classroom. If only he could ...
  88. 3rd grade

    267 +307 ----- 574
  89. Math age problem

    louise is 4 years younger than jennifer now. In 10 years, louise will be twice the age that jennifer is now. Please help me set this up. It's an age problem.
  90. math

    louise is 4 years younger than jennifer now. In 10 years, louise will be twice the age that jennifer is now. Please help me set this up.
  91. Question (Literature)

    There is one quote but i forgot who said this: "no science can replace a myth, and no myth can ever replace science." Basically I think what it means is that literature and science are complete opposites. Hope that helps.
  92. Spanish

    tysm ur a genius
  93. Spanish

    how do you say: That is the coolest thing I have ever heard in my life! in spanish. Tysm
  94. Dr. bob please help-chemistry

    Use the ruler to measure the circumference of the marble as accuratley as you can, then divide the circumference by 3.14159, or pi. That should give you your answer.
  95. math

    Oh sweet rhombus, called diamond so, beautiful and glamerous, you put up quite a show, in geometry you are a pain, but on your finger you are bright, so this is a poem about rhombus, I recited it tonight. This is something that I just made up at the top of my head... You might...
  96. psychology

    The production of new brain cells is neuro-transmitters, and mylen. I hope this helps!
  97. 5th grade

    well what you could do is find a lcd or least common denominator between these numbers. In this case I believe its 560. 560/10=56, 560/8=70,569/7=80 Now you get 7/10= 392/560 5/8=350/560 3/7=240/560 I hope this is what your looking for... =]
  98. math

    This is my work: D-1 5 -----= -- Cross multiply you get: 2D-2 4 10D-10=4D-4 -4D -4D 6D-10=-4 +10+10 6D=6 ----- 6 6 D=1?
  99. OOPS again math

    Oh now I get it. in the last step 3D=39 ----- 3 3 so D=13 tysm! your a genius.
  100. math

    The numerator of a fractionis 5 less than twice the denominator. If the numerator is decreased by 1 and the denominator is increased by 3, the value of the new fraction is 5/4. Find the original fraction.
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