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the number of positive integers less than 40000 that can be formed using all the digits 12345 is equal to

Let initial price =100 New price =75 And initial consumption =100 New consumption =125 Now ratio of new expenditure to original expenditure = 75×100/100×100 =15:16

T. P. C
The radius of a wheel is 50 cm. The number of revolutions it will make is going 550 m is.

ap physics
A student rides his bicycle at a constant speed of 2.20 m/s along a straight, level road. If the bike's tires each have a radius of 0.338 m, determine the following. (a) What is the tires' angular speed? rad/s (b) What is the net torque on each tire? N · m

ap physics
A mass of 1.50 kg is at (−2.55 m, 0) and a 2.04-kg mass at (4.00 m, 4.00 m). Find the center of mass of the system. m, m

ap physics
A man opens a 1.14-m wide door by pushing on it with a force of 49.5 N directed perpendicular to its surface. (a) What magnitude torque does he apply about an axis through the hinges if the force is applied at the center of the door? N · m (b) What magnitude torque does...

A war-wolf, or trebuchet, is a device used during the Middle Ages to throw rocks at castles and now sometimes used to fling pumpkins and pianos. A simple trebuchet is shown in the figure below. Model it as a stiff rod of negligible mass 3.00 m long and joining particles of ...

ap physics
A beam resting on two pivots has a length of L = 6.00 m and mass M = 87.0 kg. The pivot under the left end exerts a normal force n1 on the beam, and the second pivot placed a distance ℓ = 4.00 m from the left end exerts a normal force n2. A woman of mass m = 54.0 kg ...

AP physics
Solve the equations 1/2mv2 + 1/2Iω2 = mgh and v = rω for the speed v using substitution, given that I = mr2 and h = 4.20 m. (Note that mass m and radius r will both cancel, so their numerical values aren't required.) m/s

Ap physics
The two conditions for equilibrium often result in a system of equations such as F1 + F2 = 44.0 N and 3.00F1 − 8.00F2 = 0. (Due to the nature of this problem, do not use rounded intermediate values in your calculations—including answers submitted in WebAssign.) (a) ...

find general solution of y¡±-y¡¯=squre of sinx by variation parameter

i don't know answer.i am tring to find answer

a-i b-iv c-i d-i

3rd math


Rotational Motion Physics Problem
A car starts from rest on a curve with a radius of 150 and accelerates at 1.2.Through what angle will the car have traveled when the magnitude of its total acceleration is 2.2 ?

whats secad


An aeroplane when 6000 m high passes vertically above another plane at an instant when their angles of elevation at the same observing point are 60° and 45° respectively. How many meters higher is the one than the other?

light waves hitting the surface of a concave mirrror

Determine the vector parametric equation of the line through the origin and the intersection of the lines (find the co-ordinates of this intersec- tion as well) v(t) = { 2t + 3 −4t t−3 } w(s) { 10s + 3 5s − 25 4 − 2s}

the vector u makes angles α(alpha), β(beta), γ(gama) with respectively the X–axis, the Y –axis and the Z–axis. Find γ if α = 2π/3 and β = π /4

chem 12
write net ionic equations for each situation in which the precipitate redissolved on the addition of HNO3 or NH3.

how does the gravitational force exerted by earth on the sun compare with the gravitational force exerted by sun on the earth? and would you expect tides to be higher at the equator or at the north pole? why?

how would u solve this

i still havent solved

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