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A block of mass 2.20 kg is accelerated across a rough surface by a light cord passing over a small pulley as shown in the figure below. The tension T in the cord is maintained at 10.0 N, and the pulley is 0.120 m above the top of the block. The coefficient of kinetic friction ...

AP Physics B
Two point charges Q1 and Q2, are located a distance .20 meter apart, as shown above. Charge Q1 = +8.0μC. The net electric field is zero at point P, located .40 meter from Q1 and .20 meter from Q2. Determine the magnitude and sign of charge Q2.


Chemistry 111
a)For the titration of an acid analyte with a NaOH titrant, a phenolphthalein endpoint will change from colorless to pink. If the "pink" resulted from perhaps only a half-drop(or less) of NaOH titrant and the Erlenmeyer flask is set aside on the laboratory bench, the...

For HCl I got between 3.48 and 5.68 And for CH3COOH I got between 6.20 and 7.16

Chem 30
Why can't the Ka for HCl be obtained from a titration curve like that of acetic acid?

Assume the volume of a filter flask is 250.0mL. You have added (25.0 + 10.0)mL of solution so the volume of gas is (250.0 - 35.0) = 215.0mL. Calculate the extra volume of gas forced into the burette because of the measured average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius.

Ok maybe I didn't understand the question, I guess it doesn't, I just assumed it was a flame test

when doing a flame test: the hydrated salt is overheated and the anhydrous salt thermally decompose, one product being a gas; will the reported value of x be too high, too low on the unaffected?

math B30
nvm i got i thank you so much

math B30
i don't understand how you get r?

math B30
If the seventh term of a geometric series is 192, and the first term is 3, find the sum of the first 8 terms of the series

6th grade math
how do you determine wether a decimal is a terminating decimal or a repeating decimal

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