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what does the constitution grants the federal courts. in several different kinds of court cases

A solution is made by dissolving 55g of KCl in enough water to make 1.00 L of solution. Assume that the density of the solution is 1.00 g/mol. Calculate the mass percent, molarity, molality, and mole fraction of KCl.

Dear Ms.Sue i just want to say thank you so very much Hope you have good day. By the way i am 10 in 5th grade (You can show to your class)

mols HCl= 0.01875 mols Ba(OH)2 = 0.012375

4 is wrong. It is B A C A

It said it was a

You multiply 3/4 by 1/8 and get 3/8

I go to FLVS

List the subsets of {P, N, D, Q}, where Q represents a quarter. How many subsets did you find?

7th grade Physics
i mean 3

7th grade Physics
Give 2 examples of force pairs when you do your homework?

You are piloting a small plane, and you want to reach an airport 450 km due south in 2.0 hours. A wind is blowing from the west at 75 km/h.What heading and airspeed should you choose to reach your destination in time?

Aship leaves its home port expecting to travel to a port 400 km due south. Before it moves even 1 km, a severe storm blows it 150 km due east. In what direction must it travel to reach its destination?

Two points, A and D, are in a horizontal line with the foot of a tower, CB, and on opposite sides. The distance between A and D is 535.4 feet while the angles of elevation of the top B are 12 degrees 46 minutes from A and 18 degrees 38 minutes from D. Let the perpendicular ...

Convert 8/3 to a mixed fraction. 3 goes into 8 two times and then 2 is left over. 8/3 now is 2 2/3. Now to figure out how much more you need, convert 2/3 to a fraction with 6 in the denominator. multiply the bottom by two to get six, and then multiply the top by two to get ...

math/unit rate
What is the unit rate, 96 points in 6 games.