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  1. Chemistry

    Describe how a mixture of acetanilide and sand can be separated
  2. Chemistry

    In recrystalization of acetanilide if your percentage yield is greater than 100% how would this occur?
  3. Chemistry

    During recrystalization of acetanilide, an orange solution of a compound in hot alcohol was treated in activated carbon and then filtered through a filter paper. On cooling the filtrate gave gray crystals, although the compound was reported to be colourless. Explain why the ...
  4. Maths

    Of 20 girls 16 plays hockey,12 plays tennis and 4playsbusket every girl plays at least one game and 2plays all the three games how many plays 2and only 2games
  5. Algebra

    Hello I just figured them out! the first one is B and the second is A!
  6. Algebra

    Find the solutions to the system. y=x^2+5x+6 y=4x+12 A. (2,20) and (-3,0) B. (2,20) and (-3,-18) C. (-2,-20) and (-3,-18) D. no solutions Find the solutions to the system. y=x^2-3x-1 y=8x-1 A. (0,-1) and (11,388) B. (0,-1) and (11,87) C. (-1,0) and (87,11) D. no solutions Hi ...
  7. math

    A car travels 56km using 8litres of petrol. What distance will it travels with 13litres of petrol.
  8. Math/Calculus

    Hi! My question only wants the answer in the form of an integral, so I think I'm going to put down ?[0, 4] ? * (2-?y)^2 dy. In the form of an actual number, I believe that this is 8pi/3?
  9. Math/Calculus

    The region R is bounded by the x-axis, x = 2, and y = x^2. What expression represents the volume of the solid formed by revolving R around the line x = 2? It seems that I'm not allowed to post images, so I will try to type out my answer: ?[0, 4] ? * (2-?y)^2 dy Can anyone ...
  10. Algebra

    this isn't the same question as my last post!! it's the second out of three. Hello! I'm looking over one of my tests and trying to see how to do things I got wrong, but I'm having trouble with three of the questions. Here's one of them: Find the simplified ...
  11. Algebra

    Hello! I'm looking over one of my tests and trying to see how to do things I got wrong, but I'm having trouble with three of the questions. Here's one of them: A $1,600.00 principle earns 7% interest, compounded semiannually twice per year. After 33 years, what is ...
  12. math

  13. math

    Melissa has 1/2 as much money as Paul. Tom has 3/5 as much money as Melissa. If Paul has $42 more than Tom, how much do the three children have altogether?
  14. Chemistry

    Thanks for your help! I'm currently working on it right now. Is there a chance I can grab your email in case if anything pops up? Thanks again :)
  15. Chemistry

    When one mole of CH3OH (l) forms from its elements at 1 atm and 25 degrees C, 238.6 kJ of heat are released, and 35.2 kJ are released when one mole of the gas condenses. How much heat is released when one mole of CH3OH (g) forms from its elements at these conditions?
  16. government

    i need to write a research paper on healthcare. Ive been looking for two (at most two week old) reliable sources that really grasps the current status of the issue. any help?
  17. A B C order

    Does "brother's" come before "brothers' " in A B C order?
  18. chemistry

    If delta G (Gibbs) is positive and you are trying to find at what temperature the reaction is spontaneous would the formula be: T< H/S ? G=H-TS H-TS>0 T< H/S then the temperature found would be the temp at which the reaction is spontaneous?
  19. social studies

    Andrew Holness is the prime minister of Jamaica, right?
  20. social studies

    I'm sorry, I thought you were asking something else. After Ms. Sure answered, I realize what you mean. Again, sorry.
  21. social studies

    "Most states have at least two tiers of local government: counties and municipalities. In some states, counties are divided into townships. There are several different types of jurisdictions at the municipal level, including the city, town, borough, and village." The...
  22. Science

    Hi, I need help with 2 questions!  Which type of underground magma formation is usually dome shaped? dike laccolith sill batholith Laccolith is my answer. Scientists want to protect a beach from erosion. What can they do? I don't know this one. I am not sure what they...
  23. Chemistry

    PART A) Suppose that 6.9 mL of 2.5 M KOH(aq) is transferred to a 250 mL volumetric flask and diluted to the mark. It was found that 32.8 mL of this diluted solution was needed to reach the stoichiometric point in a titration of 6.9 mL of a phosphoric acid solution according to...
  24. Social Studies

    who's bad*grabs magical sparkling glove*
  25. Physics

    A projectile is propelled along the x-axis. During 5.2 s it moves from position 64 m to position ?40 m. Find its average velocity.
  26. Algebra

    Find all complex solutions (real and non-real) x^4+2x³+22x²+50x-75=0
  27. physics

    A motor car of mass 30kg,moving with a velocity of 10m/s. by the application of brakes,it was brought to rest at a distance of 25meters. Find the average force.
  28. Calculus

    Suppose the height of an object fired straight up from the level ground is given by s(t)=300t-4.9t where s is measured in meters and t is measured in seconds. how fast is the object moving up as it leaves the ground after 2 seconds? find the average velocity on the interval [1...
  29. Math

    if you play soccer in a street 9 meters wide and you put the goals 12 meters apart what is the lenght of a soccer pitch if the street is a 1:10 scale of a normal soccer pitch.
  30. Math

    If a boat in a bottle is an exact replica and has a sail height of 2 inch,while the real version of the boat has a sail height of 48 ft.What is the scale of the replica to the real boat?
  31. Math-Ratio and Proportion

    I don’t get it
  32. Math-Ratio and Proportion

    The scale of a die cast model car is 4:13.If the real car has a length of 177 inches and a height of 59 inches.How tall is the die cast model?
  33. Chemistry

    Convert 9.45 ?m to inches.
  34. Chemistry

    The men\'s world record for swimming 1500.0 m in a long course pool (as of 2007) is 14 min 34.56 s. At this rate, how many seconds would it take to swim 0.450 miles? (1 mi = 1609 m.)
  35. Chemistry

    The speed of light in a vacuum is 2.998 × 10^8 m/s. What is its speed in miles per minute (mi/min)? Please explain the steps you used.
  36. Chemistry

    If your front lawn is 25.0 feet wide and 20.0 feet long, and each square foot of lawn accumulates 1150 new snow flakes every minute, how much snow (in kilograms) accumulates on your lawn per hour? Assume an average snow flake has a mass of 1.90 mg. Please explain the steps you...
  37. Algebra

    For the Function f(x)=2x²?2x+6, simplify problems A) & B) A) f(x+h) B) (f(x+h)?f(x))/h Please explain the steps you used.
  38. Algebra

    Find the average rate of change of f(x)=6x²?3 on the interval [2,a]. Your answer will be an expression involving a What I did so far: I found f(2) which is 21 and that would make the function (2,21) Then, I found f(a) which is 6a^2-3 and that would make the function (a,6a...
  39. Psychology

    Would this be a better example of spotlight theory of attention or attenuation theory? I was focusing on asking someone an important question. When I asked the question, I failed to noticed that a dog was barking. I later realized the dog was barking. I believe this would be ...
  40. Psychology

    Would this be a better way to tune this example: I heard a door open and close and assumed someone was home when they were not. I assumed this because of the time and factors like that. I am trying to have an example of an error in top-down processing.
  41. Psychology

    Dear Ms. Sue, I appreciate your response:) I have looked it up and from what I understand top-down processing is where your expectations guide the selection of information that you use in pattern recognition, so in related to this example, since I expected a family member to ...
  42. Psychology

    Would this be an example of top-down processing? I am at home, and I have left a room where a family member is sitting. I come back to this room awhile later and start having a conversation because I expect the family member to still be there because I did not hear him or her ...
  43. Psych

    Is this an example of top-down processing? I heard a noise that sounded like a door opening and assumed my parent was home. I made this assumption based on the fact that it was the time of day that they would usually come home and that they sent me a text saying they would be ...
  44. Multiplevariable calculus

    Hello, I have to find the volume of the region enclosed by the paraboloid z=(x^2)+(y^2) and the planes z=1 and z=3 , so well i am struggling about the limits of each integral. I know that I can use cylindrical coordinates, but what about the limits in z? I think that there ...
  45. social studies is this correct?

    how was the roman republic's goverment set up? people elected representatives to make decisions for them. the emperor chose leaders to run the government for him people voted directly on laws and issues****** voters chose the emperor from former government leaders
  46. History

    How have the lives of African Americans changed over the last 150 years and how has that transition mirrored broader shifts in American society?
  47. Math

    Frank bought supplies for school. In the first store, he spent half of his money plus $10. In the second store, he spent half of what he had left, plus $10. In the third store, he spent 80% of what he had left. He came home with $5. How much did he start out with? 1. store~x/2...
  48. Physics

    Hello, I am wondering if someone can answer me this question: In an Atwood machine why do the tensions that handle both bodies are the same? (English is not my native language)
  49. Math

    A lemonade machine with a cash price of $4000.00 is purchased on an installment plan with a$460.00 down payment and 13 monthly payments of 272.31. What is the amount financed
  50. Ms. Sue

    O.o WHHHHAT?!!?!?!?
  51. Ms. Sue

    how old are you Ms. Sue?
  52. Algebra Help please

    Tom, Dick, and Harry are three brothers and have $107.60 together. Tom feels sorry for hairy because he has less money than Tom. So Tom gives harry $2.10 so they both will have the same amount after the transfer. Dick doesn't know about Tom's gift and he gives $1 to ...
  53. Math

    3 purple marbles. sorry
  54. Math

    A jar contains 5 blue marble, 8 red marbles, 4 white marbles,and purple marbles. Suppose you pick a marble at random without looking. Find the probability of each event. Choosing a blue marble, putting it back, then choosing a purple? (Simplest form)
  55. Calculus Help Please

    Hello! I am struggling with this problem: Find the Taylor Series for sin(x-2) centered at c=3. My work so far: sin(1)+(x-3)cos(1)-(1/2)(x-3)^2sin(1)-(1/6)(x-3)^3cos(1)+(1/24)(x-3)^4sin(1)... I know that the Taylor series for sign is typically: the summation from n=0 to ...
  56. Pre-Algebra

    Which equation models the linear relationship in the table below? x y -4 10 1 -5 6 -20
  57. Pre-Algebra

    Given a cylinder and a cone with the same base and the same height Cylinder: r=4 ft and h=3 ft Cone: r=4 ft and h=3 ft What is the volume of the cone in cubic feet? A. 12 ? B. 16 ? C. 36 ? D. 48 ?
  58. Pre-Algebra

    There are about 3x10^20 gallons of salt water on the earth, while there are about 6x10^18 gallons of fresh water. About how many times the amount of fresh water is the amount of salt water? A. 2 TIMES B. 50 TIMES C. 200 TIMES D. 500 TIMES
  59. Pre-Algebra

    Martha is in a hot air balloon that has risen straight up from the launch point. Matthew is standing on the ground, 16 meters away from the launch point. If Martha and Matthew are 20 meters apart, how high has the balloon risen? A. 4 meters B. 12 meters C. 36 meters D. 144 meters
  60. Statistics

    Suppose you are told that a 95% confidence interval for the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in your state is from $2.85 to $3.84. Use the fact that the confidence interval for the mean is in the form x ? E to x + E to compute the sample mean and the maximal ...
  61. calculus

    Evaluate the integral. (Remember to use absolute values where appropriate. Use C for the constant of integration.) (x^2?x+12)/(x^3+3x) dx
  62. Calc

    The figure (which is not pictured, sorry) shows the slope field for y =.2(9-y^2). Make a sketch of the solution using the initial value y(-4)=-2. Find the function f(x) that this solution curve is approaching as x-->infinity. I need help with finding the function f(x) that ...
  63. Calc

    The time interval T, in minutes, between patient arrivals in an emergency room is a random variable with exponential density function p(t) = 0:125e^-.125t. What is the average time between patient arrivals? What is the probability of two patients arriving within 3 min of each ...
  64. calculus

    Evaluate the integral. from 0 to ?/2 sin^3(?)cos^5(?) d?
  65. Chemistry

    I believe the second would increase solubility because it forms a complex, but I do not know the pH of copper (ii) carbonate. Because I think the pH would effect solubility
  66. Chemistry

    To clarify: the Ksp is not negative, it is 2.5 x 10^-10. the negative sign is unintentional
  67. Chemistry

    indicate whether the following would increase decrease or have no effect on the solubility of copper (ii) carbonate (ksp - 2.5 x 10^-10) when compared to the solubility of water 1. dissolve it in an acidic solution 2. dissolve it in ammonia, forming a complex 3. dissolve it in...
  68. AP chem

    Complete and Balance the following equation using the half-reaction method; (MnO4^-) + (CH3OH) --> (Mn^2+) + (HCO2H an explanation/step by step would be nice because i keep getting wrong answer from the H+ & H2O (they are both suppose to be 12 according to the answer key ...
  69. Physics

    A square-shaped loop carries current I. What is the magnitude and the direction of the magnetic field at point P, which is located on the bottom segment of the loop? Each side of the square loop has length d. The answer should be given in terms of d, I, pi, and the ...
  70. Maths

    The scale on a map is 1:200 000. Work out the number of kilometres represented by 2.5 cm on the map. I've never done a question like this before. If you can help I would be really grateful.
  71. Calc

    Use a comparison test to determine if the integral from 8 to infinity of sin^10(x)e^(-x) converges or diverges? I am stuck on what to use to compare. Any help is appreciated! Thank you! I was thinking -1<sin<1 but then I get 1<sin^10<1 which makes no sense
  72. Math

    The fruit plants in my garden do not bear fruit during their first summer. The fruits are picked for the next two years and then the plants become too woody and need to be pulled up. Occasionally some of the die over winter. The last five years I had fruit on the following ...
  73. Math

    The fruit plants in my garden do not bear fruit during their first summer. The fruits are picked for the next two years and then the plants become too woody and need to be pulled up. Occasionally some of the die over winter. The last five years I had fruit on the following ...
  74. Math

    Find the fifth term in the expansion of (4-1/5x)^9 in ascending powers of x
  75. Aice Math

    The binomial expansion of (5-x/2)^6 is 15625 + px+qx^2+... Find the value of "p" and the value of "q"
  76. Math

    In the expansion of (x^2-b/x)^4, the coefficient of x^2 is 294. Find the value of the constant "b"
  77. Calc

    The base of a solid is the unit circle x^2 + y^2 = 4, and its cross-sections perpendicular to the x-axis are rectangles of height 10. Find its volume. Here's my work: A for rectangle=lw A=10*sq(4-x) V= the integral from -4 to 4 of sq(4-x^2)*10dx But that gets me 0, so I ...
  78. Algebra

    This is the problem for arithmetic sequences and series: Moshe would like to get tickets for President Justin Bieber's inauguration. It will take him 20 years. He decides to pay $200 the first year and then increase his payment by $60 each year. a) How much did he pay in ...
  79. Algebra

    Moshe would like to get tickets for President inauguration. It will take him 20 years. He decides to pay $200 the first year and the increase his payment by $60 each year. a) How much did he pay in the last year? b) How much did he pay altogether for the tickets?
  80. Algebra

    Scholmo reads 7 pages of his book on the first day and his rate of reading then goes up by 3 pages each day. a) How many pages will he have read on the 8th day? b) After how many days will he have read more than 425 pages?
  81. Algebra

    The answers will be correct?
  82. Algebra

    Factor each: f(x)= x^3 + 7x^2 + 10x f(x)= 5x^3 -19x^2 - 4x
  83. Math

    Mary has a third of the money Erin has. Erin has $8 less than John. Together they have $267. How much money does each of them have?
  84. Physics

    Capacitor c1 and c2 are 4f and 2f respectively are charged as series combination across 100v battery. The two capacitors are disconnected from each other.They are connected +ve plate to +ve plate and -ve plate to -ve plate.calculate the resulting charge on each capacitor
  85. math

    four times a number plus three times the sum of a number and four is equal to negative nine
  86. precalculus

    Can you please check these answers. In exercises 10-13 , find (a)2v+u, (b)u-3v), and (c)5u-v. 10.u=<0,-4>, v=<-2,-8> a) 2v+u = <-4,-16) + <0,-4) = <-4, -20> b,u-3v =<0,-4>- <-6,-24> =<6,20> c) 5u - v = <0,-20> - <-2,-8) = <...
  87. precalculus

    Is this correct if not could you explain how to make it correct? find (a)2v+u, (b)u-3v), and (c)5u-v. u=i-j v=6i+9i a. 2v+u u=i-j, v=6i+9i =(12i+18j) + (i-j) =13i+ 17j b. u-3v (i-j)-(18i+27i) -17i - -26j c. 5u-v (5i-5j)-(30i+54j) -25i - -59j
  88. Math

    1. C 2. C 3. A 4. C 5. C 6. C 7. D 100% for lesson 12 unit 5
  89. Spanish Linguistics

    Explique la ambigüedad y dibuje los diagramas correspondientes a cada posible interpretación de cada oración. 1.Juan trajo un mapa de Italia. 2.Un hombre alto golpeo a una mujer con un bolso.
  90. Organic Chemistry 2

    The typical % yield for the reduction of 9-fluorenone using NaBH4 to obtain 9-fluorenol is 80%. In my experiment I obtained 89 %. Can you explain the reasons why my yield is higher? Is it better to obtain a higher yield or a lower yield than the expected one?
  91. Math

    so 104 is correct?
  92. Math

    I got 104 feet by subtracting
  93. Math

    What is the distance between 86.25 to -17.75
  94. math

    I got -2 2/3
  95. math

    i got 16 2/3
  96. math

    Fishing hook G is let down 2 1/2 times its present depth. where is fishing hook G now? FISHING HOOK G = -6 2/3
  97. math

    Fishing hook E is dropped 2.5 times its present depth. where is fishing hook E now? NOTE: FISHING HOOK E is -7.1 is the answer -4.14 or -17.75
  98. Math

    9. A grocer wants to mix a type of spice which costs £22 per kilogram with another type which costs £12 per kilogram, to obtain 20 kilograms of mixture which will cost £15 per kilogram. What quantity of each spice must the grocer take?
  99. English

    I agree with writeacher
  100. social studies

    my teacher said any morals a person would have
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