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  1. Fact file

    give one place where vascular bundles are close together
  2. Fact file

    give one place where vascular bundles are spread out
  3. Scince

    suggest and explain what happens to the movement of sugar in winter when a tree has no leaves
  4. English

    I read a story and now it asking me to identify the theme. I don’t know how to identify a theme. Can you give me some tips and make me understand what that means. How am I suppose to find those clues in a story that tell me this is a theme or some clues.
  5. Math

    Subtraction with renaming Am very confused. Am trying to teach my little brother but am getting everything wrong. I have the right answer but the work does not add up to that. 6 - 3 2/5 I got 3 2/5 but the answer is 2 3/5 I don’t understand can you explain ...
  6. Math

    OH MY GOODNEss! I never even thought of that! Thank you so much!
  7. Math

    The question asked whether or not f(x) = 0.5e^x when x is less than or equal to zero and f(x) = 0.5e^(-x) when x is greater than or equal to zero is a valid probability density. I know that it is the integral... but usually you have a domain that is not a single point. Should ...
  8. science

    what grow throughout their life but what grow only upto certain age
  9. Math

    Sandra needs 2 5/8 yards of rope she needs for her class project. She has 5 pieces of rope that are each 3/8 yards long. Does Sandra have enough rope. If not explain why. My son wrote no she doesn’t she needs 18 more yards of rope. Can you explain this to him if this is ...
  10. Physics

    A 0.50 kg mass is attached to a spring with spring constant, k= 43.8N/m. Suppose the mass is pushed upward, so that it rises past the spring’s unstretched position, compressing the spring. Calculate the net force on the mass when the spring is compressed 3.7 cm.
  11. Physics

    a canon fires shell at 300m/s. at what angle must it aim to hit a target 5.0km away?
  12. Reading

  13. Reading

    Solar Eclipse Watch Event Downtown Metro Airport, August 21, 9 a.m. Sponsored by the State Astronomical Society On August 21, our area will experience a total solar eclipse at 1:08 p.m. The Downtown Metro Airport will redirect all flights to the State Capital Airport and open ...
  14. Science

    A drop of oil of volume 10^10m spread out on water to make a circular film of radius 10^1m. What is the thickness of the film
  15. Geometry

    When constructing inscribed polygons and parallel lines, how are the steps different? A. A protractor is used to take measurements B. Four right angles are created. C. A compass is used to copy an angle. D. There are no similarities. I think it's C? What do you think?
  16. Math

    1) for any three consecutive numbers, what can you say about odd numbers and even numbers? Explain. 2 A)Mirari conjectures that, for any three consecutive numbers, one number would be divisible by 3. Do you think Mirari is correct? Explain. 2 B) Gia claims that the sum of any ...
  17. Science

    1. What is the response of cells in the collecting tubules in the nephrons when antidiuretic hormone AHD is secreted? a. The tubules become impermeable to water b. Serum potassium retention increases c. Large quantities of dilute urine are formed d. Water is reabsorbed from ...
  18. math

    1. One of the dice is rolled once. What is the probability, expresses in a percent, of getting an even number? a. 33% b. 50% c. 20% d. 75% 2. One of the dice is rolled once. What is the probability, expressed as a percent, of getting the number 5?
  19. Math

    1. Sally was able to eat 5/8 of her lunch. John ate 75% of his lunch. Who are more of their lunch? a. John b. Sally c. They both ate the same number amount d. The amount cannot be calculated
  20. Grammar

    is 4 a, 6 b, 7 c?
  21. Grammar

    Select the word or phrase that makes the sentence grammatically correct. 1. A tuberculin skin test should be read within 24 hrs. ____ administration. a. Of b. Since c. As d. From 2. The student ______ for the final exam. a. Didn’t studied b. Was studying c. Studied hardly...
  22. History

    What is the least important reason for the 7 years war and why?
  23. Math

    Given the following points determine whether the transformation was a Rotation(specify direction and size), a reflection(over what point/line) or trasnlation(specify the rule). 1. C(0,4). C'(2,6) N(-2,3) N'(0,5) 2. G(0,0) G'(4,0) R(-1,4) R'(5,4) 3. K(-4,-2) K&#...
  24. Math

    Given the following points determine whether the transformation was a Rotation(specify direction and size), a reflection(over what point/line) or trasnlation(specify the rule). 1. C(0,4). C'(2,6) N(-2,3) N'(0,5) 2. G(0,0) G'(4,0) R(-1,4) R'(5,4) 3. K(-4,-2) K&#...
  25. Math

    Given the following points determine whether the transformation was a Rotation(specify direction and size), a reflection(over what point/line) or trasnlation(specify the rule). 1. C(0,4). C'(2,6) N(-2,3) N'(0,5) 2. G(0,0) G'(4,0) R(-1,4) R'(5,4) 3. K(-4,-2) K&#...
  26. Math

    Given the following points determine whether the transformation was a Rotation(specify direction and size), a reflection(over what point/line) or trasnlation(specify the rule). 1. C(0,4). C'(2,6) N(-2,3) N'(0,5) 2. G(0,0) G'(4,0) R(-1,4) R'(5,4) 3. K(-4,-2) K&#...
  27. Math

    find the largest number of four digits which is exactly divisible by 18 25 and 35
  28. civic education

    youth empowerment skills
  29. Geometry

    If ABCD = QRST, m?A = x-10 and m?Q = 2x-30, what is the m?A
  30. phy

    a landscape architect is planning an artificial waterfall in a city park. water flowing at 1.70 m/s will leave the end of a horizontal channel at the top of a vertical wall h =2.35 m high . and from there it will fall into a pool ( Fig . P4.18) (a) will the space behind the ...
  31. math

    The difference of two number is 33. the larger number is one more tHan three time the smaller number .find the number.
  32. physics

    a block of mass 0.1kg is attached to spring and placed on a horizontal frictionless table .the spring is stretched 20cm when a force of 5n is applied.calculate the spring constant
  33. Maths

    64 men can complete a work in 15 complete the same work in 12 days how many more men are required
  34. chemistry

    Calculate the amount of silver deposited at cathod when 5 ampere of current is passed for 50 minutes through a solution of AgNO3
  35. Physics

  36. Math

    The Mall: My sister likes to go shopping. Yesterday she borrowed a wad of money from Mom and went to the mall. She began her excursion by spending $18 on a new CD. Then she spent half her remaining money on a new dress. Then she spent $11 on lunch. Then she spent one-third of ...
  37. Math

    The value of the expression (6x^3y)(8x^2y^4) for x = 2 and y= -1 is?
  38. Math Word Problem

    33% are male because there is 67% + 33% = 100%. 33%
  39. Social studies

    UM.... B & C are the same by the way but B is correct.
  40. ed tech HELP PLS

    Ok Thank you I got that correct.
  41. ed tech HELP PLS

    why is it important to take responsibility for your online publications? a. What you post can hurt or slander others*** b. people will know who the author is c. your parents need to see what you post d. what you post is important for your grade
  42. grammer

  43. english

    Two students their professor about the possibility of obtaining a different grade in class. has/had asked . asking . was asking which one is right to fill the blank??
  44. english

    I'm going forward to-(go.going to go.going)-- on vacation next months . we can use go here.sorry if it's not clear.
  45. english

    I'm going forward to--- on vacation next months . go is right because its to+infinitive
  46. english

    which word is right?? I'm going forward to on vacation next months . go.going to go.going
  47. health help mrs.sue pls

    never mind it was drug and stimulant
  48. health help mrs.sue pls

    what is alcohol categorized as.
  49. health help mrs.sue pls

    would it be A and B
  50. health help mrs.sue pls

    alcohol is categorized as drug stimulant depressant carcinogen only 2
  51. Ed Tech @Ms.Sue

    I believe you are right on all of them.
  52. health PLS HELP 35% OF GRADE

    would it be a drug and a stimulant
  53. health PLS HELP 35% OF GRADE

    mrs.sue pls help
  54. health PLS HELP 35% OF GRADE

    alcohol is categorized as a drug a stimulant a depressant a carcinogen pick 2 only
  55. Chem!

    i think it is sulfur but just go with your gut.
  56. Social Studies

    okay thanks ms.sue.
  57. Social Studies

    you are welcome. Are you good at thesis statements? I have a question and I want your opinion.
  58. Social Studies

    Okay. I am not good at the things that involve the government so just do what your gut tells you.
  59. Social Studies

    A might be right but I also think D because men were able to vote before so they might be equal to men.
  60. whats the question

    Sure why not.
  61. Social Studies

    you are welcome and thanks for the pop singers answer.
  62. Social Studies

    d. I think.
  63. Social Studies

    1. 4 2. 4 or 2 3. idk 4. 1 5. 4
  64. ELA

    Think about the Christian music? Christian music calms you down and takes the weight off your shoulders. As a Christian I thought that would be the best answer.
  65. ELA

    What would be a good thesis statement for comparing and contrasting Pop and Christian music?
  66. examples of pop singers

    Who are some appropriate pop singers. I need it for a ELA paper due today.
  67. Physics

    I think it might be 5. I don't know.
  68. ELA

    okay thank you both I got an A on the test.
  69. ELA

    okay thanks
  70. ELA

    Which of the following shows a transition? although however ( my answer ) just as whereas
  71. science

    I think the answer is decreased and increased temperature.
  72. math

    okay thanks
  73. math

    find a commission on a $1,250 sale with a commission rate of 5%. $62.50 $6.25 $75.00 $125.00 HELP PLSSS
  74. Math

    u r welcome
  75. Math

  76. Math

    69 sqm
  77. math

    the answer is 61.
  78. chem

    ethanol melts at -114c the enthalpy of fusion 5.02 kj/mol the specific heats of solid and liquid ethanol are 0.97 and 2.3 respectively . how much heat is needed to convert 25 g of solid etanol ay -135c to liquid ethanol at -50c?

    hich of the following best explains what led to the concept of Manifest Destiny? Americans wanted to protect the land of the Native Americans. Americans thought they should spread their culture and ideals. Americans wanted European countries to stay out of their affairs. ...

    Why was the early West considered a "crossroads of culture"? A: Mexico originally owned the land, so the cultures of Americans, Mexicans, and Native Americans were all present in the West. B: The California Gold Rush brought in people from all over the world, which ...
  81. Science

    Two drivers start at the same time to make a 100- km trip. Driver 1 takes 2 hrs to complete the trip. Driver 2 Thames 3 hrs, but stops for an hour at the halfway point. Which driver had a greater average speed for the whole trip? Explain
  82. Social Studies

    which river flowing through Ukraine serves as an important route to the black sea?
  83. Physics

    A ball is allowed to fall freely from certain heightn. What distance it covers in 1st second?
  84. Math

    Beth is waiting for her friends plane to land. the plane will land at time T uniformly distributed in 70 minuetes. Determine the probability that the Plane will land in 30 minutes?
  85. Math

    Part is missing i am very disappointed Please send the second part as soon as possible
  86. engineering

    b) The crank OA of a mechanism, as shown in the figure, rotates clockwise at 120 r.p.m. The lengths of various links are OA = 100 mm ; AB = 500 m ; AC = 100 mm and CD = 750 mm. Find by instantaneous centre method: 1. Velocity of point C. 2. Velocity of slider D. 3. Angular ...
  87. math

  88. math

    Find a polynomial, which, when added to the polynomial 5x2–3x–9, is equivalent to: 0
  89. math

    a man was trying to swim to a buoy placed at a distance of 200m out in the sea. it took him 1 min to swim 20m. then a wave pushed him back 10m and he rested for about 1min before swimming again. he continued in his way for the rest of their journey. how long would it take the ...
  90. math

    the length of a rectangle is 2 less than 3 times the width. the perimeter is 20 cm. find the length, width, and area of the rectangle. i got stuck after L=3W-2 but i'm not sure what to do after.
  91. Physics

    A car with its passengers have a total mass of 4200kg .the car is travelling along a horizontal road when it moves ,it experiences a forward driving force of magnitude F newtons and a constant resistance force(opposite to driving force)of 850N a)what is the value of F if the ...
  92. Physics

    A 40 kg child start from rest and travels 4 m down a slide that is inclined 35 degree to the horizontal. If her speed at the bottom is 2.5 m/s , what was the frictional force along the slide?
  93. math

    John and Bryan share Rs 1500.If John gets twice as much as Bryan,how much money does Bryan have?
  94. Material mechanics

    following data was obtained from a tensile test of steel. The test specimen was 15mm in diameter and 50 mm in length Load (kN) Elongation(mm) 5 0.005 10 0.015 30 o.048 50 0.084 60 0.102 64.5 0.109 67 0.119 68 0.137 69 0.160 70 0.229 72 0.300 76 0.424 84 0.668 92 0.965 100 1....
  95. Material mechanics

    A flat plate specimen of a soft metal alloy is to be tested by pulling on round pins inserted through the ends of the plate, as illustrated below (a) Calculate the required diameter of the pins, given that the plate is 8.0 mm thick, the maximum tensile load is 4.0 kN and the ...
  96. math

    Write each equation in slope-intercept form. Underline the slope and circle the y-intercept in each equation. 4y=–6+4x all i got is that the y int. is -3/2 and that is correct
  97. math

    Give the equation of a line that is parallel to y=3 through the point (4,4).
  98. Math

    Prove that angle a is equal to angle E if angle D is equal to angle c Science I can't put the picture of the triangle I will try and explain it Two triangles that connect on one angle >< like this but a triangle and the angle in the middle ^ ( the angle that has the...

    Dude, dont make your title "ANSWERS PLEAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE" cause no one will help you. just ask nicely with no caps or anything...
  100. Algebra

    I'm thinking of a number. When I multiply it by 6 and subtract 30, the answer is 78 What is Noah's number?
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