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English III
I think A is better too

A power pole broke To the nearest tenth of a meter, what was the original height of the pole opp=7 meters adj=11 meters

Find the length of the leg of this right triangle. Give an approximation to 3 decimal places. hyp=24 adj=22

A tree 19 feet tall casts a shadow which forms an angle of 49° with the ground. How long is the shadow to the nearest hundredth

When the sun’s rays are at an angle of 39°, the distance from the top of Dakota’s head to the tip of her shadow is 77 inches. About how tall is Dakota? Round your answer to the nearest inch if necessary.

The distance across a lake is 34 meters. What is the distance, h, between the boat ramp and the dock? Round your answer to the nearest meter and show your work.

i dnt kno

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