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  1. Health

    I think it's C then, since it's gum.
  2. Health

    Why would nicotine gum be helpful for a smoker trying to quit, since it contains the harmful drug? A. Gum contains such a low amount of nicotine the smoker can barely tell it is there. B. Chewing the gum takes the smoker’s mind off of cigarettes, which changes their habit...
  3. Fluid Mechanics

    The kinematic viscosity of oil of specific gravity .8 is .0005 .This oil is used for lubrication of shaft of diameter .4 m and rotates at 190 rpm. Calculate the power lost in the bearing for a sleeve length of 90mm. The thickness of the oil film is 1.5mm.
  4. math HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  5. math HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Business Management

    1. A lower value of the U.S. dollar means that A. the American dollar is worth more when purchasing a foreign-made good. B. a dollar would be traded for less foreign currency than normal. C. the American dollar isn’t backed by gold. D. the dollar can’t be used in ...
  7. Chemistry

    how many
  8. Math

    Explain how the areas of a triangle and a parallelogram with the same base and height are related.
  9. History

    D is the correct answer
  10. Science

    plzzzzzz hellllllllp
  11. Science

    Diana is moving into a new apartment. She wants to get a heavy chair up to her second-floor apartment, but it will only fit through the window. Diana could strap the chair to her back and climb a ladder straight up to her window. Or Diane could use a simple machine, by sliding...
  12. science

    tissuis are grouped together to form which type of structure?
  13. science

    what do you call a group of organs working together to perform a specific function?
  14. Pre calc

    Find an equation of the parabola described and state the two points that define the latus rectum Focus at (0,4) ; Directrix the line y=4
  15. Pre calc

    Find an equation for the ellipse described center (0,0); major axis horizontal with length 18; length of minor axis is 4
  16. Pre calc

    Form a polynomia f(x) with real coefficients having the given degree and zeros Degree: 5 ; Zeros: 2, -3i and 4-i
  17. English

    It's intermittently
  18. English

    That didn't help me.
  19. English

  20. English

    Choose the letter of the word or phrase best matches the word in italics. The campfire was visible *glimmering* between the trees. Answers are Intermittently, Intermittently conspicuously Brightly Weakly I think it's weakly.
  21. math

    If sina+7sinb=4 (sinc+2sind) and cosa+7cosb=4 (cosc+2cosd), how do I prove that 2cos(a-d) =7cos(b-c)?
  22. Math

    Hello, What are the different formulas for circles (radius, circumfrence, diameter, area)? Thank you
  23. Physics 2

    The temperature of a tungsten sample is raised while a copper zample is maintained at 20?. At what temperature will the resistivity of the tungsten sample be four times that of the copper sample?
  24. accounting

    A credit customer paid $850 toward his accounts receivable. The accountant recorded a credit to the revenue account. This error would cause __________. A. revenue to be understated B. cash to be overstated C. accounts receivable to be overstated D. liabilities to be ...
  25. Math

    Miss Lee spent $840 on a vacation. She spent two thirds of the amount on a train ticket and half of the remaining amount on food. How much did she spend on the ticket and food all together?
  26. Physics 2

    ? of gold is 14.3x10^-6/C°. The density of gold is 19.3 g/cm^3 at 20?. Determine its density at 140?.
  27. math

    Given: ?KLM, KL = LM = 13in, KM = 10in. Find: The area of ?KLM
  28. Geometry

    Given: ????, m?ACB = 90° m?ACD = 30° AD = 8 cm. Find: CD, Perimeter of ?ABC plz add answer
  29. High School Geometry

    Given: ?AKL, AK = 9 m?K = 90o m?A = 60 ° Find: The perimeter of ?AKL The area of ?AKL 1/ AK perpendicular to LK 2/AL is the third side plz add answer and solution
  30. High School Geometry

    Given: ?TSP, TS = SP = 10cm, TP = 12cm. Find: Three altitudes of ?TSP. for this one I only got one of the altitudes 2 ?61 can you give me the other two and tell me if this one is right, sorry I am in a rush
  31. High School Geometry

    In isosceles ?ABC, AC = BC, AB = 6 in, CD ? AB , and CD =? 3 in. Find the perimeter of the isosceles triangle. Can u plz put answer and equation thanks, :)
  32. High School Geometry

    what should I do with the area of the triangle? should I subtract it from the area of the quarter of the whole circle? and to find the perimeter should I find the perimeter of the whole circle then divide it by 4? thanks for your help Reiny! :)
  33. High School Geometry

    The figures in (a) and (b) below are made up of semicircles and quarter circles; the figure in (c) shows a quarter of a circle in a square. Find the area and the perimeter of each figure in terms of π. since I can't put a URL to the pic I will try to describe it...
  34. chemistry

    how can i determine via infrared spectrum whether the alcohol that was oxidized was primary or secondary? i did a lab experiment in which we oxidized a diol with bleach and i need to figure out which -OH group was oxidized into a C=O. What are the signs of whether the -OH is ...
  35. chemistry

    Hi, I'm doing a post-lab report and I have no idea how to solve this question. It asks which of the following molecules would be useful in quenching benzophenone photoreduction. it then lists oxygen (s1 = 22kcal/mol), 9,10-diphenylanthracene (t1=42 kcal/mol), trans-1,3-...
  36. Math

    In rod's family 3/4 of members wear glases. Of those who do not wear glasses, 1/3are male. What fraction of the family are males who do not wear glasses?
  37. Math

    Chris had a tin of 24 cookies. He has eaten 1/4 of the cookies. How many cookies has he eaten?
  38. Integral Calculus

    Volume of the area bounded by y=sin(x), x-axis, x is greater than or equal to 0 but less than or equal to pi, revolved about x=3pi/2.
  39. Math

    larry places $ 520 in saving account that earns 3.2 simple interest. find the total amount in the a count after 2 years
  40. English

    Which statement is false? A. Parentheticals aren’t crucial to the meaning of a sentence. B. Parentheticals are like asides. C. Parentheticals are crucial to the meaning of a sentence. D. Parentheticals are like comments. Is it C.?
  41. Math

    How can i know where to place the Ford y digit of a quotient
  42. Math

    The answer for part (a) is 1/3. And th answer for part (b) is 50. I hope this answer helps. Please like this comment! Thx!
  43. math

    Tonya's mother is 1.5 times as tall as Tonya was when she was 6. How tall is Tonya's mother? Use the correct number of significant digits.
  44. Calculus

    Integral of (3^x)(e^x)dx
  45. English

    Was the Victorian Era big on classism?
  46. Maths

    T=25+R R=25-5=20 20+25=45 T=45 R=20
  47. Pre-Calculus

    Your computer supply store sells two types of laser printers. The first type, A, has a cost of $86 and you make a $45 profit on each one. The second type, B, has a cost of $130 and you make a $35 profit on each one. You expect to sell at least 100 laser printers this month and...
  48. Pre-Calculus Matrix

    Use Gaussian elimination to find the complete solution to the system of equations, or state that none exists. Show your work. 4x - y + 3z = 12 x + 4y + 6z = -32 5x + 3y + 9z = 20 4 -1 3 12 1 4 6 -32 5 3 9 20 I believe that the solution does not exist and how can I prove that?
  49. Pre-Calculus

    thank you!
  50. Pre-Calculus

    Solve the system of equations using matrices. Use Gaussian elimination with back-substitution. x + y + z = -5 x - y + 3z = -1 4x + y + z = -2 I really need help.. 1 1 1 -5 1 -1 3 -1 4 1 1 1 -2 I've done so many different methods to solve this and I get stuck..
  51. Pre-Calculus

    The Fiedler family has up to $130,000 to invest. They decide that they want to have at least $40,000 invested in stable bonds yielding 5.5% and that no more than $60,000 should be invested in more volatile bonds yielding 11%. How much should they invest in each type of bond to...
  52. Math

    The answer is -3m - 7
  53. Calculus

    A particle moves along the curve y=lnx so that its abscissa is increasing at a rate of 2 units per second. At what rate is the particle moving away from the origin as it passes through the point (1,e)?
  54. Differential Calculus

    Thank you Sir ☺
  55. Calculus

    Thank you so much
  56. Calculus

    Sorry for asking, but why did tan(a) become 8/x and tan(b) 18/x?
  57. Calculus

    A statue 10 feet high is standing on a base 13 feet high. If an observer's eye is 5 feet above the ground, how far should he stand from the base in order that the angle between his lines of sight to the top and bottom of the statue be a maximum?
  58. Calculus

    A particle travels along the parabola y=ax^2+x+b. At what point do its abscissa and ordinate change at the same rate?
  59. Calculus

    Air expands adiabatically in accordance with the law PV^1.4=Const. If at a given time the volume is 14 cubic feet and the pressure is 40 pounds per square inch, at what rate is the pressure changing when the volume is decreasing 1 cubic foot per second?
  60. Calculus

    thank you so much!
  61. Calculus

    Find the area of the largest rectangle with sides parallel to the coordinate axes which can be inscribed in the area bounded by the two parabolas y=26-x^2 and y=x^2+2
  62. Calculus

    Thank you sir.
  63. Calculus

    An open box is formed from a piece of cardboard 12 inches square by cutting equal squares out of the corners and turning up the sides, find the dimensions of the largest box that can be made in this way.
  64. Math

    Assuming that the question is how many buses do you need to transport those 450 students if 50 students can fit on a bus, you would just divide 450 by 50. For the second part of the question, add 10 to the 450 and divide by 50 again rounding up to the next whole number since ...
  65. Chemistry

    how would you prepare pure dry crystals of potassium trioxonitrate?
  66. Chemistry

    Question: write the balanced equations for the titration of oxalic acid (C2H2O4) with KOH. Work so far: I know that the overall equation is COOH)2 + 2KOH ------.> (COOK)2 + 2H2O but I am unsure how to proceed to the two step-wise equations
  67. Math

    Oh okay!! Thank you!!!
  68. Math

    Okay, so then, 348 x .0809 x 2 will equal P?
  69. Math

    marisol owed $384 in interest after a 24 month loan with a simple interest rate of 8.09%. What was the initial amount of the loan?
  70. english

    I think it is weakly.
  71. Algebra

    Consider the leading term of the polynomial function. What is the end behavior of the graph? Describe the end behavior and provide the leading term. -3x5 + 9x4 + 5x3 + 3 how would I solve this?
  72. Algebra

    Consider the leading term of the polynomial function. What is the end behavior of the graph? Describe the end behavior and provide the leading term. -3x5 + 9x4 + 5x3 + 3 how would I solve this?
  73. Algebra

    Evaluate sqrt7x (sqrt x-7 sqrt7) Show your work. sqrt(7)*sqrt(x)-sqrt(7)*7*sqrt(7) sqrt(7*x)-7*sqrt(7*7) sqrt(7x)-7*sqrt(7^2) x*sqrt 7x-49*x ^^^ would this be my final answer?
  74. Algebra

    okay..But why does it say show your work? how would I show it?
  75. Algebra

    A manufacturer of shipping boxes has a box shaped like a cube. The side length is (5a + 4b). What is the volume of the box in terms of a and b? Show your work. (5a+4b)^3 =(5a+4b)(5a+4b)(5a+4b) =(25a2+40ab+16b2)(5a+4b) = 125a^3 + 100a^2b + 200a^2b + 160ab^2 + 80ab^2 + 64b^3 = ...
  76. algebra

    (5a+4b)^3 =(5a+4b)(5a+4b)(5a+4b) =(25a2+40ab+16b2)(5a+4b) = 125a^3 + 100a^2b + 200a^2b + 160ab^2 + 80ab^2 + 64b^3 = 125a^3 + 300a^2b + 240ab^2+ 64b^3 would this be correct now?:)
  77. algebra

    A manufacturer of shipping boxes has a box shaped like a cube. The side length is (5a + 4b). What is the volume of the box in terms of a and b? Show your work. (5a+4b)3 =(5a+4b)(5a+4b)(5a+4b) =(25a2+40ab+16b2)(5a+4b) = 125a3 + 100a2b + 200a2b + 160ab2 + 80ab2 + 64b3 = 125a3 + ...
  78. Algebra

    thank you!
  79. Algebra

    For the given quadratic equation convert into vertex form, find the vertex, and find the value for x = 6. Show your work. y = -2x2 + 2x +2 -(1/2)y = x^2 - x - 1 (-1/2)y + 1 = x^2 - x (-1/2)y + 1 = (x - 1/2)^2 - 1/4 (-1/2)y = (x-1/2)^2 - 5/4 y = -2(x-1/2)^2 + 5/2 would this be ...
  80. Math

    you would have 40
  81. algebra

    Let f(x) = -­2x ­- 7 and g(x) = ­-4x + 3. Find (f o g)(-­5) A. -9 B. 3 C. 23 D. -53 could you help me with this one? Would it be c?
  82. algebra

    Let f(x) = -3x - 4 and g(x) = 2x - 6. Find (f o g) (-7) A. 28 B. -20 C. 17 D. 56 I think it'll be A?
  83. algebra

    What are the vertex, axis of symmetry, maximum or minimum value, and range of y=-5(x+2)^2-8? please explain to me how you would solve this..I don't really understand. The answer is given.. The vertex is (-2, -8); the axis of symmetry is x= -2; k= -8 is the maximum value; ...
  84. algebra

    its b
  85. algebra

    What is the equation of the given line in standard form? Use integer coefficients. y = -6.9x + 5.1 A. -69x + 10y = -51 B. 69x + 10y = 51 C. 69x + 10y = -51 D. -69x + 10y = 51 how would I solve it steph by step? I think the answer is C.
  86. Physics

    An object of mass m = 2.9 g and charge Q = +42 µC is attached to a string and placed in a uniform electric field that is inclined at an angle of 30.0° with the horizontal. The object is in static equilibrium when the string is horizontal. a) Find the magnitude of the...
  87. Math

    Oh okay! Thank you for the help! I think I understand now. Thank you!
  88. Math

    Thank you for the help, but I am confused on as to why you used 8 instead of 1/8? Is it because the whole pool is being filled or.. ?
  89. Math

    4/15 of a pool is filled every 1/8 of an hour. How much of the pool will be filled in one hour?
  90. Geometry

    What you want to do is find the slope of all 4 sides and you should get to slopes the same...and follow a regular proof till you say its a trap.then to prove its not isosceles you use the for sides again but this time with the distance formula...and then you go along answering...
  91. American History

    yes please do give me your interpretation..
  92. American History

    “There cannot be a great vice president. A great man may occupy the office, but there is no way for him to become a great vice president because the office in itself is almost wholly unimportant.” —former Vice President John Nance Garner, Collier’s ...
  93. American History

    thank you
  94. American History

    The Department of Homeland Security protects the United States against terrorism. (a) List three of the five main services that it provides. (b) Why do you think the work of this department is so complex?
  95. Math

    A person who is 60in. tall casts a shadow that is 15in. long. How tall is a nearby tree that casts a shadow that is 40 in. long?
  96. Math

    The answer for part a. is $4.67 less per pound. You have to convert $9.70 to per pound. First you divide it by 2.5 pounds to get $3.88 per pound. Then you subtract that from $8.55 and you get the answer $4.67. The answer for part b. is $2.27. First you have to multiply $8.55 ...
  97. Math

    Johnny spent 4 2/3 for his exams studying for his math exams. He spent 3/4 of the time studying for math. How many hours did Johnny spend stydying for his exam? How do I show the number sentence?
  98. AP chem

    The experiment can be extended to determine the order of reaction m with respect to [OH-] by varying the concentration of hydroxide ions [OH-] Assume that the value of the pseudo-rate constant k’ was measured for two different concentrations of [OH-]. The value of k’...
  99. Geometry

    Jason designed an arch made of wrought iron for the top of a mall entrance. The 11 segments between the two concentric circles are each 1.25 m long. Find the total length of wrought iron used to make the structure. Round the answer to the nearest meter. Show your work. The ...
  100. Geometry

    75.40 cm^3 would that be the final answer?
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